Halloween Scavenger Hunt

We all know the Halloween and Fall decorations go up in the stores starting in June!  I usually get super frustrated, but I’ve turned my frustration into creativity and created a Halloween Scavenger Hunt that is perfect competition for the whole family!


The great part about the Halloween Scavenger Hunt is that you don’t have to wait until Halloween night to use it!  I printed these scavenger hunt cards out and laminated them.


I keep a couple in the car so that when we go to the grocery store, the craft store, or any other store that sells decorations, we take them in with us and get the chance to start a brand new game!  It turns the store trip into a competition and makes use of these really EARLY Halloween decorations in the stores!

Grab your Halloween Scavenger Hunt printable here!


3 thoughts on “Halloween Scavenger Hunt

  1. It’s also fun to have larger pictures of each scavenger hunt image to hide around around the house (or library in my case) for an indoor activity.

  2. Can someone guide me to where I can find the images used in the scavenger hunt? I would love to print them out separately for the kids to find.

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