Easy and Unique Mason Jar Crafts

Easy and Unique Mason Jar Crafts

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Mason jars an internet obsession. Did you know the mason jar is named after John Landis Mason who first invented and patented it in 1858 (yes, someone patented a jar!) Before that, people used wax and tin to seal preserved fruits, but it often didn’t seal properly and wasn’t very efficient. Also, National Mason Jar Day was invented just last year as a national holiday and is celebrated on November 30th.

Ok, but why do crafter, pinterest-ers, and food bloggers love mason jars so much? Most people attribute it to a perfect storm of good timing, nostalgia, and the rise of Pinterest. Events like 7-11’s marketing campaign selling icees in mason jars with a mustache probably contributed to its never-ending momentum as “a thing”.

In any case, here’s a great bunch of ideas for your inner DIY-er to dig into for their next mason jar crafting project!

DIY Metallic Mason Jars

Source: How Sweet Eats

If you’re new to crafting, go to your neighborhood craft store or Home Depot and buy some Krylon. It’s a magical spray paint that transforms just about any old object into a platinum/gold/silver/copper masterpiece! It is so easy to use Krylon that it takes less than 10 minutes (plus drying time!) to whip together these cool metallic mason jar vases. Don’t drink from Krylon painted jars because you paint the insides, and drinking spray paint is just plain bad for your health!

Faux Sea Glass Mason Jar With Netting

Source: masonjarcraftslove

Can’t get enough magic paint? Next try Martha Stewart Translucent Frost glass paint. It “creates a translucent fine glitter effect on a variety of nonporous surfaces including glass, plastic, mirrors and ceramics. The fine tip applicator lets you put just the right amount of paint where you want it, quickly and easily.” So what are you waiting for?

The crafter in this post used netting you get around produce at the grocery store but you could experiment with other netting. Bird netting, craft netting, tulle fabric, the options are limited to your imagination. Use twine or string to hide the jar neck, and add a little embellishment like this leather cording with a cute message.

Lettered Mason Jar

Source: The Lettered Cottage

More spray paint! It’s one of those magic ingredients in crafting and DIY, like mod podge and glitter. This is another 10 minute, dead easy craft that’ll be so cute for your entry way keys, laundry change, or to keep colored pencils in on a pretty desk.

The secret to this craft is big, thick foam sticker. Yes! You just write your message on the jar in them first, cover with an all-purpose spray paint (optional: use another layer of spray gloss on top if you want it shiny), then peel the sticker off. No kidding, it is that easy.

Beginner Sewing Kit Gift Mason Jar

Source: smashedpeasandcarrots

This is probably one of the coolest gifts you could give a beginner sewer, not least because it’s handmade and unique. You’ll need a small mason jar, spray paint (yes! again!), a piece of cardboard, x-acto knife, a scrap of fabric, a small portion of fiberfil, cotton batting, or cotton balls, a hot glue gun, a pen/pencil for tracing, scissors, and of course some sewing necessities.

The pin cushion looks daunting, put its as easy as covering stuffing with fabric, folding it over a cardboard circle, and hot gluing it into place. Then hot glue it again to the lid of the jar. No advanced skills needed.

DIY Fancy Tumbler

Source: pretty providence

You’ve probably seen these “fancy” iced coffee tumblers on instagram, and they cost over $30. Yikes!

Good news is you can make your own! You’ll need a large mason jar tumbler, glitter, modge podge, vinyl lettering, mason jar straw lid insert and…

One more thing…

Wonder what it is…

MORE SPRAY PAINT! ( #addictedtospraypaint ?)

Tape off the jar where you want to spray the bottom, and use your Krylon metallic paint (on the outside of the jar, remember what we said? Drinking spray paint = bad). Then use some modge podge and saturate it with glitter. Carefully affix the vinyl lettering because the jar has a bumpy service. Then put on your straw lid. The blogger spent just $7.50 to make 2 of these, nice!

Note: don’t wash these in a dishwasher or you’ll end up with a plain mason jar with some scraps of metallic paint and glitter on it in no time.

DIY Snowy Mason Jars

Source: a pumpkin and a princess

This cool DIY doesn’t use spray paint (sad?) but it’s super cute! These have an led candle inside to make a wintery/Christmas decoration but you could use it as a vase, put candy in it, make it into a dinner centerpiece, whatever your heart desires and dreams of!

