DIY Mason Jar Activity Organizer: Step-by-Step Tutorial

crafting with mason jars is a new fun trend! This mason jar activity organizer is the perfect thing to have on your table – for easy access!

DIY Owl Decor: Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial

Learn how to make a DIY owl decor at home with easy quick steps. Follow this step-by-step tutorial and make an owl decoration on no time!

25 DIY Gifts for Her

25 DIY Gifts for Her: Easy Ideas to Make at Home

25 DIY Gifts for Her that any girl would love to get! Learn how to make these homemade gifts for your special girls!

Summer Tank Dress

Easy Breezy Dress: Step-By-Step Tutorial

Easy breezy dress tutorial that is simple, using a tank top and sewing on a skirt and a ruffle! Learn how to make a breezy dress at home!

How to Make a DIY Simple Command Center

Learn how to make a simple command center at home with this easy step-by-step tutorial with images. DIY command center guide!

fall crafts for creative kiddos

32 Fall Crafts for Children to Make at Home

Bring in the fall season with these crafts for creative kiddos. You and your kid will have so much fun making these fall crafts for children.

21 Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas with Essential Oils

Make your holiday season aromatic and you give the gift of essential oils. Learn how to make 21 Christmas gift ideas with essential oils.

christmas card holder ideas

15 Homemade Christmas Card Holder Ideas

Add a festive flair to your holiday decor with these 15 DIY Christmas card holder ideas. They are simply magical and will be enjoyed by all.

Light Up Your Life with These 20 DIY Neon Lights

We’ve rounded up 20 of the most simple, fun, and affordable DIY neon light tutorials for you today! Try one of these homemade neon lights!

Charming and Timeless DIY Vintage Crafts

10+ Charming and Timeless DIY Vintage Crafts

From furniture to clothing to jewelry, it seems that people just can’t get enough vintage. Learn how to make these 10+ DIY vintage crafts.

DIY Inspirational Quote Frames

I’m a sucker for a good quote.  I love to have quotes around me – always have.  I’m the girl…


DIY Button Lampshade

Learn how to make a button lampshade at home with simple supplies and easy steps. This diy button lampshade is a cute kid’s gift!

DIY Ladder Shelf Tutorial with Images

I’ve been searching for a ladder shelf for my new master bathroom for a very long time.  I’ve searched the…

A Cute frog holding a heart

Cute Frog Projects and Collectables for the Amphibian Lover in Your Life

If you love a good cute frog and love to create, we have exactly what you’ve been looking for. From…

Hands working on a crochet project

Top 15 Reasons Why You Should Take up Crochet Today

If you’re thinking about a new hobby, I’ve got 15 awesome reasons that you should take up crochet today. Twenty-five…

reading book bag

Book Bag Tutorial

Hello Again!  It’s Ayelet from The Graceful Rose, and I’m so happy that Melanie is having me back to share…

Homemade Holiday Mason Jar Gifts

21 Homemade Holiday Mason Jar Gifts

When I was a little girl, I can recall making Mason jar gifts for people. I’m not sure I did…

27 Homemade Christmas Ornaments

27 Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Making homemade holiday ornaments is a fun pastime that my kids and I like to do during the Christmas season.…

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

21 Festive Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Decorating the Christmas tree is one of my favorite holiday traditions. Each year, we make a special day of it. The…

Christmas Candy Recipes

20 Christmas Candy Recipes That Spread Holiday Cheer

When I was a kid, my grandmother and mother hosted an annual Christmas candy-making event at our home. Everyone came,…

30 Cute Elf on the Shelf Inspirations

30 Cute Elf on the Shelf Inspirations

In my home, the Elf on the Shelf makes his grand appearance directly after Thanksgiving. This little smile-faced prankster is lovingly…

17 Fun & Fabulous Thanksgiving Crafts

I love crafting with my kids, especially during the holidays. We usually host a big family dinner on Thanksgiving. With…

wood pallet projects

25 Whimsical Wood Pallet Projects

When it comes to creating decor with wood pallets, your options are endless. Who would have ever thought that a…

10 lovely fall wreaths

10 Lovely DIY Fall Wreaths

I’m so excited that it’s almost fall! It just so happens that fall is one of my favorite times of…

27 Adorable DIY Gifts to Make for Baby

27 Adorable DIY Gifts to Make for Baby

Whether you’re expecting, have a baby, or are looking for a cute gift for baby and mom, read no further…

Stylish Indoor Plant Displays that are Easy on the Eyes

Stylish Indoor Plant Displays that are Easy on the Eyes

For some of us, keeping a plant alive is already a big win. If you love plants and have a…

Easy 4th of July DIY Outdoor Decorations

Easy 4th of July DIY Outdoor Decorations

It’s always fun to decorate your balcony, porch, or yard! Whether it’s for a party, or just to make your…

14 Easy Sharpie Pen Crafts

Easy Sharpie Pen Crafts for all Creative Types

Just about everyone is familiar with Sharpies, those familiar markers that are just so handy to use. There are 5…

Easy and Unique Mason Jar Crafts

Easy and Unique Mason Jar Crafts

Mason jars an internet obsession. Did you know the mason jar is named after John Landis Mason who first invented and patented…

15 Gorgeous DIY Easter Eggs!

Easter is officially here!! Gather the whole family, get some eggs and lets get creative! We’re bringing you some super…

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