Renovation For Relaxation

Changing The Most Important Room In The House

It is a big thing to think about when you are in the process of renovating your home, but it’s often thought of as the last piece of the puzzle. Redecorating your bedroom should be at the top of the pile because not only is it the place where you spend most of your time, but it’s also the place where you go to relax at the end of the day before indulging in (hopefully) a restful night’s sleep. And as you spend a third of your life in a slumber state why shouldn’t you invest  a lot of time and effort in redoing your bedroom? So here are a few things to think about.

Renovation For Relaxation: Changing The Most Important Room In The House


What Do You Need To Relax?

And more importantly, do you have everything you need to relax in your bedroom? Although we use the bed as the focal point, is the bed actually as comfy as you can make it? If not is it time to invest in a new mattress? And although a lot of us can’t afford to shell out for a new mattress due to the cost, it is worth looking at when to buy a mattress so it’s as cheap as it can be. But it’s not just the bed, is the bedroom a good color? Or is it letting in too much light? Make a list of the things that you know relaxes you and try to accomplish this in the decoration of your bedroom. A lot of us use our bedroom as a place to stash junk during the day so this will result in a more cluttered mind, and therefore you won’t relax!

Get Organized

A natural part of the redecoration process is getting rid of a lot of your clutter. It’s time to go through everything, and look at what you need and what you don’t need. This is especially true if you are of the hoarder mentality, so your bedside table is probably piled high with odds and ends that you have no use for, so why don’t you just put them away?

Renovation For Relaxation: Changing The Most Important Room In The House


Investing In Good Lighting

It’s very likely that your bedroom has a lot more light than it actually needs, in which case you may think about installing a dimmer to reduce the glare. You can also try out new lamp shades for cheap, or you could get rid of the overhead lights and just have bedside lamps giving your room a more relaxed tint.

Make It Inspiring

But be careful not to make it over stimulating! It’s nice to have a good picture or two of family members, but if you would like a piece of art, it’s always best to go for something that isn’t too busy or eccentric. Something like a nice portrait may have a permanent home in your bedroom.

Your bedroom is where you will spend pretty much a third of your life, so you need to make it as comfortable and conducive to a good night’s rest as you possibly can. It is worth investing a little bit of time into the most important room in the house!

You might also want to renovate your home with small touches like floor pillows!

If you’re really feeling motivated, you can even take your home to the future with your next redesign – this open design is my favorite! Take Your Home To The Future With Your Next Redesign

What’s your favorite spot in your house?  Does it deserve a renovation?  We’d love to hear about your room in the comments!

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