For the exterior snow, use DecoArt 16-Ounce Decoupage Glue and epsom salt (save the rest of it to soak tired feet or take a nice bath after being so productive. You deserve it!)

That’s it! Decorate it with a small piece of Christmas tree or holly, or other embellishments if you’d like.

Mason Jar Monogram Light

Source: oleander and palm

Light up lettered signs and mason jars collide into a crafting, Pinterest fever dream of home decor in this amazing DIY.

You’ll need plywood, painters tape, and plain old non-spray tape. You could definitely use spray paint if you made a big stencil or taped off all the wood outside the letter, so feel free to whip out that Krylon!

You’ll need to cut small light bulb size hole in a couple places in your letter. The author used an electric drill for this. Then she nailed in the circular part of the lids over the holes. Pop in lights from a string of outdoor lights in each hole, and screw the jars over them. That’s it!

Easy Mason Jar Cupcake Holder

Source: nelliebellie

Cupcakes: fun to eat, perilous to transport. Just pop them in an upside-down small mason jar and you’ll never have to drive one-handed holding a cupcake again.

By now, you’ve probably realized there are many, many sizes of mason jars out there. From super tall ones that make ice coffee tumblers to small ones for lighted signs and cupcake holders, there’s a size for every project!

Take this project from just “a jar with a cupcake in it” to a DIY by wrapping the lid with ribbon or using some of the other techniques in this list, like say, spray paint.

DIY Watermelon Mason Jars

Source: The Spruce

Yes, another chance to use spray paint! This guide is great because it goes into deep spray paint details and talks about the value of using spray primer on your mason jar project. Plus you get to buy a can of this lovely watermelon pink spray paint. Use a light green for the lid, then use a Sharpie black marker to draw in all those lovely watermelon seeds. People will go crazy for these super cute watermelon jars as a gift.

Mason Jar Oil Lamp

Source: raisedincotton

Do you have a jar with a lid, a cotton wick, and some lamp oil? Ok, you’ll probably need to buy the wick and the oil. Just use a nail to punch a hole in the lid and feed the wick through, then pour the lamp oil in.

Fun fact, lamp oil has a low combustion rate, so it is highly unlikely for the lamp to do something like explode. What is more likely to happen is that sometimes to fire grows too high or there a bit of oil left on the outside of the jar when you filled it with oil so the lid/jar burns. That’s why these are better to keep outside and attended. They are easy to extinguish in the case of the aforementioned problem, but they should definitely never be left to burn in the house.

Easy Mason Jar Terrariums

Source: ohmy-creative

A mason jar terrarium is such a cool, thoughtful gift, and surprisingly fast and inexpensive to put together. Have a friend with a German Shepherd? Buy a tiny German Shepherd figurine to place in it for an amazingly personal gift. Have a friend moving to Seattle? Buy this Space Needle keychain, remove the chain, and put it in your gift terrarium. You could even get a large plastic letter of a friend’s first name if you’re out of ideas.

Mondrian Mason Jars

Source: masonjarcraftslove

Mondrian is so iconic – even though many people may not know his name, just about everyone recognizes his famous white/yellow/red style. This DIY is great because it also leaves some of the squares clear.

What other iconic artists could you use to inspire your next mason jar DIY? Picasso? Pollock? Van Gogh? Instead of having a Sip n Paint party with canvas, try using jars instead!

Painted Mason Jar Welcome Sign

Source: michellejdesigns

Mason jars on wood signs are everywhere, and lots of places sell them. There’s no reason not to make your own!

The most difficult part is drilling the pipe clamps into the wood, but an electric drill is really fun to use. Use a friend’s family name instead of welcome to make an affordable, personalized gift that’ll hang in their home forever.

Magical Mason Jar Oil Lamp

Source: apieceofrainbow

If you made the mason jar oil lamp before this and are looking for your next challenge, this project is for you! It uses a floating wick and fruit/flowers to make a gorgeous lamp. They also use essential oils for a dreamy fragrance.

Did you know that burning essential oils can actually harm pets? Be sure to research before using them in a home with pets.

The author of this DIY has a ton of lamps they made, so be sure to check it out for some great inspiration. Our favorite is the one with whole lemons inside. What’s yours?

