15 Homemade Christmas Card Holder Ideas

Why make a Christmas card holder? As a young kid, I can recall my grandma lining her kitchen archway with various Christmas cards collected from friends and family. It was like a festive rainbow of holly jolly cheer. My siblings and I always enjoyed looking at the ever-growing display of holiday cards during the month of December.

As I grew older and started my own family, I carried on to this tradition. However, we recently moved into a new house and we just don’t have the type of arch, that grandma once did, to hang a rainbow of cards. In fact, we never really did at our old house, either. My cards just looked sort of out-there.

Homemade Christmas Card Holder Ideas: 15 Easy-To-Make Projects

So, I decided to find some DIY Christmas card holder ideas. You can make these fun projects with your kids, too! Below, you’ll find 15 fun and festive holiday card holder ideas to choose from.

Are you ready to get jolly? Me, too!

Christmas Tree Card Holder

This adorable Christmas tree card holder is what holiday dreams are made of. Just look at those cute Christmas ornament push pins! This project can easily be made by yourself or as a family project with the kiddos.

I love that it only requires a few materials that you may already have on hand, minus the push pins. Or, maybe you do have ornament push pins on hand because you are part Christmas elf and keep stuff like that in your craft cupboard, just in case.

Chicken Wire Holiday Holder

If you’re into the country Christmas look, this chicken wire card holder is right up your alley. Just look how cute it is! Plus, it really doesn’t take much effort to make. You can actually buy a frame with chicken wire already installed on it at any craft store.

How easy is that? Then, you simply decorate it accordingly. I can just see all of your lovely holiday memories and cards on it, now!

Toddler Bed Frame Holder

Do you have an old toddler bed or crib spring laying around? Believe it or not, I have several in my attic. I have no idea why, either, considering my youngest “baby” is 12 years old LOL!

Anyway, if you want to keep those old bed springs out of the landfill, make them into something cute and crafty this holiday season. You can EASILY turn them into holiday card holders. Tie on a few bows and ornaments to make the perfect frame for your Christmas cards.

Wood and Burlap Holder Idea

I totally LOVE this idea! I am into the country/primitive decor look and this card holder screams both of those things. It also has a feeling of vintage appeal, too.

This Christmas card holder idea is really simple to throw together. You can use any wood you have laying around the house. We have a few wooden slats from an old twin bed and I think they would work great for this card holder project. I may even make a few and give them away as gifts.

Burlap and Ribbon Card Holder

Another easy and fun card holder project! I really like the little clips that have been adhered to the burlap. They make hanging your Christmas cards a breeze.

This card holder is incredibly sturdy and can be used year after year. You can even use it to hang holiday photos. The possibilities are endless.

Christmas photoshoot for the fam? I think, yes!

Wooden Card Display

This wooden card display takes a little time to create but it is well worth it in the end. Look how adorable it turns out? I love the red and white colors. They remind me of a candy cane.

This display gives you a lot of space for cards, too. You’ll be able to proudly showcase all of your family’s Christmas greetings. Place the card holder next to the Christmas tree, as they did in this photo. It looks so bright and pretty next to those lights.

Ribbon Decor Card Holder

I really like this easy-to-make card holder display. All you need are a few festive ribbons in the colors of your choosing. You can find these ribbons in your favorite craft or department store’s holiday section. Wal-Mart has quite a selection during the holiday season, too.

The cards slide easily into the rivets and look so festive hanging on your wall!

Winter Windows Display

Now, if you aren’t completely smitten with this card display…well, we can’t be friends. LOL! Seriously though, is it not spectacular? I can just feel the magic of Christmas exuding from it.

Again, this is another project that really isn’t all that complicated to craft. If you have an old window pane laying around you can easily upcycle them into this holiday card holder. It’s so pretty!

Great Garland Card Holder

This is a super-easy way to display your holiday cards! It reminds me of how my grandma would display hers. All you do is tack up some garland around a doorframe or archway of your choosing and use clothespins to clip on your cards.

I’d take it a step further and add some lights, bows, and scented pine needles to the mix.

Vintage Ski Card Display

This design had my heart at “vintage”. I LOVE old-fashioned-looking Christmas decorations. Finding skis like the ones pictured isn’t too terribly hard if you have access to thrift stores. You’d be surprised by what you can find.

