30 DIY Dream Catcher Ideas (Supply Links and Pictures)

Whether you believe in the spiritual benefits of dream catchers or not, no one can deny that they sure are pretty! Not only do dream catchers look good, but they’re also incredibly easy to make, with a wide range of styles, materials, and colors.

Easy Dream Catchers: 30 DIY Ideas

How To Make Dream Catchers: Easy Project Ideas

Most of these dream catchers can be made completely with crafting supplies you already have at home. Also, for the more specialized supplies, we’ve included links to have them delivered to your door.

Being home with the kids for an extended time period, or even just stuck home for some reason means we need to have something to do with our hands. For those moments, making dream catchers is a fun project, and you can send them easily to your loved ones, or even sell them online. Believe, this is a product that is highly popular.

Because of this, we rounded up 30 of the best DIY dream catcher tutorials that we found unique and easy to follow. From the traditional to the quirky – there’s sure to be a dream catcher that will steal your heart. So, if you’ve got some spare time, why not make one for a loved one too?

DIY Dream Catchers: Simple Supplies List

30 DIY Dream Catcher Ideas: Instructions and Images

Finally, without any further introduction, here are our 30 favorite Dream Catchers ideas that you can make yourself at home!

1. An Art Deco Inspired Dream Catcher

An Art Deco Inspired Dream Catcher

If you’re not into feathers or the intricate web of string that traditional dream catchers contain, then this modern, art-deco-inspired version might be for you! Not only is it very easy to create, but it requires very few materials, making it an affordable DIY project too.

Also, this dream catcher looks great and is simple enough for a kid to pull it off.

2. A Stunning Snowflake Design

A Stunning Snowflake Design

Have you ever wanted to give crochet a try? Or perhaps you’re already an expert? Either way, this DIY snowflake design is perfect for placing within a hoop, ready to be made into a dream catcher. Simply follow the tutorial before adding your own dream catcher trimming – whether it’s lace, ribbons, yarn, or anything else you choose!

3. A DIY Lesson in Making Dream Catchers

A DIY Lesson in Making Dream Catchers

Sure, there are plenty of dream catchers that you can make, so this DIY tutorial gives you the rundown on creating a range of types to take your fancy.

You can follow the basic method to get started, before adding your own special touches – whether it be a unique pattern, material, or color combination. It’s basically a primer on how to get creative with a basic pattern.

Anything you want to attach to it!

4. A Colorful, Quirky Creation

A Colorful, Quirky Creation

If symmetry has never been your thing, then this DIY dream catcher with a difference might be for you! We love the unique center of the design, as well as the colorful additions of yarn, beads, and feathers for a quirky take on the traditional.

5. Dream Catcher Earrings for a Stylish Night Out

Dream Catcher Earrings for a Stylish Night Out

Got too many dream catchers hanging around the home? Take the stunning item and turn it into a fashion statement instead, thanks to this DIY tutorial for dream catcher earrings! These are basically much smaller versions of your standard dream catcher, simply attached to earring hooks to turn them into wearable art. Ooh-la-la!

6. A Dream Catcher Wreath That You’ll ‘Fall’ For

A Dream Catcher Wreath That You’ll ‘Fall’ For

If florals and fall foliage are two of your favorite things, then you’re sure to adore this DIY dream catcher idea. Not only is it one of the prettiest things we’ve ever seen, but it also uses recycled materials, such as old ribbon, lace, and dried foliage, to create this work of art. We suggest you hang this one proudly near your front door!

7. A Double Dream Catcher Duo

A Double Dream Catcher Duo

This is perhaps one of the more ‘traditional’ dream catchers, however, this DIY version still contains a unique twist. If one dream catcher isn’t enough, why not include two circular components for something even more eye-catching? We love the inclusion of multiple beads throughout the design too.

8. A Pretty, Pastel Project

A Pretty, Pastel Project

If you prefer your color palettes to be on the softer side, then look no further than this stunning DIY dream catcher design. Not only does it feature beads and other assortments (such as shells and feather-shaped adornments), but the soft pink feathers also give it a bohemian chic vibe. We love it!