Birthday Cake in a Jar

Source: JoAnn

This super cute birthday DIY uses 2 cupcakes with icing layered between them to make a birthday cake in a jar. You could also experiment with “cake in a mug” recipes. You can totally microwave mason jars, with the exception of older mason jars. Those may have been made differently than modern mason jars, which usually have a microwave-safe symbol on the packaging, and therefore risk cracking or exploding if microwaved. And, of course, don’t microwave the metal lids!

This guide uses washi tape with a banner pattern, but you can easily decorate with Sharpie markers or paint (make sure it dries thoroughly and there’s no paint on the inside of the lids).

Hopefully, this list has thoroughly inspired you to make a cool mason jar craft today! It’s as easy as buying a can of metallic spray paint. If you’re daunted by the cost of new mason jars, check out second-hand stores like Goodwill, which often have big collections of different sized mason jars for very low prices. Try one to experiment today, and you’ll be prepared with a great, personalized gift for the next friend’s birthday or special event that catches you by surprise!

111 thoughts on “Easy and Unique Mason Jar Crafts

        1. Thanks for that recommendation. I want to store handsoap and lotions in these. should I also color the outside rather than the inside?

      1. No, this is not possible.
        If you paint the outside, people’s mouth will still touch the outside of the glass.
        These cannot be used for food (not even if painted on the outside.) The only colors that can be used with food have to be acid based inks. Adirondack inks are the only ones I know of that are okay for food.

        1. Food coloring is FOOD COLORING – LOLL – hence, “OK for food.” 😉 Besides, what are “people’s mouths” doing on the rims of mason jars in which I store all my dry goods like many different types of beans, rice, flour, cream of wheat, macaroni, shells & other pasta, all of my spices/seeds/herbs, et al. Get those people’s mouths back where they belong!… on the edges of glasses & cups! 😉

          1. funny stuff! It’s not the food coloring that’s the problem, but probably the Mod Podge… But yeah, I used them for decoration and pretty organization!

          2. LOL Gabi Taylor ! I’m with you though seriously… why would anyone’s mouth be on the outside of a storage jar?

          3. In the south,…..we drink our “suthon tea” in a mason jar. Just ta let cha know!

          4. In Texas we use mason jars for lots of stuff to include drinking tea out of. When I am out doing yard work I fill mine with cold iced sweet tea put the lid on (to keep bugs and dirt out) and the wrap it in foil to keep it cold!

          5. I love your ideas. I think these jars would be so pretty in my pantry or on the counter instead of canisters. If concerned about anything touching the rim, you could make the color mixture in a tall cylindar and dip the jar up to the bottom of the area that the lid will cover, do not flip to dry.

          6. Well the thing is Mod Podge isn’t safe for using it on things that will have liquid or foods in them that are being consumed by humans. Also we have mason jars that have handles and ARE meant for drinking!

    1. Figure it this way: If 225 degrees in the oven didn’t ruin them — 😉 — a little candle certainly shouldn’t, right? … provided the flame doesn’t get so close to the class that it might singe it.

  1. Thanks for your tutorial. I’ve been wanting to make some of these but had forgotten about them.

    Lori @ A Bright and Beautiful Life

    1. Lori,
      That’s how I was! I had seen it appearing on Pinterest, and finally remembered that I’d wanted to make them! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Wanting to do this for table centerpiece as a vase. will it hurt to put water and flowers in it? meaning will the water change the tint? thank you for the post!! can you please reply to my email, thank you!!!

      1. Leistia,

        So I put water in one of my jars for you and it was there for 2 days and all was still good. I’d say yours would be fine for the wedding! 🙂

  3. Could you put water in them after or would that cause the tint to wash off? Because I’m going to make a snow globe jar and want to tint the jar but I’m not sure if it would wash away with water inside. Thanks for the great blog post!

    1. FABULOUS IDEA – Going to use these to make Christmas terrariums with my grandsons for gifts. I spent way too much time in life working and cleaning – you have the right idea – it goes quickly – stuff the dust and enjoy life!

  4. Hi, I just tried these jars, I’ve been so excited to do it and when I took them out of oven, there was really no color to them???

  5. It doesn’t hurt the oven to do things like this? I’ve heard so many different things, like keep your crafts in toaster ovens and not in the oven you use to make food… any suggestions? Thanks! Love this idea!!!

