32 DIY Space Inspired Projects that are Out of this World

From the stars in the night sky to the faraway planets, milky way, and everything else in between – there’s no doubt that outer space is an extremely fascinating topic and one which has plenty of hype surrounding it. Today we’re getting in touch with our inner astronomer to round-up 32 space inspired DIY projects that you’re sure to love!


Whether you fancy creating any of these crafts for your space-obsessed children, loved ones, or even yourself – there’s sure to be multiple DIYs here to suit every type of intergalactic explorer. The concept of infinite galaxies (not to mention potential aliens) might seem terrifying but fear not – these craft projects are accompanied by step-by-step tutorials to help you get them just-right, every time. Phew!


A Cosmic Ice Cream Sandwich Straight from Outer Space

Have you ever seen an ice cream sandwich looking quite so magical? We love the galaxy-inspired swirl filled with pink, purple, and blue, not to mention those sugary stars placed on top. Your children would love these as a treat at their next birthday party, although we certainly won’t judge if you’d prefer to make them for yourself as a midnight snack!


Space Rocks that are Awesome Enough to go on Your Fridge

If you’ve got someone in your life who ‘rocks’, then why not show your appreciation for them by creating and gifting them these space rock magnets? They look dazzling with their intergalactic pattern, plus they’re incredibly easy to make. We have a feeling both adults and children will love creating these fridge magnets with a space inspired twist.


Coasters from Another Galaxy

If you love the gorgeous swirls of pink, blue, and purple often depicted in galaxies, then you can take that love one step further by creating your very own outer space drink coasters. You can either cover the entire hexagonal coaster in the galaxy pattern or do what this blogger has done and created a ‘dip-dye’ effect by leaving parts of the coaster white. Either way, we think it’s out of this world!


…With Gorgeous Galaxy Plates to Match

If you loved the DIY galaxy print coasters in the previous image, then you’ll fall head-over-heels for these stunning plates inspired by the same pattern. These aren’t just easy to create, but they’re also very affordable too, resulting in a DIY craft that’s great to tackle this weekend. Your friends will love it when you bust these out for your next dinner party!


Creative Crescent Moon Bath Bombs

These gold crescent moon bath bombs look completely luxurious. They’re a great DIY project to keep you entertained this weekend, plus you’ll save plenty of dollars by going to the effort of creating your own! We think they’re a simple yet stunning gift idea too, so be sure to stock up on your creations to serve as last-minute gifts.


Cool Coasters Filled with Constellations

How incredible are these DIY constellation coasters? We just can’t get enough of them! The gilded gold edge makes them look like something you’d find in a high-end home store, not to mention something you whipped-up yourself within just an afternoon! These would be a wonderful talking-point for your dining table, along with an educational addition to dinner time for the young ones.


These Shoes Take Walking on the Moon to a Whole New Level

Sure, the galaxy-inspired print looks fantastic in the home, but what about if you want to embrace it in your wardrobe? Thankfully, this DIY project teaches you how to turn your plain, old sneakers into ones that are bursting with cosmic color. We think they’re perfect for all ages of a crafter – no matter what your skill level may be!


Wash Away the Grime with Space Soap

We all like to indulge with fancy soap from time to time, but imagine using these incredible space-inspired versions? They’re fantastic! Not only do they have plenty of skin-moisturizing ingredients in them, but the colorful swirls and body-friendly glitter is enough to put anyone’s head in an exciting spin. You could even package these soaps to give to your loved ones for birthdays or as party favors. The options are endless!


Letters from Another Galaxy

This is a great DIY craft for those looking to use large cardboard letters as wedding, engagement, or birthday party decorations. You can spell out initials or even an entire word! We love this particular project because it shows you the step-by-step method of achieving that gorgeous galaxy pattern on the letters using paint and is something that everyone will find both straightforward and easy to follow.


Bringing Saturn from Space, Into Your Home

Ever wanted to create a model of Saturn? OR perhaps your child wants one to hang in their room? Either way, this DIY Saturn tutorial is super useful for helping you recreate the planet in model form. It’s colorful, cool, and very easy to replicate when following each step. We love the glittery look and feel of this project too. How stunning!