9. A Modern and Floral Masterpiece

A Modern and Floral Masterpiece

Does it get any better than this DIY dream catcher? We’ve fallen head-over-heels for its modern design, which is complemented perfectly with an array of colorful and feminine flowers. Usually, an abundance of floral adornments might make a dream catcher a little OTT, but this design is balanced perfectly with its minimalistic nature.

10. Unicorn Dream Catchers Kids Will Love

Unicorn Dream Catchers Kids Will Love

How brilliant are these DIY unicorn-inspired dream catchers? Not only are they very colorful, but they also contain plenty of fun elements such as flowers, ribbons, rainbow yarn, and glittery unicorn horns. Children will love gathering around at the table to make these, as well as displaying their creations in their bedroom!

11. A Feathery, Fun Creation

A Feathery, Fun Creation

This super simple dream catcher DIY shows us just how easy they are to make, so it’s perfect for craft beginners. You can gather a whole host of accessories and materials that you already have at home too, including feathers, beads, twine, and even fake butterflies!

12. A Minnie Mouse Dream Catcher with a Purpose

A Minnie Mouse Dream Catcher with a Purpose

Did you know that you can also create a very easy-to-make Minnie Mouse inspired dream catcher? Not only is this one eye-catching and kitsch, but it also serves a pretty cool purpose – that is, holding all of your bows! Children and adults alike will love this one.

13. A Stunning, Simple Design

A Stunning, Simple Design

If you’re after just a simple, straightforward, and traditional dream catcher, then this design is the one for you! Featuring just a few feathers, beads, and a beautiful spider-web-like pattern, it’s also not too demanding on your DIY project budget.

14. A Woodland Inspired Dream Catcher

A Woodland Inspired Dream Catcher

Have you ever seen such an intricate and awesome, woodland-inspired dream catcher before? We love this one for its unique design and use of foraged materials such as pine leaves, sticks, and stones. This DIY design shows us that anything is possible when it comes to creating your own dream catchers. The sky is the limit!

15. Quick and Easy Dream Catchers Using Embroidery Hoops

Quick and Easy Dream Catchers Using Embroidery Hoops

For some crafters, the one thing that prevents them from trying to make their own dream catcher is the difficulty involved in crocheting or weaving the center of the design. This tutorial provides a clever remedy for that, as it shows you how to simply use your favorite doily or piece of lace and an embroidery hoop to create a dream catcher within just minutes.

16. A Quirky and Cute Dream Catcher for Kids

A Quirky and Cute Dream Catcher for Kids

Have you ever seen a dream catcher featuring pom-poms and colored fish before? Neither have we! This gorgeous creation is perfect for children, as it allows their imagination and creativity to run wild. They can create a wide variety of fun shapes to add to their design, making each DIY dream catcher as unique as its maker!

17. A Recycled Dream Catcher You’ll Love

A Recycled Dream Catcher You’ll Love

We all have scraps of lace and fabric lying around at home that never seems to get used, so why not recycle them into a DIY dream catcher? This tutorial also uses the simple embroidery hoop method to save time and effort. It’s perfect for those on a tight schedule!

18. Extra Large, Extra Colorful Dream Catchers

Extra Large, Extra Colorful Dream Catchers

If small and dainty dream catchers just don’t do it for you, then it’s time to go for the extreme. You can easily use hula hoops in your DIY dream catchers to create designs that are larger-than-life. We adore the rainbow color scheme of these designs too. Very eye-catching!

19. Horseshoe Dream Catchers for Your Inner Cowgirl

Horseshoe Dream Catchers for Your Inner Cowgirl

Here’s something you don’t see every day – a DIY horseshoe dream catcher! These are perfect for those who like to embrace both their bohemian and rural sides. After all, who doesn’t love horses? We love the idea that these designs will bring some added luck into your home too.

20. A DIY Dream Catcher with a Difference

A DIY Dream Catcher with a Difference

We love dream catchers that go slightly against the norm, and this one is certainly no different! It features fun elements such as pom-poms and tassels in a brilliant color scheme of blue and yellow. It’s the perfect dream catcher for your child’s nursery or bedroom and they’ll be sure to enjoy very sweet dreams indeed!

