Fall Treat Bites

I’ve had a ton of emails asking about the mini treat bites that were in my
 So, here’s the 411 on how to make these tasty bites! 
 I use round checkerboard type pretzels – they’re my favorites for this treat because of their wide shape! Place your pretzels out on a cookie sheet – all flat! Then put a Hershey’s kiss on each pretzel. Put the cookie sheet in the oven for about 8 minutes on 250 degrees or so (to be honest I just do this without noticing what I put the oven on!) but, you want a low temp so they don’t “bake”, you just want them to melt a teeny bit! 


The kisses will soften up but you don’t want them a 
blobby mess, so keep checking them. 
 I prolly do about 8 minutes – give or take a few! 

When the kisses are soft, pull the cookie sheet out and press a Reese’s Piece ( what ARE Reese’s Pieces in singular form, anyway?) into the center of the kiss and press it down! 


Let them cool until solid! I always end up putting the cookie sheet into the fridge for 30 minutes or so to help the cooling process speed up a bit! 


Once the kisses are solid and cooled, they are ready to be enjoyed! I also make these during the holiday season, using holiday M’nM’s. I call those “elf prints” so I guess these fall guys would be “jack-o-lantern” prints! 
They are the perfect sweet & salty treat!
If you missed the before and after of my “BOO” treat bowl, you can catch that one here!  

I’m linking here this week!

13 thoughts on “Fall Treat Bites

  1. My college roommate made another variation of these. Instead of using Kisses, she used Rolos and topped them with a pecan. Either way…delicious and addictive snack!

  2. first of all: YUM! these looks so tasty and something i can make with the little one i nanny 🙂

    second of all: loving your blog design, the green is my absolute favorite!

    katie@little things bring smiles

  3. I've seen a few versions of these on pinterest but never with that type of pretzel! I'll have to try to make these for one of my Halloween parties. Thanks for sharing! :]

  4. Looks so yummy…I've seen the ones with the rolo and the nut, but never thought of changing up the candy! Genius! I think your idea would be perfect for my brand new linky party!

  5. I made these using M&M's and the big, square pretzels for my daughter's birthday back in July. I haven't thought about using Reece's Pieces! That sounds even more delicious!

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