27 Magical Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas in 2023

Why debate over Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas? Well, the unicorn—is a dazzling, sublime mythical creature that has been beloved for years by kids and adults alike. Just one look at these beauties and it should be clear why they have managed to capture and hold the attention of so many. It’s no wonder then why unicorn-themed birthday parties continue to be popular.

Also, sticking with a birthday theme has gone beyond cake, balloons, and some tableware. Everyone seems to be going all-out these days, matching absolutely everything from the games down to the outfits and party favors. There has never been a better time to go unicorn-crazy than with a birthday party.

25 Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas

You can do countless things when you host a unicorn-themed birthday party. There are rainbow-colored party food, unicorn-themed festive drinks, balloons, headbands, and more. If this all seems to be a bit too much to narrow down, we have you covered.

27 DIY Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas in 2023

In the following part of the article, you will find 25 of some of the best and most popular unicorn birthday party ideas. If you choose to do a lot of them or only one, it is certain to go over well with your guests. With these ideas, the birthday party you throw will be talked about long after it’s over.

1. Customized Lanyards & Enamel Pins No Minimum

To make the essence of the unicorn birthday party more outstanding and vivid, customized lanyards will be a good element. Enamel pins no minimum can be designed and printed for special days, pictures, or even your paintings about unicorns. Every moment of the coming birthday, your child and their friends will be able to see the exquisite custom enamel pins you have carefully designed.

Providing customized lanyards and enamel pins for each child who comes to the party can bring different experiences and catch 100% attention. As they are personally designed along with the kid’s name or photo or anything you want to print on them, they will be more special and surely bring happiness to the kid and a deep impression on guests.

2. Take Flight with a Winged Unicorn Cake

A cake is one of the most important parts of a birthday party, and what better way to celebrate in full-unicorn style than with this beautiful drip cake? It has everything you want for a unicorn theme. The gold horn is tall and glimmering, and the wings have an intricate pattern with a gorgeous color scheme. A perfect cake design for your kids.

3. Unicorn Birthday Theme For Girl Party Ideas: Gallop the Fields on a Unicorn Stick Horse

Here is something sure to keep your little party guests busy and happy. If you’re having a party outside on a nice day, these unicorn stick horses are a sure way to get the kids playing with one another. Let them gallop on their own or even set up some fun races and give away cool prizes. Make their day more exciting with this idea. Try it now!

4. Pull Apart a Surprise Under this Unicorn Cake

Next on our unicorn birthday party ideas list is this amazing cake. So, if you aren’t looking for an entire cake to bake or buy, then a pull-apart cake will do the trick and still have guests impressed with your innovation. This one will add a more mystical touch to the party.

Kids will be fascinated with the colorful unicorn on top. Once they pull their cupcake out, they’ll cheer in delight at the colorful sprinkles pouring out with each bite. Because of this cake design, the children will never forget this special occasion.

5. Unicorn Party Ideas on a Budget : Sweet Party Favors in a Unicorn Bag

You’re going to need something to put those party favors in, so why not go for a cool unicorn bag? One of the best things about this bag is that it starts so simple. All you’re using is a plain white gift bag and transforming it into a sparkly, fun unicorn. The kids can take home sweet goodies and a beautiful bag.

6. Welcome Guests Through a Rainbow

Balloon arches will bring that “wow!” factor to a unicorn birthday party. These are cute, fun, and easier to make than people think. More so, they will instantly make your little unicorns feel as enchanting as they should be. Be creative with this unicorn-inspired balloon idea.

7. Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas: A Magical Milkshake to Excite a Sweet Tooth

If you’re looking for a way to mix up the usual ice cream bar, try your hand with a milkshake bar and create a unicorn bark milkshake. Also, it can be done with a little difficulty right in your kitchen too. Kids will flock to this colorful, overflowing treat that is as enchanting as a unicorn. You can make this easy smoothie recipe in no time.

