Gross Halloween Food

halloween food

When my husband tagged me in a post on Facebook with gummy worms and said, here’s a great roundup idea to do Gross Halloween Food, I told him he was gross and disgusting and that it was a horrible idea.  Then, I started thinking about it and realized the number of people out there who go all out for Halloween.  And there you have it – the story behind the roundup.

If you’re throwing a Halloween Party, you must use some of this Gross Halloween Food for your guests. It will give you tons of conversation pieces and more than enough photo opportunities. Get your guts ready!

gross halloween food

Hot Dog Fingers, Edible Eyeballs

gross halloween food

Blood Splatter Cookies, Bowl of Worms

gross halloween food

Plate of Roaches, Cat Litter Cake

gross halloween food

Ear Wax Q-Tips, Dead Person Serving Table

gross halloween food

Bloody Eggs, Armpit Hair

Do you go all out for Halloween?  Would you ever serve chocolate armpit hair for a party? This Gross Halloween Food is certainly the best and the worst, all at the same time.

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