Sugar Scrub Recipes

Sugar Scrub Recipes are easier to make than you’d think and the best part is that you can make them with any scent you’d like, so you can personalize them as gifts for those you love.  Sugar Scrub Recipes make the best gifts because they’re pretty and oh so fun to receive!

raspberry and lemon

I’ve been a pinning fool lately – pinning all the Sugar Scrubs Recipes I could find because I know that if someone gave ME a handmade sugar scrub, I’d think it was the coolest gift ever!  So, when I found out that making sugar scrubs only took three-four ingredients, I was ecstatic!  I’ve had it on my mind for a year now to get into this sugar scrubs recipes phase that’s rocking the Pinterest world right now.  I just never got going.

The sugar scrub will not solve the problem of erectile dysfunction, but the generic Cialis that can be ordered online will help.

pink and yellow

Then, I got my first set of Essential Oils and the rest, as they say, is history!  Making sugar scrubs might possibly be the easiest thing you do all day.  Parking in the grocery store parking creates more stress than making sugar scrub recipes!

To make my Lemon Sugar Scrub and Raspberry Lemon Sugar Scrub, I used just a few easy ingredients and had them mixed up in 5 minutes.  I had plenty of scents on hand and decided as I went to use the Lemon and Raspberry.

ingredients of sugar scrub

To make Sugar Scrubs, you’ll need:

1/4 c. Coconut Oil

3/4 c. – 1 c. granulated white sugar

2-4 drops of yellow or red food coloring

10-15 drops of Lemon Essential Oil


10-15 drops Raspberry or Vanilla Extract

Sugar Scrubs Recipes Procedures

Melt coconut oil in the microwave for 20-35 seconds until melted.
Pour sugar into the oil and mix. If too juicy, add a small amount of sugar and mix.
Add food coloring to make the color you desire
Add Essential Oils and Extract drops(if you’re blending) to achieve the scent you desire.
(For the Lemon Raspberry I used 10 drops Lemon EO and 10 drops Raspberry Extract)
Store in an air-tight container.
This recipe makes 2-3 small cups of scrub. To make multiple gifts or batches, double the recipe.

lemon and raspberry lemon sugar scrub

Sugar Scrubs Recipes Tags

printable gift tags

Add on a cute Oh Sugar printable tag and you’ve got a super easy Valentine to treat for those you love. Need it any other time of year?  I’ve included non-holiday tags that will make this a perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, or a housewarming gift!

The best part is, they’ll keep returning the jars and begging you to make more when they finish!

Download your own printable tags here.

151 thoughts on “Sugar Scrub Recipes

      1. Hello, I just came across your scrubs and i love when printouts are added, valentines day is past do you have some reg. print outs, and where can I find them?

        1. I had a light red on my hands but it doesn’t last past the shower! You could also try to use jello powder instead to avoid that, although it wasn’t a problem at all.

  1. These are so super cute, I’m trying to come up with a little beauty shop in my area considering the closest one is going on a crazy stressful trip to the local mall (that is if you view the mall like I do ) so these will certainly be helpful.

  2. This might sound like a silly question, but I am new to scrubs so forgive me. I have seen a lot of them need to be stored in the refrigerator, is that the case with these?

  3. My girls made these today & the color did stain their hands! I tried to with three different coloring agents (neon, gel, & regular), but each left a tint even after rinsing. Any suggestions?

    1. AAAHHH! I’m so sorry to hear that Kiki. I definitely noticed a red tint in the shower, but it was gone by the time I was done washing and got out. Boo. I wish I had a suggestion. I’ll do some research and update you if I find out an alternative.

  4. Hey Melanie! I plan to make these and give away as favors for my bridal shower next month. I would like to know if these are for hands, body or face, and how often can they be used (daily, every other day, etc.). Thank you so much!

  5. These sound great! Since my husband’s cancer, I make all of my own skin care products, cleaning products, detergent etc.
    I use organic coconut oil, organic sugar and make my own vanilla extract. What else can I use instead of food coloring?
    Food coloring is not safe to ingest, so I won’t use it on my skin.
    I know that in food recipes they use beet juice for pinkness, but that stains too.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! I can’t wait to try it! I was going to suggest, as some of the others were commenting on the food coloring, the juice from frozen raspberries. When I made a peppermint scrub for Christmas gifts, that’s what it called for. I just microwaved 1/2 a handful and used the juice. 🙂 It’s completely organic and doesn’t stain your skin. I hope that helps! I am super excited to try this scrub for the summer!!!

