33 DIY Christmas Gifts for Grandparents


Nothing beats a homemade gift, especially when that gift comes from a grandchild. Can you imagine the look on your parent’s faces when they see that your children have created a Christmas present for them with their own two hands?

As a mom, I’ve always loved getting homemade ornaments, cards, and knick-knacks for my kids when they were small. In fact, I’ve kept everything they’ve ever given me. These presents are precious keepsakes!

Grandma and grandpa will be thrilled with whatever your children make for them. Trust me, a DIY kid-gift is so much better than getting a tie or store-bought candy.

Use this roundup of 33 DIY Christmas gift ideas for grandparents as inspiration. You and your kiddos can browse through it together and decide what you’ll be making memaw and pap for the holidays, this year.

My children are teens, but my niece and nephew are preschoolers, so I’m thinking auntie is going to have a homemade Christmas gift extravaganza at her house, this year.

I can’t wait to create gifts from this list for grandma and grandpa.

Alrighty, let’s go make some magical holiday memories!

Photo Ornament

How cute is this idea? Grandma and grandpa will love getting a homemade ornament with a family photo inside.

This gift couldn’t be any easier to make.

Art Display and Picture

Such a cute idea! You can totally let even your smallest family member make a fingerpainting, capture the artist at work, and create this adorable wall hanging.

Foot and Handprint Dish Art

I LOVE this idea! You can create this amazing DIY gift with your infant and/or toddler. It’s super easy to do. Just make sure you purchase washable, non-toxic paint 🙂

Photo Coasters

This is the gift that keeps on giving! Every time grandma or grandpa lifts up their mug, they get to see the smiling faces of their grandbabies.

Such an adorable idea!

Send a Hug

Oh. My. Word. Can you imagine the look on grandma and grandpa’s face when they open the mail and receive a hug from their grandchild?

I absolutely LOVE this idea!

Paper Bouquet

How sweet would it be to get a bouquet of flowers in the mail from your grandkid’s own hands? This is a wonderful holiday gift!

Silhouette Plaque

Who remembers making these silhouettes in grade school? I can recall my teacher tracing my profile using an overhead projector.

This gift captures your little one’s youth and will be a permanent fixture in the grandparent’s home.

The Kissing Hand

How cute is this! You’ll have so much fun making it with your child. Grandma and grandpa will be overjoyed to receive such a creation.

Photo Magnets

Who doesn’t want to see the smiling face of their grandchild every time they go to the fridge? This photo magnet is thoughtful!

The grandparents will cherish this gift for years to come.

Fingerprint Frame

Such a sweet holiday idea! This DIY gift is very easy to make and comes with minimal cost. You can find a plain, white frame at any craft store or Amazon.

Button Ornaments


Your kiddos will have so much fun making these holiday button ornaments for granny and papa! This is a great way to allow your kid’s creative to juices flow.

Holiday DIY Hankie

This is such a simple project! All you need is a white handkerchief, some crayons, and a tag with ribbon.

Holiday Tea and Cookie Set

Grandma and grandpa will be unwrapping some smiles when they get this tea and cookie set. Your little one can tell them all about putting it together on their own.

Stained Glass Cookie Ornaments

This DIY project takes a bit of time and effort but boy, will you ever be pleased when it is finished! You may even have half a mind to keep it for yourself instead of gifting it to granny and gramps.

Peppermint Blondies

Nothing beats getting baked goods for the holidays. Grandma and grandpa will love a box of peppermint blondies that their very own grandchild helped create. Yummy!

Personalized Luminaries

Awww! Isn’t this a cute idea? I love how luminaries look sitting on a coffee or end table. This makes a wonderful grandparent gift because it comes from the heart.

Stovetop Potpourri Gift

Your mom and dad or in-laws will love this homemade gift from the kiddos. It looks festive and smells ever so sweet.

Mason Jar Candle

This homemade gift is so pretty! If I make this with my niece and nephew I just might have to gift one to myself. Haha!