Or, maybe you have a pair of old-school skis sitting in your attic? Even if you have to use modern skis, the project wills still turn out. You can “vintage” them up with paint and other items.

Centerpiece Card Holder

What a sweet idea! this DIY card holder centerpiece is very easy to make. All you need is an old wire cup holder and some creativity. You can find wire cup holders at secondhand stores, usually. I think the more vintage-looking they are, the better.

However, if you don’t have luck at the thrift store, you can always turn to Amazon.

This card holder looks super festive on your table as a holiday centerpiece.

Holiday Shutters

I think this is my favorite DIY card holder idea on this entire list. Now, it does take a little bit of time and dedication to making, but it’s well worth the effort.

I can remember having these weird-looking western-style shutter does in my old kitchen. I took them down and threw them out. Now, I wish I would have kept them for this festive project.

Mousetrap Tree

Who would have ever thought that mousetraps could be used for making a holiday card holder? You might want to be careful when putting this DIY card holder together, though. Don’t want any pinched fingers. Definitely use caution when letting the kiddos help.

Now that I have all the warnings out of the way, isn’t this card holder cute? The green paint, the wood, and the red ribbon look gorgeous. Your cards will hop onto this holder by themselves.

Christmas Gift Door

What a great way to utilize what you have in your house! This Christmas gift door cardholder is the perfect way to turn your home into Santa’s Workshop. Simply add some holiday ribbon to any door in your home and start pinning cards onto it.

You can add any amount of glitter, bows, and ornaments to the ribbon to add extra holiday cheer to your cardholder.

Frosty the Snowman Holder

Awww! This holiday cardholder is the bee’s knees! Now, I’d personally make a few adjustments, myself. For instance, I’d use white grapevine wreaths and use more red and green materials. In my opinion, the way the picture shows the snowman looks a bit on the fall side.

However, you are the boss of your own cardholder creation so you make this project the way you see fit. It’ll turn out adorable, either way.

These Are the Best Christmas Card Holder Ideas!

I bet your house is going to look super festive this holiday season with any one of these DIY Christmas card holders on display! My family tends to receive quite a few cards over the holiday season so I may have to make a few of these holders.

Seriously, we start getting Christmas cards in November. What can I say? My family and friends love Christmas. Ok, so do I. I begin decorating directly after Halloween. Ha!

What Do You Think About the Christmas Card Holder Ideas?

Which one of these holiday cardholders will you be making? Perhaps, you’ll be like me and make a few of them. The centerpiece cardholder, the Christmas gift door, and the snowman have all caught my eye. I also like the vintage and country-looking card holder ideas.

Boy oh boy, I’m probably going to make them all. My husband and kids will feel as if they walked in a winter wonderland.

Do you think you’ll have the materials needed on hand to make the cardholder of your choosing or will you have to take a trip to the craft store? Me? I’ll make sure that I get to go to the craft store even if I do have the materials at home LOL!

Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of 15 card holder ideas. I can’t wait to see which ones you make.

Happy holidays!

28 thoughts on “15 Homemade Christmas Card Holder Ideas

  1. Love it! I still would have preferred the watercolor of myself but…..
    For reals, this would make a great gift! Love it. And your mister is pretty awesome.

  2. Hi! Trying to copy your project- wondering what size clothespins you used? I ordered some 1″ ones and they were way too small, did not fit around one of the cords.. TIA!!

    1. I used the normal clothespins for the JOY letters and the small 1″ ones for the cards and such. I didn’t have any trouble clipping them around my wire, so maybe the lights you got are thicker than mine? Maybe adjust where you’re clipping and see if that helps?

  3. LOVE this idea and I’m trying to copy it! I was lucky to find a frame someone had left at the recycling center, but I cannot find these kinds of lights, I have looked everywhere! They are different than regular lights and are just perfect for this display. Just wondered how many lights you used. Looks like maybe 50?? Hope to get this made in time to use this year.

        1. I honestly don’t think there were that many on the strand. I put it together two years ago, and this year it’s all packed up since we move in a week. It’s all personal preference on how many lights you want in your frame, and how large the frame is. Hope this helps!

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