Best 30 DIY Clay Jewelry Ideas: Easy Tutorials

Who doesn’t love getting their hands messy with clay? We love this material for its versatility, affordability, and easy to use, but did you know it’s also the perfect thing to craft jewelry with? From gorgeous rings to eye-catching necklaces, stunning earrings, beautiful bracelets, and anything else that takes your fancy – you can do all of these DIY clay jewelry with so little. We promise!

30 DIY Clay Jewelry Tutorials

To further celebrate our love of all things clay, we’ve rounded up 30 of our favorite DIY clay jewelry projects. Not only are these very easy and fun to create, but they also serve as the perfect inspiration to make your own adornments. The best bit? You can whip up many of these within just a few hours. Enjoy!

30 Easy Handmade Clay Jewelry Tutorials

1. Marbled Clay Earrings Straight from Fashion Week: DIY Clay Jewelry Ideas

How gorgeous are these DIY marble studs featuring shades of grey, blue, and white? We think they look totally professional and wouldn’t seem out of place walking down the runway at Paris Fashion Week! The painted gold edges make them look incredibly expensive too, yet you can achieve all of this within just one afternoon.

2. Pendants with an On-Trend, Marble Look: DIY Clay Jewelry

These rectangular drop pendants are all the rage now, but did you know you can easily make one yourself? With a gold clasp and chain, you’d be forgiven for thinking these were purchased in a high-end boutique! This tutorial isn’t just fun, but it’s also very easy to follow. Why not make a collection of them this weekend?

3. Clay Marble Jewelry, the Affordable Way

As you’ve probably already noticed, polymer clay is the perfect material to help you achieve that highly sought-after marble look – just without the expensive price tag! This amazing step-by-step guide will help you recreate this effect so easily. We love these stylish pendants they’ve made using this method – aren’t they stunning?

4. Eclectic and Colorful Clay Beads You’ll Love

Eclectic and Colorful Clay Beads You’ll Love
Eclectic and Colorful Clay Beads You’ll Love

If you love those colorful and chunky bead necklaces featuring an assortment of fun patterns, shapes, and colors, then you’ll adore this DIY project. You simply roll and bake the beads, before putting them in the oven and waiting for them to harden. Then all that’s left to do is thread them onto your necklace string. Too easy!

5. Cute and Quirky Clay Studs: DIY Clay Jewelry

Clay studs are surprisingly easy to make, plus these ones are both cute and quirky! We love the endless possibilities of styles you can create. In fact, they’re the perfect gift idea or Christmas stocking stuffer! Whether you prefer marble patterns or psychedelic colors, there’s a DIY earring here to suit every taste in jewelry.

6. Chic Polymer Clay Jewelry Necklaces that are a DIY Dream

Whether you prefer your necklaces to be round, geometric, or rectangular, you’ll find a way to create these and so much more in this tutorial! Polymer clay (or even air-dry clay for that matter) makes creating jewelry a breeze, plus you can shape your pendants in any way you see fit. Simply pair it with a metallic chain for a chic look.

7. Terrazzo Earrings Made from Scrap Clay

Here’s a common dilemma many clay-using crafters face: what to do with the leftover clay from their projects? Thankfully, this DIY tutorial has the answer, as you can make a pair of on-trend terrazzo earrings! You’ve probably seen this style of earring all over Pinterest of late, but now you can create your own within just an afternoon (and on the cheap too). Hooray!

8. The Modern, Grown-Up Version of a Pasta Necklace

Remember pasta necklaces? Perhaps you can imagine making one as a child, or you may even own one now from your son or daughter. Well, move over the pasta necklace, because there’s a new kid in town! This clay necklace tutorial seeks inspiration from the traditional design, using clay to mold a long tube bead instead. I think I can find these materials just by decluttering my home. It’s colorful, modern, and beautiful! You should definitely try it out!

9. Crystal Earring Lookalikes Using Clay

This DIY project uses polymer clay to form the base of the earring, before gold leaf and glass glitter turns it into a druzy crystal lookalike! You’ll love having your girlfriends around to make pairs of these together and don’t forget you can use different colors to suit your own individual style. This is one of the most unique clay earring tutorials we’ve seen yet!

