5 second Iced Coffee

Ok, maybe 10 seconds, 
but I’m about to change…your…coffee… drinking….world!
5 second iced coffee
While staying with my sister-in-law in California, she made me homemade iced coffee.  Now, I know these recipes are all over blog land, but I’m such a Starbucks junkie, I’ve never even bothered to make my own.  When Starbucks got too expensive for this stay-at-home momma, I switched to McDonald’s Iced Coffee which was equally as yummy.  
However, I’ve now become a fan of making my own, and it’s far cheaper.  I have to admit, it’s also just as good – if not better!  
Give it a try and let me know what you think!
 You’ll need instant coffee – I got mine at Trader Joe’s.  You’ll also need half & half and flavored syrup.
Put one spoonful of instant coffee into your cup.  Fill cup 1/2 way with water.  Pour in the syrup to your taste and then fill the cup to about 3/4 mark with Half & Half.  
Stir, add ice, and you’re done!  I put mine in the freezer while I get the munchkin up so it’s nice and chilled for me!

23 thoughts on “5 second Iced Coffee

  1. i should be in bed now but i saw the word coffee in blogger and i was hooked. this looks amazingly delicious, i guess ill have to wait til the morning to try this 🙂 please thank your sister-in-law for sharing this recipe with you..and thank you for sharing it with us! its been so hot this week an iced coffee seems like the absolute perfect refreshment!

    katie@little things bring smiles

  2. I'm with Katie…just about to close the computer and head off to bed when I saw something about coffee! Thanks for sharing…all I have is decaf instant {from when I was pregnant} so I will be adding it to my shopping list because this momma needs caffeine {now that baby is out of the belly and entering the terrible twos}!

  3. This sounds good, 'luckily' for me my kiddo has been up since 5am, this might be just what I need to keep my eyes open! Thank you and your sis-in-law for sharing.

  4. Are you serious? That easy?!? I'm going to have to test this one out…I'd love to save the $4.80 I spend every day at Starbucks and put it towards my crafts 🙂

  5. When I fix a pot in the morning (in my lovely Corningware electric percolator from Goodwill), I drink what I want, then the rest goes into a qt size glass milk bottle. I go ahead and put in the half and half & brown sugar then it is ready to go when I am later!

  6. I love iced coffee! (I rarely drink hot drinks) I use Foldgers instant coffee and add the Coffee Mate Caramel Macchiato creamer with a little bit of milk. I make it the night before so it’s nice and chilled for me in the morning 🙂 I also have a spill proof tumbler that I drink it out of so I put about 1/3 of my coffee into the tumbler and lay the tumbler on it’s side in the freezer. That way it’s not watered down 😉

  7. I am so excited about this! I’m an iced coffee addict, so I need to try making more at home. I’ve tried other recipes, but they’re too labor intensive and just haven’t come out well. But for 5 seconds…I’m game!!! Pinning!

  8. For those going Dairy free or a little lighter on the fat, add the coffee and a couple of Tablespoons of hot water to dissolve, add syrup(or sugar) and then milk of your choice (almond, fat free, etc). I frequently do the coffee and sweetener, then fill with ice and top off with milk.

  9. Even better if made with coffee ice cubes. Just use leftover coffee and put in freezer – then keep in freezer bag for those times you want to make a decadent iced coffee.

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