Spray Painted Easter Eggs

 spray painted easter eggs

I have a thing for spray paint and Sharpies.  Get those two things together and I can create some crazy things.  Recently, I put the two together and wasn’t sure what would come out of it.  I was pleasantly surprised when the outcome were these darling Easter eggs that I can’t stop looking at!

To make these eggs, I used fake decorator eggs, flat blue spray paint and metallic gold spray paint, and a thin black Sharpie



By keeping them in the carton, it created a unique pattern on the egg that I instantly fell in love with!  It’s funny how the most fun ideas can just HIT you sometimes!

Using a Sharpie I added decorations and flair to make these eggs the perfect decoration for Spring!



3 thoughts on “Spray Painted Easter Eggs

    1. Hey Lane!

      Yeah, they’re made of a lightweight cardboard or a pressed material of some sort. I found these last year at Walmart, and they were in the craft aisle actually sold in a little egg carton packaging.

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