How To Tint Mason Jars

mason jars 2


Mason jars are all over the place lately, and when I saw tutorials for how to tint mason jars, I just had to try it out for myself!


To tint mason jars, you’ll need three supplies:

Mod Podge

food coloring


Mix food coloring with a tablespoon of water into individual ramekins.

tinting mason jars

Add a few tablespoons of mod podge into your mason jar

Add one ramekin of color into the jar and spin the jar to mix the color and mod podge.

tinting mason jars


tinting mason jars

Twist the jar to coat the whole inside with the mod podge/food coloring mixture. Pour the excess into another jar or into a ramekin.

tinting mason jars

Let dry upside down on paper.  Let them dry for about 30 minutes this way.

tinting mason jars

Place the jars face down on top of wax paper and a cookie sheet into an oven preheated to 225 degrees. Let dry upside down this way for about 10 minutes and then flip them over and let them dry another 20-30 minutes.

When the jars are done, they’ll look clear and the mixture should lose most of the streaks. If there are still streaks, let them dry in oven longer.

mason jars


When I did my first round, they were a little too light.  So, I did another round, with MORE drops of food coloring this time!  I’d recommend you just squeeze the heck outta that food coloring {like 10-15 drops} to make the tint that much darker!  Below is after the second round!


tinting round 2



    • says

      That’s how I was! I had seen it appearing on Pinterest, and finally remembered that I’d wanted to make them! Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Anonymous says

    Wanting to do this for table centerpiece as a vase. will it hurt to put water and flowers in it? meaning will the water change the tint? thank you for the post!! can you please reply to my email, thank you!!!

  2. says

    Could you put water in them after or would that cause the tint to wash off? Because I’m going to make a snow globe jar and want to tint the jar but I’m not sure if it would wash away with water inside. Thanks for the great blog post!

    • Jan says

      FABULOUS IDEA – Going to use these to make Christmas terrariums with my grandsons for gifts. I spent way too much time in life working and cleaning – you have the right idea – it goes quickly – stuff the dust and enjoy life!

  3. lenore says

    Hi, I just tried these jars, I’ve been so excited to do it and when I took them out of oven, there was really no color to them???

  4. Anonymous says

    It doesn’t hurt the oven to do things like this? I’ve heard so many different things, like keep your crafts in toaster ovens and not in the oven you use to make food… any suggestions? Thanks! Love this idea!!!


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