Easy Foam Halloween Decor

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I’ve never been much of a Halloween decorator, but when I got an early peek at the FloraCraft 2015 Halloween E-book, so many foam halloween decor ideas flooded into my brain!  With just a few materials, I had darling (or should I say, spooky) Halloween Decor ready to go!

simple halloween decor

I loved the foam lighted garland and it inspired me to create a tabletop version!

halloween lighted garland

To make Foam Halloween Decor easily, you’ll need foam balls which come in a variety of sizes.  I used the 2 1/2″ balls for my Halloween Spider, Bat, and Ghosts.

Foam Halloween Decor

All of the decor uses lollipop sticks, paper straws and googly eyes – and each character uses different materials.simple halloween decor

To make the ghosts, you’ll need: foam balls and cheesecloth

To make the spider and bat you’ll need: black yarn, foam balls and black pipe cleaners

I wrapped the foam balls with black yarn and used hot glue to stick on the eyes.


Then, I used my incredible pipe cleaner folding skills and created legs for the spider and wings for the bat and just stuck them into the foam – super easy!

The ghosts were even easier than that!  I cut a piece of cheesecloth, draped it over the foam ball, and glued on googly eyes.  Piece.of.cake!

Foam Halloween Decor

To stand them up in a display jar, I pushed a lollipop stick into the foam ball and then stuck that into a paper straw – giving it extra length.  I filled the jar with candy corn for the perfect Fall Decor!

Foam Halloween Decor

Foam Halloween Decor


simple halloween decor

There are so many fabulous foam creations you can use as your base – FloraCraft makes it easy to decorate for Halloween with their 2015 E-Book.  You can download the book FREE below!!

Halloween E-book


simple halloween decor

simple halloween decor

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