Wooden Spoon Puppets

wooden spoon puppets

FROZEN is all over our house, 24-7, so why not just embrace it, and make Anna and Elsa EVERYTHING!  If you’ve got littles in your house or anywhere in your life, you are fully aware of the OBSESSION with FROZEN.  You can make Wooden Spoon Puppets easily with just a few materials!

wooden spoon puppets materials


wooden spoons

googly eyes


hot glue

 I got really fancy making a pattern for these puppets!  You’ll need to adjust your patterns depending on the size of your spoons, but here is the shape I used for the dolls:

elsa anna inner dress elsa anna cape Anna Black on Dress

step 1

step 2

step 3


For the bangs to be “free” I glued them onto the top of the spoon, but left the rest to hang.

up close bangs

I let Sami draw the faces on, and it KILLED my inner Type A, but you know what?  She did a darn good job!

I introduce you to: Elsa and Anna .. Wooden Spoon Puppets that will provide endless hours of fun!

wooden spoon puppets 2

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