10. Knot Your Average Clay Earrings

Knot Your Average Clay Earrings
Knot Your Average Clay Earrings

This super fun and easy DIY tutorial were initially inspired by a gorgeous pair of Kate Spade earrings. Thankfully, you can get the look for less, whilst having a whole lot of fun in the process! You can paint your gold (just like the image), silver, or any other color of your choice. Be warned though: people may stop you on the street to ask where you ‘bought’ them from!

11. DIY Clay Earrings as Sweet as Roses

Ever wanted to know how to make those cute resin roses? This tutorial will teach you how just use clay of course! While this particular project is for earrings, you could easily turn these into pendants to wear on a necklace, bracelet, or hairpin. We think this is the perfect craft project to tackle this weekend!

12. A Necklace That Combines Clay and Tassels?

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you – this is actually a DIY for a very stylish necklace combining clay and colorful tassels. Does it get any better than that? This piece of jewelry will definitely make a statement and you can customize it in any way you see fit, whether that’s swapping the marble pattern for a block color or using metallic thread for your tassel. The world is your oyster!

13. Dainty Rings with a Touch of Color: DIY Clay Jewelry

We’ve always been a huge fan of dainty rings, so you can imagine our delight at stumbling upon these DIY colorful clay versions. Swoon! The best part is you can make a whole range of them in different colors and patterns, ready to stack them on your fingers until your heart is content. They take next to no time to create too, so it’s certainly a project that won’t drag on. Easy way indeed!

14. Make a Statement with this Chunky Clay Ring

From faux marble to faux granite – it seems like you can recreate almost any material using clay! This gorgeous statement ring uses a popular material to make this stylish set of rings. While this granite-lookalike clay was purchased, you could easily mix some black-speckled material into normal clay. The shape of these DIY rings gives them an edgy, yet fashionable look.

15. Geo Drop Earrings for Faux Labradorite Lovers

These are perhaps one of the most beautiful earrings we’ve ever seen, and to think they are completely DIY! If you’re a lover of gemstones (but not the price tag), then these DIY faux labradorite geo drop earrings are certainly for you. You’ll just have to set aside a little extra time to make more pairs, especially since all of your friends will want one!

16. Clay Rings Inspired by the Night Sky

This brilliant clay jewelry tutorial helps you to recreate a ring inspired by the twinkling night sky. It features a crescent moon surrounded by rhinestones to give it a high-end, expensive look. Ooh-la-la! The step-by-step images prove to be very useful too, plus you could easily customize your own ring’s colors or gemstones for a unique look. For example, you might swap them out for tiny gold star beads! Just try to innovate it the way you want!

17. Happiness is a Big, Yellow Clay Necklace

This fun DIY tutorial combines the textures of wooden and clay beads for a piece of jewelry that is far from ordinary. We love how the creator has painted her clay beads in a combination of yellow and white, helping to break up the bright colors for something a little less over-the-top. You just roll the clay in your hands to form spheres, before poking small holes through them and baking in the oven. Love it!

18. Does it Get Any More Perfect than this Clay Flower Earring?

We kid you not – this floral earring was completely handmade, and you too can achieve the same results! The easy-to-follow tutorial will also teach you how to make a floral brooch, as we all know you can never have too many flowers. You’ll love just how simple these are to create!

19. DIY Neon Clay Rings Straight From the 80s

Some of us love the 80s and for a good reason too. This DIY clay ring tutorial embraces one of the key trends of the era, neon, to create a ring that is both eye-catching and cheerful. Whether you prefer squares or circles, this step-by-step guide will show you how it’s done. You can even use these clay shapes to make fabulous hairpins!

20. Clay Donuts Almost Good Enough to Eat: DIY Clay Jewelry

Clay Donuts Almost Good Enough to Eat
Clay Donuts Almost Good Enough to Eat

These DIY donut pendants might look delicious, but we hate to break it to you: they’re not edible! In fact, they’re made entirely from clay, offering a quick and easy method for getting the shape just right. Simply use really thin bits of clay to form sprinkles or other donut decorations. We don’t blame you if your tummy is starting to growl!