Give Bath Time an Intergalactic Twist

Attention all bath lovers! This DIY galaxy inspired bath bomb tutorial is just the thing you need to transform your next soak into an out of this world experience. These simple and quick bath bombs will turn your water a gorgeous galaxy hue, whilst smelling of all things sweet. Why not wrap these up to use as Christmas stocking stuffers or party favors? Your bath-loving friends are sure to thank you for it!


Easter Eggs for Astronauts

Forget traditional Easter eggs, these galactic versions are just the thing to put a space-age spin on your celebration! You can hand these to your guests as favors or sit one with each table place name – whatever your heart desires. We love the addition of gold to these designs too, along with the speckled star effect created using paint.


Put Some Planets on Your Fridge

If you love working with clay to make your own crafty creations, then this project is perfect for you! It uses clay to produce some delightfully colorful planets, ready to be turned into magnets for use on your refrigerator. Now you can stick all of your bills, photos, or kid’s drawings on there in style! What’s more, this tutorial also uses stunning gold leaf to give the magnets that extragalactic touch.


A Constellation Patchwork Quilt that Will be Handed Down Through the Generations

This DIY constellation patchwork quilt never ceases to amaze us. Can you believe that we can all create this with the simple help of a DIY kit? This is the perfect project for someone looking for something that they can work on over a few days or weeks, rather than a tutorial they can complete within just an afternoon. We think that makes it all the more special though!


A Space Age Mouse Pad that’ll have You Dreaming of Another World

Clicking away on the computer can get a little boring at times (especially if you’re doing work), but this DIY space inspired mouse pad is just the thing to boost your mood. It might be very easy to create but doesn’t change the fact that it looks amazing and eye-catching. Your fellow office workers will be forgiven for thinking you bought this from an expensive boutique!


Papier Mache Planets that Pack a Seriously Impressive Punch

How amazing are these DIY planets? They can easily be made using the popular papier mache technique, making them both affordable and fun. This is a great project to get the kids involved, teaching them much-needed craft skills, not to mention educating them about the solar system. Imagine these all hung-up in a mobile-like fashion? You’d have your very own planetary model!


Play-Doh with a Glittery, Galactic Twist

There’s your average Play-Doh and then there’s this beautifully-colored, galaxy inspired goo that every child will love! We adore the glitter swirled throughout it, along with the metallic stars to give it that extra twist. Just think of all of the wonderful things they can create using this Play-Doh masterpiece and their imagination.


Make a Cool, Celestial Cropped Blouse

How amazing are the results of this DIY galaxy print blouse? We all have that boring, old button-up shirt laying around at home, so why not transform it into this space inspired work of art? The step-by-step tutorial is surprisingly easy, plus it uses affordable art products that you can find at your local craft store. Your friends will all be asking where you bought it from!


Create an Easy and Edible Galaxy Using Chocolate

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like chocolate bark? After a while though, many chocolate bark recipes can look and taste the same, so it’s nice to switch things up with this gorgeous galaxy inspired version. Topped with colorful swirls and sweet stars, this treat is the perfect thing to dish-up during dessert at your next children’s party. Be warned though: you’re sure to have plenty of parents asking you for your ‘special recipe’!


Ethereal Envelopes Covered in Galactic Art

We know what you’re thinking: those envelopes look way too perfect to be hand-crafted. But here’s the thing: they were made using pages straight out of a space photography book. How clever is that? You simply cut out the page, draw an envelope template on it, and cut and fold until you’re left with the results in the photo. We can’t wait to whip up a stack of them this weekend!


Give Your Christmas Tree a Cosmic Makeover

If you’re getting a little bored with traditional ornaments such as elves and candy canes, why not jazz it up with these DIY galaxy baubles? Staring into one of these is like staring into outer space, plus they look absolutely beautiful. You’ll be surprised just how quick and easy these are to create, not to mention the incredible transformation they achieve for your tree!


