Easy Halloween Decorations

As Halloween approaches, I decided it was time to get in the spirit!  {hard to do when it’s still HOT outside here in Phoenix!}

I know I’m getting older, because I’m starting to decorate my home for more and more holidays now.   It used to just be a Christmas tree at the holidays and maybe a carved pumpkin at Halloween.  Now, other holidays have started to creep into my decorating frenzy, and the latest one happens to be right around the corner.

Halloween was never a big deal to me.  In fact, my mom and I used to hide in the back of the house on Oct. 31st, with all of the lights off – to avoid having to open the door to trick-or-treaters.  Believe me, we aren’t necessarily grinches of Halloween – but just grinches against the teenagers who show up at your doorstep, dressed as…”teenagers” {AKA: too cool to put on a costume}.  They are the ones who hold out a pillowcase and beg for candy.  It made us really dislike Halloween.

Now that I’m a mom, I see Halloween with a new excitement.  I still refuse to take my daughter door-to-door in the neighborhood, but I’m excited for the Fall Festival at the local church – with fun games, food, and holiday spirit.  That’s how we do Halloween around here!

As for my home, I’ve never been one to put up a ton of Halloween decorations, but I’ve finally found a way to spruce up this place, without it looking like Party City!

Just a few Dollar Store candlesticks and jars, some spray paint, ribbon, and bead art – and I’ve easily added some “fall” without the gag factor!

 I started with these items – all from Goodwill, the Dollar Store, or my own stash!
These are pumpkins and cupcake liners I already had.  
I got the Halloween printable here.


This is a sign I have up all year – and the candle is a battery operated one that’s up all year too!  I couldn’t find anything else to put in the jars, so the candle was perfect!  The candy corn votive holder is one my mom made years ago – still as good as new!

The treat bowl was one I made from Goodwill Finds.  You can read about that post here.
Bead art is so easy – and works the same way as glitter art did when you were in 3rd grade Art class!  I used scrapbook paper for the background, printed out the BOO in large font and cut the letters out.  Then, I painted Mod Podge onto each letter, and dropped beads onto the letters.  After it dried, I shook off the extra beads and put into a frame with no glass!

I can’t forget about the door!  I used my Quick Change Wreath – which has been my greatest invention so far – and changed it from Flowers to Halloween in about 5 minutes!  I’ve used this same wreath for 4th of July and Flowery Cheer already!  Best part is, I only have to store ONE wreath!  

Corsage pins help me take decorations on and off easily!
It’s super easy to add a few touches of color and decorate for the holidays – without going crazy – or broke!

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