Tooth Fairy Ideas for Kids (10 Free Printables)

One of the best childhood traditions that is always so much fun to start when your kids lose their first tooth! Deciding what tradition to start is the hard part, but take a peek at these 10 Tooth Fairy Free Printables to create the perfect tooth fairy tradition!

10 Tooth Fairy Free Printables

10 Tooth Fairy Free Printables

Read about the best 10 Tooth Fairy printable ideas we found on the internet. This fantastic roundup is made for your kid’s special occasion!

1. Free Tooth Fairy Receipt Template (Editable)

This tooth fairy receipt printable is a perfect tradition to start now!

2. Cute Tooth Fairy Receipt for Girls

This Tooth Fairy receipt printable is the perfect partner for a tooth fairy box!

3. Free Tooth Fairy Printable

An adorable Invoice for the Tooth Fairy. This Printable tooth fairy kit will add to the magic of your kiddo’s special moment.

4. Printable Free Tooth Fairy Letter

These super fun printable tooth fairy notes will make everyone’s favorite childhood experience even more memorable.

5. Free Tooth Fairy Receipt Printable

Add these little receipts to a glittery dollar bill, and you’ve got the perfect Tooth Fairy Gift!

6. Tooth Fairy Report (Free Printable)

Make memories for your kids each time they lose a tooth by leaving behind this adorable Tooth Fairy Printable Lost Tooth Report inside an adorable little envelope. Print as many as you need!

7. Tooth Fairy Report (Free Printable)

Tooth Fairy Door Hanger – Free Tooth Fairy Door Hanger download to help the Tooth Fairy find the lost tooth!

8. DIY Tooth Fairy First Lost Tooth Certificate Free Printable

From the desk of the Tooth Fairy (you can personalize it).

9. Tooth Fairy Receipt Free Printable

10. Tooth Fairy Printable Certificate

Download this FREE PRINTABLE Tooth Fairy Certificate Report that is a super cute addition to your family’s tradition!

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What’s the Best Tooth Fairy Printable for Your Kid?

Finally, as you can see, the options are endless when it comes to Tooth Fairy printables. So, why not spice up things a little for your kid when he loses one of his teeth?! Try to have some fun creating these Tooth Fairy printables and, I promise the result will be rewarding.

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