15 Ways To Dress Up your Sink

15 Ways To Dress Up your Sink

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You’ve heard the term “everything but the kitchen sink“, but have you thought about decorating your kitchen sink? You spend a time of time there, so why not dress it up and make it look nice?

Painted Accent Window Sill

Source: Apartment Therapy

If you’ve just started out with the idea to decorate your kitchen sink area, this is a great starting point! Aside from small apartments, most sinks have a window over them. Choose an accent color and paint the window sill a beautiful color that will cheer you up.

It’s recommended to buy Frog Tape painter’s tape and take most of your time taping off sections and even removing the window if possible. Also, take advantage of small artists’ paint brushes to reach those hard to reach corners.

Once you’re finished, choose similar colors for your sink accessories: sponge holder, hand soap dispenser, towels, and so on!

DIY Herringbone Faux Backsplash

Source: A Beautiful Mess

A backsplash is a panel behind the sink that protects the wall from splashes. Tile backsplashes are probably the most common kind. If you’re daunted by tile, try starting out with this faux backsplash instead! You’ll need a carpenter’s square, a pencil, a clear ruler, black paint pens, a subway tile or template, and touch up paint.

Starting at an upper corner with the carpenter’s square, start tracing your pattern with a pencil. Don’t worry, you can erase any mistakes! Then trace over with your black paint pens. It looks very close to tile and grout until you almost run your fingers over it! Plus you can prime and paint over in it in just a day if you want to remove it.

Turkish Window Valence

Source: Design Sponge

Back to windows, the window over the kitchen sink can be a bit of a rule breaker. You don’t need to have a traditional window covering that you have over the rest of your house!

Make a valance like the one pictured by following this DIY valance tutorial:

You can use the same glue gun to add pom poms to get this fun bohemian look!

Easy Matching DIY Sponge Holder & Soap Dispenser

Source: Views From The Ville

There are so many fun sponge holders and soap dispensers out there to buy, but isn’t this DIY version super cute? A DIY mason jar soap dispenser and matching DIY mason jar sponge holder is an awesome decoration for your kitchen sink!

You’ll need a pint size mason jar, a half pint size mason jar, spray paint, a drill, and a pump for the soap. Put them on a repurposed cake plate when you’re finished like the author did!

Hanging Fruit Basket From Wood Bowls DIY

Source: Always Rooney

A hanging fruit basket is a great addition to your kitchen sink! Having a fruit basket is a necessity to keep your produce that doesn’t belong in the fridge, like avocados and tomatos. They just look sad sitting around on the countertop!

You’ll need three wooden bowls in small to large sizes (the author got hers at Target), rope, wooden beads, a drill, succulents, metal ring, and a ruler.

Do you want to know a secret? Succulents are horrendously overpriced! Look around your neighborhood or ask a friend if you can take a cutting off a succulent and propagate it! It only takes 2-3 weeks for roots to appear. Within a few months, you’ll have good-sized succulents, which you can propagate over and over!

Floral Shadow Box Art

Source: A Beautiful Mess

This author decorates her kitchen sink area with these floral shadow boxes! They take less than an hour and are cheap and easy to make and change around, so you can have a fresh look whenever you feel like it.

For supplies, you’ll want to have a shadow box, cardstock or poster board, artificial flowers, spray adhesive, a hot glue gun, cutting materials like x-acto blades and a cutting mat, and wire cutters.

Shadow boxes can be purchased online or in any craft store, and are usually as little as $5. They can be used to show off ribbons, medals, photos and other collectibles, in addition to making cool floral art!

Add More Decorative Counter Space

Source: Fresh Home

You can decorate your kitchen sink AND get more counter space with DIY sink covers. You can custom make a wooden cutting board for your sink by following this tutorial, or take measurements and buy one online. Keep those measurements in mind for a holder and organizer like the one pictured above!

New Light Fixture

Source: Jennifer Rizzo

The author did this kitchen light DIY over her sink was a $6 thrift store find! She used brass paint and then a light spray of brown over the top to tone down the brass. Then purchased a clear replacement globe from the hardware store. The most expensive part was a fancy light bulb from Anthropologie.

Hardware salvage and reuse are a great place to buy amazing light fixtures. Ballard Reuse is an awesome example in Seattle. If you’re in a smaller city, thrift stores, estate sales, and flea markets are great places to go digging!