8. Everyone’s a Unicorn with a Headband

These DIY unicorn headbands are a wonderful way to let everyone at your party feel as special as these magical creatures. There are a few ways you can go about this too: make them yourself or wait.

Making them before the party does save some time and helps if you have a lot of little ones. However, for older kids, you can turn it into a crafting game. So, they’ll just love being able to decorate and personalize their unicorn headbands. Make them feel the unicorn vibe as their imagination runs wild while wearing this headband.

9. Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas: Discover a Rainbow Inside a Unicorn Cake

This DIY rainbow unicorn cake takes some time to do, but the result will leave you (and especially the birthday kid) excited. The outside of this cake is beautiful as-is, and kids are sure to love the multicolored mane and glimmering gold horn. Inside they’ll discover an even bigger, more vibrant rainbow treat.

10. A Wonderfully Enchanted Pretzel for Your Unicorn-Themed Party

Pretzels are perfect to use as little treats whether during the party or tucked away in goodie bags. These beautiful unicorn pretzels combine sweet and salty effortlessly. Your guest will just be buzzing about them. They’re not difficult to make either; you can even do them the day before and store them away.

11. Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas: Unicorn “Droppings” Are Sure to Bring in the Laughs

Everyone knows that unicorns poop rainbow, right? There’s no doubt that kids will get a kick out of these unicorn poop cupcake cones. So, you can follow some different color schemes with this to bring out a true rainbow effect. They’re a fun way to brighten up any birthday party.

12. Invite Your Guests with a DIY Unicorn Mask

What a fun way to get your guests in the party mood before it begins with this simple yet cute unicorn mask. Nothing is quite as magical as being able to wear an invitation. This size is great, too, as you can fit the necessary party details on the back and still slip it into a standard envelope.

13. Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas: There’s Nothing Like a Unicorn Donut

Otherwise dubbed the “donicorn”, these are meant for any donut lovers out there. The decorations aren’t overwhelming they manage to be modest and striking all at the same time. They are perfect to add to a treatment table where your guests can go crazy picking them off one by one.

14. Dive Into Colorful Unicorn Ice Cream

Talk about having a spoonful of magic. Unicorn ice cream is a delicious treat on those warmer party days. It’s super simple as it’s just typical vanilla blended with some safe food coloring. That’s all it takes to elevate traditional ice cream into something worthy of a unicorn. So, try it with cones or in bowls.

15. Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas: DIY Unicorn Photo Shoot

Adding in a photo booth has long been a party favorite. For a unicorn-themed birthday party, masks such as these will come in handy. Also, they’re bright, cute, and amusing. Kids will enjoy playing around with these in the photos and, as a bonus, be able to take home some adorable memories of a fun party.

16. Outdoor Unicorn Party Ideas: DIY Unicorn Pinata

A birthday party gets a true festive kick once someone brings out the piñata. Guests will flock to the delicious treats that spill out of this cute unicorn.

This in particular though is a DIY project that isn’t quick to complete by any means. However, it comes out beautiful in the end. So, it’s especially useful if you just can’t find a pre-made unicorn piñata in time for the party.

17. Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas: Pop Some Homemade Unicorn Popcorn

How simple and enjoyable is it to make some popcorn for a party snack? To add some flair and make it truly pop, try out this easy recipe that puts a unicorn twist on such a classic snack. Consider placing them in containers that are equally as appealing to stick with the theme.

18. DIY Unicorn Storybook Invitation

The right party invitation is an excellent indicator of the theme you’re going with. So, check out this fascinating unicorn invitation that leaves no doubt about what the party is going to be. Guests will be excited to wear a suit accordingly.

Everything from the artwork to the colors makes it look like this invitation belongs more in a fairytale book. What makes it even more endearing is that there are several different color schemes you can choose to go with to personalize them some more.

19. Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas: Take a Bite out of a Unicorn Bark

Whether you are looking to decorate another tasty sweet, tuck them away in goodie bags, or just have them sitting out on tables for anyone to enjoy, this recipe for unicorn bark does the job. So, it has amazing splashes of various colors. The rainbow sprinkles are perfect to finish them off with.