21. An Eclectic and Fun Dream Catcher

An Eclectic and Fun Dream Catcher

Similar to the previous dream catcher, this DIY version also features eclectic elements such as pom poms, colored yarn, fake butterflies, and more. It uses the embroidery hoop method to make the creation process kid-friendly too, as there’s no need for difficult crochet or weaving. What a great idea!

22. A Shabby Chic Dream Catcher

A Shabby Chic Dream Catcher

This shabby chic inspired dream catcher is anything but shabby – in fact, we think it has an old-world, cottage-like charm! This is another awesome DIY tutorial that encourages the use of recycled materials to create your very own dream catcher masterpiece. The use of doily and colorful pieces of material gives it a really unique look!

23. The DIY Dream Catcher of Your Child’s Dreams

The DIY Dream Catcher of Your Child’s Dreams

With its use of washi tape, felt shapes, pom poms, yarn tassels, and feathers, it comes as no surprise that this DIY dream catcher is extremely popular among children. Not only will they have a ton of fun creating it, but kids will also love admiring their creation for years to come. It’s a winner in our eyes!

24. Woven CD Dream Catchers

Woven CD Dream Catchers

Did you know that you can also make a DIY dream catcher using old CDs? We think this is an extremely clever idea and love the incorporation of weaving with colorful yarn to really make it pop! These are also very child-friendly and kids will love decorating their dream catchers with whatever their hearts desire – whether it’s beads, dried pasta tubes, or even a Sharpie marker!

25. Dream Catchers Made Using Old T-Shirts

Dream Catchers Made Using Old T-Shirts

Is this a genius idea or what? This very clever and unique DIY dream catcher tutorial uses old t-shirts to take the designs to a whole new level! We particularly love the cat face one – both children and adults alike will love it! There really is no limit to your creativity with these.

26. Modern, Colorful and Bohemian Designs

Modern, Colorful and Bohemian Designs

This brilliant DIY tutorial shows us that you can interpret dream catchers in any way you wish, whether that’s minimalist, traditional, floral-adorned, or any other way you see fit. We particularly love these designs for their modern take on the bohemian style, with gorgeously dip-dyed yarn and the inclusion of wooden beads.

27. Woven Wall Art Meets Dream Catcher

Woven Wall Art Meets Dream Catcher

We all love the woven wall art trend taking over home décor at the moment, but have you ever considered combining the art form with dream catchers too? This DIY version incorporates the two for a totally unique take on both trends. We’re especially in love with the eclectic use of color and ease of creation!

28. A Gorgeous Peacock Design

A Gorgeous Peacock Design

We adore the vibrant, bold colors of this peacock dream catcher. The original crafter also provides a very easy step-by-step guide with lots of pictures to help you replicate this one perfectly.

29. These Owl Dream Catchers Are a Hoot

These Owl Dream Catchers Are a Hoot

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, these DIY owl dream catchers come along. We love how you can either make a larger version to display in your home or a small design to be worn on a necklace. Stunning! These would also make unique gifts for loved ones.

30. A Free-Spirited Dream Catcher Using Recycled Materials

A Free-Spirited Dream Catcher Using Recycled Materials

If upcycling is your thing, then here’s another DIY dream catcher that you’re sure to love. It features some colorful old lace and doilies, not to mention fabric feathers and bright beads! You could even create a few of these designs to hang together, creating maximum impact. Beautiful!

What’s Your Favorite DIY Dream Cather Idea?

There you have it – 30 stunning and unique dream catchers that you can make yourself. These all serve as ideal decorations for your home, or even for special occasions such as weddings, baby showers, or birthdays. Also, do not stop to only one. If you enjoyed making your own dream catchers, why not create some to give to your loved ones? They’ll love admiring your craftsmanship and being able to display their dream catcher in their favorite space. It really is a win-win!

Finally, it’s your turn to share all your thought about this topic with us. So, tell us what are your favorite dream catchers ideas and how did you make them from scratch, in the comments section below. Also, you can ask all your further questions there too.

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