Floating PVC Window Planter

Source: A Beautiful Mess

A window planter is the first thing people think about when decorating a kitchen sink! There’s something lovely about having the scent of fresh herbs wafting up as you rinse a dish in the sink.

This floating PVC pipe planter is awesome for tiny windows! It uses 4″ PVC pipe, 4″ knock-out plug, 2 small eye hooks, 2 larger eye hooks, 4 small S-hooks and 2 12″ lengths of #16 chain. Just take this list to the hardware store and they can hook you up in minutes! Plus, the author spent $9.70 on this. Awesome!

Do you not do projects like this because you don’t have tools? Try checking out your local tool library. Tool libraries are popping up all over now, and an annual membership can range from free to $50 a year! You can rent anything from power drills, lawn mowers, even kitchen gadgets like blenders.

DIY Rustic Wood Tray

Source: Liz Marie Blog

So many people keep their coffee machine and supplies next to the kitchen sink, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a cute tray like this one to keep it nice and organized?

It’s easy to do basic math to measure out the 6 long lengths of board and 2 shorter sides. You can often sketch out an idea and take it to a place like Home Depot, and they’ll help figure it out and cut the wood for you! Then you just paint the wood, screw it together, and give it one last coat of paint. The most fun part is decorating it at the end!

Silverware Storage Gold Painted Silverware Mason Jars

Source: Clever Pink Pirate

You don’t need to keep your silverware in a drawer if you don’t want to! This DIY is dead easy, you’ll just need a metallic paint like rustoleum or Krylon and mason jars! Just be sure to only paint the outsides, since paint and the insides of our bodies shouldn’t mix!

Don’t feel you need to buy brand new mason jars for this. Shops like Goodwill often sell a wide range of jars for just a few cents! You can also pick up larger glass containers like ice tea cisterns so you can keep things like spatulas and bigger things in the kitchen.

DIY Metal Letter Industrial Kitchen Sign

Source: Liz Marie Blog

What a fun decoration for your kitchen sink area! The author found these metal letters on sale and mounted them on a wooden board, but you could also use any material letters and spray paint them with a metallic spray paint for a similar effect. There are so many options with this DIY, it’ll be hard to choose just one!

DIY Faux Stained Glass

Source: A Beautiful Mess

How absolutely beautiful is this? All you need is a glass panel (like from a picture frame, lead adhesive strips, glass paint, paper, markers, scissors, and a ruler. The trick of this is to trace out the exact pattern you want onto paper, then place the glass over it to see where the lead strips and paint need to go. So clever, so easy, but the end result looks like an expensive piece of home decor. You can mount this over your kitchen window or just lean it in place.


Window Sill Herb Garden

Source: Kendra Castillo

We couldn’t resist one more herb garden. This one uses spray painted tin cans as planters, which is a great way to use up extra spray paint from another DIY! Poke a hole in the bottoms with a nail and then all you need are herbs and gardening soil. Happy planting!

Hanging Vase Display

Source: A Beautiful Mess

You won’t believe how simple this is – it’s just short and long-necked small vases and twine hung on a hook! This project can literally take minutes to make, but it’s so unexpected and whimsical, especially hanging alongside your kitchen sink! It’s the perfect place as it’ll make it easy to refill the water and clean the vases from time to time.

You spend a ton of time at the kitchen sink, so don’t deprive yourself from some much needed beauty that will bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart! Hopefully this list will inspire you to decorate your kitchen sink area today!

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  1. I have a question for you and you seem to be very creative.
    We own a bed and breakfast and our rooms upstairs (3) all have jacuzzi tubs in the rooms and toilet/sink are in the old tiny closets. There is no shower. You can look at the rooms on http://www.osborneinn.com. They are the Evelyn,Louise and Carnahan Room. What are some creative ways to make the tubs more enticing perhaps more of a spa experience. Something that will make the bath experience so wonderful that not having a shower is okay. We DO have a shower provided “down the hall”. Hopefully you will find a minute in your very busy day to address this challenge. I have put pitchers by the tubs…it is an historic home, changing plumbing is not an option. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Barbara! Thanks for stopping by! My first thought is candles. They always make bathtime so relaxing! The Evvelyn Room’s bathroom has a great space for putting a little tray with various bubble baths on it. This way, the guest can choose a favorite scent each night of their stay! Just a few thoughts!

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