DIY Gold Gilded Frame: Easy Step-By-Step Tutorial

If you’ve got plain old black frames hanging out around your house, you’re probably going to love this tutorial!  

At one point in my life, I went through an “I want every frame in my house to be simple black” phase.   Every frame on the gallery wall, the photos on the piano..everything. Now, I guess I’m starting to grow up a bit…I’m 41…I guess it’s about time. I’ve realized the beauty in other colors. There really are a million other pretty colors in the world!  Hmmm…


How to Make a DIY Gold Gilded Frame in 4 Minutes

gold gilding

SO, to frame up my Gobble Till You Wobble Printable I needed something Gold.  

I couldn’t find a single gold frame in my home – yup, you guessed it…all BLACK! Enter Martha Stewart’s Gold Gilding Paint.  LOVE this stuff!

gold gilding
gold gilding

It took me approximately 4 minutes to paint this basic black frame and have it become a gold gilded frame.  

Now, I’ve got a much more HOLIDAYish frame and it cost me zilch…It will cost you at least the cost of the GILDING…but mine was already here – but you can use a coupon!

Remember my previous warnings? Always use the coupons, people!  DUH!

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