21. A Marble and Gold Match Made in Heaven

Not only is clay affordable and readily-available from most craft stores, but it also lets you create a wide range of jewelry that you just wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. That includes these spectacular DIY rings, which feature a marble triangle on a stunning gold band. This tutorial also shows you how to create two other types of stylish jewelry, so it really is a bargain.

22. Keep it Cool with these Minimalist Clay Rings

If you’re all about the no-frills, then we think you’re going to love this simple yet stylish clay ring tutorial. Featuring a circular disc in a marble-inspired pattern, it’s a stunning addition to any jewelry collection. We love that navy-blue color too!

23. Bohemian Feather Clay Pendants: DIY Clay Jewelry

These dainty and bohemian-inspired feather pendants were made entirely from polymer clay! This tutorial will show you that they’re a lot easier than they look to create too. It’s so easy to simply thread them onto your favorite chain – just be sure to pierce the hole in them before they harden!

24. These DIY Clay Earrings Make Geometry Fun

The geometric trend has stuck around for a while now, but we have a feeling it isn’t going anywhere either! That’s why these DIY clay geometric earring studs are ideal as a quick and easy project that’s sure to turn heads. Not to mention they really look like carved mineral stones.

25. Clay Jewelry that Promotes Relaxation

Did you know you can create your own aromatherapy clay jewelry? This DIY pendant uses a beautiful design that isn’t just decorative. It’s also designed to better hold your favorite essential oils when they’re applied! You simply add one or two drops of oil to the outside of the pendant (not the side touching your skin) so you can take their essence with you wherever you go! Make them by using diffusing essential oils.

26. Something Borrowed, Something Clay

Have you ever considered incorporating clay jewelry into your wedding day? This clever tutorial teaches you how to do just that, featuring these gorgeous DIY personalized clay bouquet charms you can create for each of your bridesmaids! This is a fun, heartfelt, and unique way to express your gratitude for each of them.

27. Clay Meets Metal in this Stunning Necklace: DIY Clay Jewelry

Remember when bar necklaces were all the rage? The good news is that they still are, so why not recreate the popular jewelry style using clay? The bar is actually a clay bead, handcrafted to look as though it contains materials such as granite, marble, and gold. Just thread the pendant onto your favorite chain and you’re good to go!

28. A Metallic Bar Bracelet They’ll Think is Metal

Creating this stunning and stylish bracelet could not be simpler! It’s as easy as rolling your clay into a small sausage, before using a tool to shape it into a perfect rectangle. This clever maker has also engraved some Morse code into her design for a unique touch. This tutorial uses metal clay (which is fired and then buffed to create the metallic effect), however, you could just paint it in metallic silver and add a gloss as an alternative.

29. Clever Clay Necklaces Your Children Will Love

These fun DIY designs are the perfect gift for a young one, but adults will also adore this style! You can either make your clay beads as perfect round spheres or flat discs, stacked next to one another. Either way, these clay necklaces are fun and stylish, plus they’re sure to be great conversation starters.

30. Say It with a Monogram Clay Pendant: DIY Clay Jewelry

This DIY stamped monogram pendant is the perfect gift for a special occasion or milestone, such as a birthday, engagement, wedding, or graduation (just to name a few!). You can easily customize your designs to suit each individual recipient, starting with the color of the pendant and its shape. After all, you’re certainly not limited to a circle (although they are pretty cool).

What’s Your Favorite DIY Clay Jewelry?

There you have it – 30 of the most amazing DIY clay jewelry projects you can get messy with this weekend (or this afternoon!). You’ll be amazed by how many compliments you receive every time you wear your handmade jewelry creations, plus these projects make the perfect gifts for loved ones for a range of occasions. Because these items are so quick and easy to make, you can easily choose more than one to create this week. Just remember to pace yourself with one at a time though. We know how tempting it can be to make them all at once!

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Clay jewelry is so much fun to make. Plus you get to create your own design, and nothing can stop your crazy creative mind. I really recommend trying them out.

Based on our list, what do you like to create? Mine would probably be number 9. It looks so elegant and sophisticated and really looks like a real gem. I can even use it if I attend a Frozen-themed party.

How about you? Which one is your favorite? Would you recommend your own design of clay jewelry? Let us know in the comment section below!

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