I love the holly berry and pine needles. So festive!

Snow Globe Cookie Jar

Is that a moose standing on a  mountain of cookie balls? I. Love. This. Gift. You know who else will love this gift?

Grandpa and grandma.

Christmas Tea Tree

Are your parents or in-laws tea lovers? If so, consider having your little ones put together a holiday gift like this for them. Such a thoughtful and cozy idea.

DIY Minty Sugar Scrub

Here we have a very simple gift that almost any child can make as a holiday gift. It’s super easy to put together. Your kiddos will just need help with the measurements.

Snowflake Puzzle Box

The grandparents will totally be ina we over your child’s artistic skill and talent! This gift is fun to make and looks super cool. Plus, it’s functional.

Reindeer Hot Cocoa Cones

I’m thinking grandpa will enjoy this chocolatey treat just a smidge more than grandma. Well, my grandpa, at least. That man is a chocoholic!

Grandma will think these DIY reindeer are just darling.

Gingerbread Sugar Scrub

Grams and Gramps will think this homemade gingerbread sugar scrub is good enough to eat! Make sure you tell them that it is for their body and not their oatmeal.

Peppermint Cocoa Mini Gift Jars

These are so cute! Kids of all ages can have fun layering the ingredients into these jars for grandma and grandpa’s Christmas gift.

One year. my children made these and we included a cinnamon stick stirrer. We tied it to the jar with twine.

Christmas Footprint Ornament

This would make a wonderful gift for baby’s first Christmas. Imagine the grandparents getting a footprint ornament from your new bundle of joy!

You can even inscribe the “Baby’s First Christmas” on the ornament. So cute!

DIY Photo Snow Globe

Awww! Look at that those cute little faces in these DIY snow globes! This project is pretty simple to create and it’ll help you get rid of those old baby food jars in an eco-friendly way.

Glittery Salt Dough Snow Flakes

Every grandparent loves getting homemade ornaments from their grandkids. These salt dough snowflakes will melt gram and grampy’s hearts.

Reindeer Root Beer

I think this is probably my favorite DIY gift on this list. It’s thoughtful, cute, and yummy. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy an ice cold root beer that looks like a reindeer?

Hot Cocoa Snowman

This DIY gift idea is so cute! With a little help from mom or dad, kids can easily craft grandpa and grandma a fun, wintery treat.

Homemade Reindeer Towel

What a fun and creative holiday gift idea! I bet your kids will want to keep this one for themselves. Imagine this DIY reindeer towel hanging in the bathroom during the Christmas season.

Grandpa and grandma are going to love it!

Fingerprint Heart Ornaments

More homemade ornaments for the Christmas tree! I truly love making crafts like this with the kids. Plus, this is a no-fail Christmas gift idea for nana and papa.

DIY Penguin Gift Bag

You’ve made all of these homemade Christmas gifts and now you need something to put them in. How about a DIY winter penguin gift bag?

Grandma and grandpa are going to make out like bandits, this year!

Wow! That’s quite a roundup of DIY gift ideas for grandparents. Your kids are going to be busy this holiday season. Hopefully, that won’t mean that you’ll be super busy, too. Haha!

Honestly, most of these homemade gifts are pretty easy to put together. If you’re anything like me, you probably have a cupboard filled with craft supplies just waiting to be used.

If not, your local dollar store can help you out for an affordable price. Or, you can use this craft list as an excuse to go to Hobby Lobby. Woowhoo! Now that sounds like a good time, my friend.

Grandparents are special and they love their grandchildren, dearly. Honoring them this Christmas season with a homemade gift is probably one of the sweetest things your children can do.

Grandma and grandpa will cherish these homemade treasures forever. You see, gifts that the grandkids make with their own hands are priceless. These types of gifts come from the heart.

Ok, so now that I’ve got you feeling all sentimental, which one of these DIY presents are you going to make with your kiddos?

Let me know in the comments! I can’t wait to hear all about it! Have fun 🙂

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