20. DIY Unicorn Hot Chocolate to Warm You Up

Not every birthday party takes place in warm weather that calls for ice cream and shakes. If you’re looking for a way to warm up guests while still keeping the party fun, unicorn hot chocolate is the route to go down.

This dramatic drink is filled with rich, delicious flavor from the white chocolate to the tasty marshmallows on top that melt and blend wonderfully with the whipped cream. Dose it with some sprinkles and you’re setting the tone for a comforting unicorn-inspired drink.

21. Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas: Stick a DIY Unicorn Horn on the Guest’s Headpieces

Do away with traditional party hats and go for unicorn horns. This DIY project will easily put a smile on everyone’s face. They are all made in a way that every kid, no matter the age, can wear and enjoy. Go for a rainbow theme too and make several different colors to give your guests more options.

22. DIY Magical Unicorn Marshmallows

For those looking for a way to mix up marshmallows, this recipe gives you several ways to turn a marshmallow into a unicorn. They are so charming that kids will just pop them without care during a party. You can even decorate them differently so that each marshmallow pop is truly a unique unicorn. Then you can make make your own easy dip recipe that matches the flavor.

23. Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas: Indulge in Unicorn Fudge

When your party guests see these fudge treats piled high, they’ll be rushing to snag a piece or two. They are the perfect little dessert to go along with cake or even to take home as a “thank you” treat. Don’t forget to drown them in the brightest, most vivid sprinkles you can find to bring out the unicorn in them.

24. Remind Everyone to Believe in the Unicorn

Setting down a sign for the birthday party is always a nice gesture. It adds to the decorations as it’s typically the first thing your guests see. So, this unicorn sign will do the job of getting people into the spirit of the unicorn. It’s just bright enough to get people’s attention without overwhelming everything else.

25. Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas: A Yogurt Bite to Cool Off With

Yogurt bites are incredible, especially in warm weather where you just want something easy and not too heavy to munch on. Even the kids can help you make these before the party starts. So, it’s a fun activity to get everyone in the right mood. These rainbow-colored treats fit right in with the rest of the décor.

26. Drink in True Unicorn Style

Why not serve drinks in these cute unicorn glasses? They are the perfect kid-size, and their style allows them to blend with whatever other decorations you have going on. So, to make things better, they’re versatile. Don’t want to use them to drink during the party? Substitute them for some fancy wine for you after the party is over.

27. Unicorn Birthday Decorations at Home: Unicorn Confetti

Confetti Momma’s “Pastel Unicorn Confetti Mix” is rich in the color and quality of the paper. This confetti is perfect for a Unicorn themed birthday party. So, you can use it to stuff your birthday invitations, decorate tables, embellish presents, or throw them in the air. However, the guest of honor and her guests will be thrilled to find out that even the confetti at this party is unicorn relatable.

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What are Your Favorite Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas?

In conclusion, whether you are looking for a DIY project or just some ideas on what to shop around for, all the unicorn birthday party ideas above should give you a good place to start. Also, each unicorn idea explained here will enchant anyone and make for a memorable birthday. Just imagine the look on your daughter/niece/little friend’s face when they’ll discover all these colorful ideas were brought to her birthday party.

However, there is no need to tackle each item on the list. If you feel you can only handle one or two, do one or two. Think you can knock out ten? Go for it. Just work at your own pace and have some fun while you do it. Remember: these are unicorns. So, these magical creatures are meant to be enjoyed.

There are lots of things you can do at home, may it be for your home beautification, simple homemade recipes, preparation ideas for upcoming holidays and events, or even just crazy DIY tutorials that you can do while sitting on your balcony bench. Check those out on our website.

Lastly, remember that I’m always here for you, so ask anything in the comment section below! Any further questions are welcome as all your thoughts on these 25 unicorn birthday party ideas.

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