Galactic Mirror Glazing for Your Next Birthday Cake

Before you think this can only be achieved by a professional cake maker, we’ve got some great news for you! This simple and step-by-step tutorial actually shows you how you too can achieve this gorgeous galaxy inspired glazing for the next cake you bake. While the colors are out-of-this-world gorgeous, so too is the super shiny mirror glaze. It’s a work of art!


A Photo Backdrop Celebrating All Things Space

If you want to add that extra wow-factor to your child’s space-themed birthday party, we guarantee you’ll love this DIY giant moon prop. Kids will love posing in front of it, plus it’ll add fun to your party photos. This is very easy to make using cardboard too, so while it might look impressive, it’s certainly not expensive!


A Gravity-Defying Galaxy You Can Hold in your Hands

This unique DIY project is just the thing to keep the children entertained during the school holidays. You see, it involves a step-by-step tutorial to make your very own gravity-defying galaxy in a bottle – glitter and all! Kids will spend hours turning the bottle upside down and staring on in fascination as the gel floats about.


Turn a Rainy Day into a Space Voyage

Rainy days can get everyone feeling a little down, but imagine if you could stare up and see a whole galaxy of glittery swirls staring back at you? We think this DIY space inspired umbrella is a brilliant idea. After all, why should the bad weather rain on your parade? It’s a fun project involving plenty of paint and glitter too.


Magical Macarons Even Martians Will Love

The perfect accompaniment to any space-age party are these galaxy inspired macarons. How beautiful do they look? Thankfully, you don’t have to be a professional pastry chef to create these, as the accompanying tutorial makes it as easy as 1,2,3! You simply follow your favorite standard macaron recipe, before adding colorful swirls of food dye to give them that cosmic effect.


Cosmic Cupcakes for Both Children and Adults

If you’re looking for a space inspired dessert option, but macarons aren’t quite for you, then perhaps you’ll enjoy these galaxy cupcakes instead? They’re a stunning and eye-catching solution to dessert time or could even serve as the perfect alternative to a birthday cake. We have to admit, glitter seems to make everything look better!


Soap that Goes to Infinity and Beyond

Here’s another galaxy patterned soap tutorial to satisfy your space-age cravings! This particular project uses sweet shades of bright pink and blue, but you could easily alter the color scheme by using darker purples, black, and navy. The world might be your oyster, but when it comes to this cosmic DIY, there is no limit to your imagination!


We All Scream for Galactic Ice Cream

Ice cream usually looks and tastes pretty great, but we think there’s just no beating this colorful, swirly, and glittery treat. The tutorial will teach you everything you need to know in order to create your very own version of the delectable treat, plus you could always make some extra to give to your friends. They’re going to think it’s out of this world!


Constellation Cookies to Suit Every Spirit Animal

How unique are these DIY space inspired animal cookies? We’ve never seen anything like them before! They’re a great idea for a kid’s birthday party, as they’ll love the various animals they can choose from. The edible glitter and colorful, galactic swirls really make these stand out from the other DIY cookie recipes we’ve seen in the past.


A DIY Space Night Light for Sweet Dreams

When it comes to DIY night lights, this one takes the cake. As your child lays in bed, waiting to fall asleep, they can enjoy the mesmerizing patterns of the galaxy all over their wall and ceiling. Sweet dreams indeed! This DIY project is both fun and fulfilling.


A Planet Mobile Made Entirely of Pom Poms

There are your average planet mobiles and then there are your planet mobiles made from everyone’s favorite woolen accessory – the pom pom of course! This project gives you an extremely fun way to waste your afternoon away, plus you’re left with something that is educational and child-friendly. It’s a DIY that’s a winner in our eyes!



From orbiting planets to intergalactic travels – there’s no doubt that space is pretty cool, but these 32 DIY projects take it to a whole new level! Among this list, you will have noticed tutorials covering edible treats, wearable crafts, galactic homewares, and more. The trick is to pick and choose the projects which ‘wow’ you the most and take it from there.


Perhaps you’re throwing a space-themed kid’s birthday party and need a cosmic cake to accompany it? Or you might be head-over-heels in love with the galaxy print trend and want some homewares to celebrate your obsession. Whichever project(s) you choose to pursue, we hope you have plenty of fun along the way!


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