      1. I bought dishwasher safe modge podge in hopes that it would be able to hold water as a vase for just one day… then I don’t care what happens … how did yours turn out ?

    1. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t have luck. I’ve done this same thing twice and it’s worked for me. I’d be happy to look at the steps you took and offer suggestions – if you even feel like trying it again..

      1. The Mod Podge says it is non-toxic. Why then wouldn’t they be able to hold food and drinks. I went through this whole process so that I could store food in them and didn’t know they weren’t meat for food. Why are they not meant for food?

      2. Hello, I have them.in the oven now with their second coating. I noticed when Iapplied the second coating the first coating was crackling. ? Did that happen to yours or do I need to wait longer for them to cool.

          1. They were crackle, but not in a cute way. They were also sticky? I definitely didsomething wrong somewhere. I will try again and let you know.

  6. Really like your version. I featured this post on my post Spring Inspiration as my wild card pick of the week. A pick that is not from a link party.

  7. Love this! I tried it with just the food coloring and water and it didn’t tint. I see Mod Podge is the key but is the tint permanent?

  8. I am planning my best friends bridal shower and want to do the purple for drinks! How should I do them? I know not the inside but would it be safe todo the outside all the way to the top? Or should I do it just below the lid line? Great tutorial!

    1. So, I would say outsides, up to lid line- but others have commented saying that MOD PODGE is safe for food, so maybe it’s FINE? I am by no means an expert on anything FDA standards, so I don’t want to make any statements like that?!!? Maybe I’ll do some research and update my post with what I find out! Oh, to find the time!

    2. Maybe you could tint most of the way up then tie or hot glue a pretty ribbon to cover the edge of tint line. I have bought some trim at Hobby Lobby that is a double layer of rhinestones. That might bling them a little and hide the glue.

  9. These are so cute! I’ve seen them on Pinterest before, but I really liked the lighter colored ones. That’s actually what caught my eye for your post.

    I have a question, after these are baked (cured? set?) in the oven, can they be used for food or as vases? I’m already not so great at keeping flowers alive, and don’t want to go killing them off any quicker than normal. 😉

  10. Thanks so much! This was so easy and fun to make. At first I was skeptical, but after baking them they really took on that stained glass look.

  11. I haven’t tried these yet but I’m excited to, and I was wondering why you didn’t mix the mod podge right into the water and food coloring mixture before you poured it into the jar. Would that prevent streaking?

      1. Cool, thanks! Planning on combining this with another great Pin I saw, a mason jar soap dispenser. (Painting the outside of the jar with the tint.) I’ll let you know how it turns out!

        1. Turned out great! Went for the lighter look with a classic vintage mason jar blue, and they look really good. We’ll see how it lasts since it’s on the outside and I anticipate washing soap off of them from time to time.

  12. I’m making dishsoap dispensers out of mason jars. If I tint the jars, on the outside, will the tinting wash off from getting occasionally wet?

  13. I want to tint some in all different colors and use them as a hanging light for my outside screened room. Hopefully the light bulb will not hurt them.

    1. I washed mine just fine! I’m not sure about continued washing over and over and over and over, but I washed them about 10 times and they were fine.

  14. Yours turned out beautifully! I have tried this twice and keep getting streaks by the mouth of the jar and gluey junk around the lip of the opening. Any suggestions?

  15. I followed the directions to a T and mine ended up looking absolutely terrible 🙁 not sure where I went wrong. I used dishwasher safe mod podge and normal food coloring frops, and a mason jar.

  16. I’ve been saving my jars from spaghetti sauce. They are “atlas” jars. I’m thinking of using as gifts. Filling with bath salts, scrubs and potpourri, pet snacks, etc. I’ll paint on the outside. I’m excited to try coloring my jars. I think I may make some with etching too.

  17. TY for sharing the love and including our holiday – National Mason Jar Day in your post! We were very excited about our inaugural launch! We love hearing and seeing how everyone celebrated the day! unboxingthebizarre.com #nationalmasonjarday #masonjarday

  18. Mason jars an internet obsession. Did you know the mason jar is named after John Landis Mason who first invented and patented it in 1858 (yes, someone patented a jar!) Before that, people used wax and tin to seal preserved fruits, but it often didn’t seal properly and wasn’t very efficient. Also, National Mason Jar Day was invented just last year as a national holiday and is celebrated on November 30th.

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