Recycled Plastic Container Planters

Hi there!  It’s Liz again, from Liz on Call.  Here to share a fun project that is perfect to do with your kiddos! My son loves to be creative.  I can’t believe a lot of the things he comes up with to put together.  He loves learning new things and working with his hands.  I thought it had been a while since we did something together so I started to think what we could make.  I have loved seeing all the cute planters full of succulents and even flowers as everyone is in spring mode.  I noticed that we had a couple of empty plastic containers ready for our recycle bin.  I thought how fun it would be to use recycled plastic containers and make planters with the kids.  When I mentioned it to my son, he was ready to get started right then.

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The first thing I did was rinse out our plastic containers.  Then I cut off the top of the formula box and cut out the top front of the milk jug.  I wanted to leave the handle and the top on the milk jug.  Just in case we wanted to hang it up!

recycled planters #kidcraft

Then I poked some holes in the bottom of each container (mine look more slit like than hole like) so that the water could drain out the bottom and we wouldn’t over water our plants.

#recycle #kidcraft recycled planters

My daughter wanted to paint the milk jug pink.  I wasn’t sure if paint would stick very well on the plastic, so we put a coat of mod podge on the container first and let that dry before we painted.

recycled plastic containers make great planters #kidcraft

My son wanted to draw a picture for the front of his box.  Once he drew his picture, we applied mod podge on the container and placed his picture down on top of that.  We gave that a little time to dry and then added a coat of mod podge on top of his picture so that it would give it a seal and hold up better if it got wet.

recycled plastic containers make great planters

Now this is where the fun begins.  We filled our containers almost to the top, leaving about 1 inch from the top, with our potting soil.  Then we removed the succulents from their pots and replanted them into our recycled planter.  My son made sure to pack them in and then we added a little more soil around the plants to make sure all the roots were covered.

kid friendly project - recycled plastic container planters

We did the same with the milk jug but we used flowers instead of succulents.

recycle plastic containers for flower planters

I think they turned out so cute, so fun and so personal!  They are perfect on our outdoor table and dress up our patio.

#recycle #plastic containers into planters - great #kidcraft

I made sure to do all the cutting that was involved and we had to be careful of sharp edges (if your containers have them), but it was a great kid project.

recycle plastic containers into a succulent garden - kid project idea #kidcraft #recycle #succulent

The kids really had fun with this project, and although it was a little messy, it was so worth spending a little time with the kids getting our hands dirty.

#recycle plastic containers for planters #spring #kidcraft

When we had filled the formula container and the milk jug with our plants, there were still a couple of flowers left in our pack from Home Depot.  My son was so concerned that they didn’t have a planter that he went in search of something to use for the other flowers.  I was busy trying to clean up when he came out of the house with an empty water bottle and said, “mommy we could use this bottle.  Just cut the top off right here.”  What a smart kid!  So that is exactly what I did.  I also cut a few holes in the bottom for drainage and we planted the remaining flowers in our recycled water bottles.

recycled water bottles turned into flower planters - fun #kidcraft or activity for #spring

recycle plastic containers into planters - a fun activity to make with the kids #recycle #spring #plant #kidcraft

Thanks for hanging out with me today and seeing how I skipped the housework while having fun with my kiddos.  I’d love for you to come and say hi!

Happy Crafting!


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