Top 20 Christmas Prop Ideas for Your Christmas Photography in 2023

Do you want your Christmas photography to stand out this festival season? If so, you might want to check out the best Christmas photo props for 2023. There’s no harm with early preparation and because these props are easy to source and set up, it’ll be a breeze installing them in your homes. But what exactly is a Christmas prop?

Typically, it can be anything ranging from a festive banner to a garland or even a festive pillow. In the following section, we will discuss the top 20 Christmas photo props that will truly add a new look to your Christmas photography.

1. Christmas Photo Props: Festive Banners

This is one of the cheapest and simplest Christmas backgrounds. You will find plenty of these colorful banners in both online and offline stores. Pick your favorite and get it customized the way you want. For instance, you can type special festive messages to keep up with the cheer.

In case you are planning to make these banners home, just take a colorful silk cloth, sew the sides, write your message with a pencil and then highlight it with a marker, sequins, and similar stuff. It will barely take you a few minutes to build this and setting it up is even easier.

2. Garland

No party is fun without flowers and your Christmas party is no exception. Garland can serve as an excellent Christmas backdrop especially when you arrange them in beautiful patterns. You can create floral garlands with your favorite flowers or buy paper flowers and make garlands with them instead.

3. Christmas Photo Props: Festive Pillow

If you want your photography backdrops to stand out, you can’t miss out on a Festive Pillow. Simply get an old cushion and deck it up with a colorful cushion cover that probably features a cheesy Christmas message. You can set several of these pillows in a row and they’ll look stunning with your festive banners and garlands.

4. Candy

Christmas is incomplete without candies and it’s time you showed people some colorful candy backgrounds. How to do this? Just get regular candies that come in a jar (without wrap) and then wrap them in colorful Christmas wrapping papers. Coordinate the color with the rest of your props and lo, you’re ready for the coolest Christmas party of the season.

5. Flowers

Can you ever imagine a Christmas party without flowers? Probably that’s why you need more of them as your Christmas photo props. If you are already using garlands of a specific flower, try to use the same flower as your prop. Alternatively, if you are using paper flowers, just create a massive rectangular board with all the flowers popping out. This will be an excellent Christmas background.

6. Christmas Photo Props: Christmas Background

If you want to go artsy with the background, you might want to draw specific festive scenes or source them online. The simplest way to do this is by choosing any preferred Christmas background online, getting it printed, and then artificially framed. This will be your backdrop for the longest time.

For more inspiration to choose a Christmas backdrop or background, we recommend Kate Backdrop.

7. Cookies with Milk

You probably know that cookies and milk are an integral part of Christmas. Kids love it and Santa loves it even more. So, if you want to go classy and conventional with the backdrop, you might want to keep some cookies and milk handy as photo props.

8. Blankets

You will find a bunch of blankets with festive themes. Just curl up in the blanket with your partner and kids for a perfect Christmas postcard-style photo. As with the cushions and the pillows, you can also get customized blankets.

9. Christmas Photo Props: Christmas Tree

If we are talking Christmas accessories, we probably can’t miss out on a Christmas tree. In case you aren’t too fond of the massive versions of these trees, try to put a small miniature version on the table, add some ambient lighting, and your Christmas photo is ready.

10. Miniature Elves

Just like the Christmas tree, you can also decorate your center table with some miniature elves. The elves look great and you’ll find them everywhere online. In case you want to experiment, you can also team up the elves with the Christmas tree.

11. Christmas Photo Props: Christmas Hat

You can’t have a Christmas photo session without an oversized Christmas hat. So, make sure you have that handy for a lazy, gift opening, or portraiture.

12. Fairy Lights

Party’ louder than fairy lights and that is precisely why you need them as a photo prop. Experiment with warm and cool colors for a perfect Christmas snap.

13. Baking Tray with Treats

This is an excellent idea for the bakers out there. If you are baking Christmas cookies, just place them on the sheet pan, and get a snap. This is a natural and yet quintessentially Christmassy photo prop.

14. Christmas Photo Props: Gift Boxes

Whether you have gifts or not, having gift boxes for your Christmas backdrops is mandatory. So, get a bunch of colorful gift boxes and tie them up with ribbons. You can also repurpose your old cardboard boxes and wrap them with Christmas wrapping papers for the job.

15. Pajamas that match

If you’re a family, you need to get that photo with matching pajamas. Try to get pajamas with Christmas or elf patterns for a festive vibe.

16. Sweaters

Just like pajamas, you can also get a bunch of matching Christmas tree sweaters for a family picture. It looks great and you probably already have these sweaters tucked somewhere.

17. Candy Cane

Just like candies, candy canes are an excellent Christmas prop, and you can either pose with them or keep them scattered for a lay Christmas look.

18. Party Sparkles

These are tiny crackers that produce no noise and are perfect for your Christmas photos. Pose with sparkles and it’ll make your photo incredibly better.

19. Festive Mugs

You can get customized festive mugs for your upcoming Christmas party. These mugs are cheap, and you can have them in any color or design.

20. Chocolates

You can add fancy chocolates on your couch, center table, near the gifts, or anywhere else. They serve as excellent Christmas props and because it’s Christmas, you’ll probably have a bunch of them stacked in your fridge anyway.

Conclusion Christmas Photo Props

Choose your favorite Christmas props from this list and you’re a step ahead to a bright, cheerful, and glorious Christmas with some of the best photos.  For more Christmas prop ideas and photography tips, you can get inspiration from Katebackdrop Blogs.

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