Printable Teacher Card – Dessert of the Month

I will not claim this idea as anything even CLOSE to my own.  Mique, the printable queen, over at Thirty Handmade Days, posted a Cookie of the Month idea a few months back with a cute printable teacher card, and I filed it in my brain for this first day of school nonsense everyone is talking about!


dessert of the month club

We baked cookies for Sami’s preschool teacher {recipe coming soon} and presented the cookie basket with a Dessert of the Month printout.  It’s a simple gesture that shows their teachers that we appreciate them more than just at the holidays, when they’re inundated with gifts and treats!

Basically, the first of every month, or the first Monday of the month, we will make her teacher a new dessert, package it up, and present the printable teacher card that tells her what the treat is for that month!


Sweet treats that she can share or devour all on her own!

Grab your own Printable Teacher Card below!  Each month I’ll share the following month’s dessert of the month printable for you to print out as well!  I’ve already got them scheduled, so I’m sure not to forget! 


dessert of the month printable

2 thoughts on “Printable Teacher Card – Dessert of the Month

  1. I love this idea and will be using it this upcoming school year for Appreciation Committee. I love the striped sign… you have a free printable for each month? Or just August? We do not start school here in VA until September. I would love a copy of the template, so I can change the month out.

    Thank you

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