  7. Hi I’m wondering if you can tell me the name of the font you used for our tags. i love the font. Thanks 🙂

  8. What is the vanilla extract that in the picture used for? I was a little confused with that since I don’t see it listed as an ingredient. Thanks!

    1. Its an option in case you don’t want to use Raspberry Extract. When I started the process and photographed it, I planned to do a plain vanilla, but the raspberry and lemon turned out so good and colorful, I never ended up using it. Sorry for the confusion!

      1. I am seeing so many recipes for scrubs and face/body washes with coconut oil in them. Does this clog the drain?
        I am a little concerned over time that this will cause trouble.

        1. Hi Jody! Coconut oil will not clog your drains because it is a plant based oil and not an animal based oil/fat. I used coconut oil for years without ever having any problems.

  9. Hi there- I’m going to make these for a bridal shower so thank you! Just wondering what you recommend as far as how far in advance I can make them?

    1. I have found that they keep for a month if in a good air tight container, but I’ve only made three or four batches, and I’ve used them up right away, so I can’t be positive!

  10. Just mage these for my fellow Co workers valentine gift. Super easy! Hubby tried it out and loved it. Hopee they liked them as much as I do. Thank you for this recipe

  11. Hello! I just came across your sugar scrub recipe and was wonder if your printable tags are still available to print? I’ve never made a sugar scrub before and can’t wait to try this!

  12. Would not recommend using any type of food coloring. It stained my skin a little bit. Love the texture though, and maybe it comes off in the shower!

    1. I used mine right in the shower, so didn’t really have any issues, but I could see how scary that would be if you were using it outside of the shower and saw stained red hands! Yikes!

    1. I don’t know enough about the differences to say yes for sure, but I do know that Olive Oil is used in a lot of beauty recipes, so it should be fine.

  13. I see that you say your recipe makes 2-3 cups, but I need to make this for 6 gifts, and hope to find the same jars that you did at Hobby Lobby. Will doubling the recipe be enough or should I triple it?

  14. regard to food coloring, i simply bought soap coloring, thats safe for body. use that instead, thats found in hobby lobby as well.

    where do i found coconut oil? are they in solid form?

  15. Thank you for posting this. It sounds like its easy to make and I’m excited to make this for my mom for Mother’s Day! 😀

  16. This is a great idea, Melanie! I’m going to do this as a craft with my 9-year old daughter for a Mother’s Day gift. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. Hello Melanie! Thaks for a recept! 🙂 I would like to make these… but before I have a more questions…
    granulated white sugar: What grain sizes need to prepare the scrubs? As powdered sugar (fine particulate) or granular sugar (coarser, larger particle size)?
    food coloring: do not shut your skin?
    Thanks your ansver 🙂

    1. Hi Andrea! I use and would suggest using granulated sugar. It is course enough to exfoliate where as powder sugar is to fine and would just melt when combined with the coconut oil. Hope this helps!

  18. Hello I will ask probably a stupid question : for vanilla extract do you intend that we use in the cakes or it s an essential oil? Thanks x

  19. Thank you so much for this great gift idea! I made this for my mom on her birthday and she loved it! I am going to be making some more for my sisters on Christmas, but I was wondering if it would work if I substituted the lemon oils for peppermint?

  20. Hi, I was just wondering if I can add some Aeroplane raspberry jelly powder into the scrub because I can’t seem to find the extract anywhere else.


  21. Hi, I was wondering if it would be fine If you don’t put food colouring in it. Or would it not turn out good

  22. Hello Melanie,
    I work for a large community complex. I want to find something simple, inexpensive & DIY for all of the mothers here on Mothers Day. This is my 2 year celebrating Moms on Mothers Day. Last year all moms that showed up got a single carnation w/baby’s breath wrapped in ribbon. Would you or any of your followers have a suggestion for me??

  23. I am making this for my mom for mother’s day! I put almond extract and vanilla extract to make a vanilla almond! Love it! Thanks for the idea!

  24. Question. I made this and left it overnight in sealed container checked it in the morning and was super hard. Is that supposed to happen?

    1. AAAHHH! that’s no good. The jar I used didn’t even have a seal on it, so I’m not why yours would have done that. I’m sorry that I don’t have an answer for you.

      1. Coconut oil is solid below 76 degrees Fahrenheit so that’s why it became hard. You should be able to just heat it up a bit by running it under hot water or putting it in the microwave of 5 second increments.

  25. Question. I made this and left it in a sealed container all night checked in the morning and it was super hard is that supposed to happen?

  26. How many ounces does a batch make? Will using little sauce cups work with plastic lids for keeping fresh for a little while?

    1. I would say they’ll keep for a week that way. I used a tiny jar with a cork for a lid and it stayed fresh in the shower for 2 weeks. As for amount, it makes a small bowl’s worth. I made two little jars with this batch.

  27. What kind of coconut oil do you use? I used 3 times the amount of drops of essential oils, but the coconut smell is still overpowering.

    1. Oh no! I have a Coconut Oil from Spectrum that I got at the grocery store. I’m not an expect in coconut oil, but maybe some are much more pungent?

  28. Hello!! I’m making these with my daughter and her friends for her spa bday party!! I saw in the store coconut oil in already liquid form, would that work and save the hassle of heating?!?! Thanks!!!!!

  29. This maybe a silly question but when you are referring to the coconut oil in the ingredients parts are you referring to it in its liquid form or as a solid form? I’m just new to working with coconut oil and haven’t understood if any recipe using coconut oil is stating liquid or solid form lol ? I know you say in the process part that you melt it but wasn’t sure if originally it was solid. Sorry if I sound confusing, that’s probably cause I’m confused too ??

    1. Comes in solid in jar and warms to liquid around 76° so refrigerating would make it hard again. You can make it a whipped sugar scrub by using a mixer. It will fluff up the coconut oil. And, any carrier oil like olive, grapeseed, etc will work, hope that helps

  30. Today me and my sister made these sugar scrubs, I made a yellow almond sugar scrub and a green peppermint one. And my sister made a yellow almond one and a green strawberry one. We made a small pot of plain sugar scrub too for our mum to use. This is an amazing idea and we are planning on making a few batches every month or so to give to our family as we are trying to only use vegan, chemical free, cruelty free, environmentally friendly, plastic free products. So this is definitely a good start!!! Thanks for the recipe.

  31. I loved this recipe! I ran out of coconut oil though, so instead I used jasmine oil. My mom’s birthday is coming up and I can’t wait for her to see use the scrub! I also replaced the lemon extract oil with peppermint essential oil, so it still smells fresh. Thanks!

  32. If you use actual berries and take the food coloring out, you get the same color and the fruit brightens your skin tone (and then there is no chance of your skin staining from food coloring)….

  33. I used lemon essential oil. And I can hardly smell the lemon. Is it supposed to have a strong s ent? Used the drops as recommended plus more.

    1. Hi, Michelle Van! Yes, it will have a strong scent because you used the lemon essential oil, and it will be good as well because you can smell the aromatic scent of the lemon while enjoying the sugar scrub. My sister also likes the lemon scent, so she included that essential oil with a lemon scent in the sugar scrub. Actually, her room smells lemony too hahaha!

  34. Hi there !

    Thanks for sharing this great recipe. I would like to make some with my 3rd Grade classroom for Mother’s Day. I am wondering if using regular vegetable oil would be ok (like the cheap one) instead of olive oil… as I am trying to keep my budget low. Otherwise would Canola oil work ?

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi, Julie! Great! That is so cool and sweet of the children to make one for their mothers. Indeed! You can use regular vegetable oil, olive oil, or sunflower oil, any cheaper will work as long as it is clear and odorless. Share a photo of the sugar scrub activity you did, this will be probably one of the cutest pictures!

    1. Hi, Robin! Yes, you can use sunflower oil instead. When my sister hits laziness, she will just grab my sunflower oil from the cabinet for her sugar scrub! And I think it works, and there is no difference from coconut oil.

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