Best 25 Ways To Relieve Pain Naturally

Best 25 Ways to Relieve Pain Naturally

There are so many wonderful and easy ways to Relieve Pain Naturally! Combining both Western and Eastern medicine can be very beneficial and essential to healing most ailments. I hope you enjoy these as much as it was gathering these for you!

Listed below are the Top 25 Ways Relieve Pain Naturally!

Essential Oils

Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary, Clove!! They reduce pain, reduce inflammation and aide in sleep quality; making Essential Oils one of the top Ways to Relieve Pain Naturally.



Strength training, Physical Therapy, and/or Resistance is excellent for pain. It releases endorphins, hormones increasing your pain threshold, strengthens surrounding joints as well as creating happiness!


Meditation quiets pain, the mind, which allows you to separate yourself from your physical body and focus on breathing. With meditation and breathing you can calm your pain and relax so that your body can heal, a soothing Way to Relieve Pain Naturally.



Sadly, more than 80% of the population is magnesium deficient.  This incredible substance has too many benefits to list. It is excellent for sprains, arthritis, joints, tendons!!



Rest is very important in every situation, whether its physical, viral, or emotional wear! Make sure you’re allowing your body proper rest if it’s injured, strained or after strengthening or stretching.


Bowl of Grapes

Have a glass of wine, a bowl of grapes, or berries because Resveratrol works on a cellular level for pain and healing, it directly acts on genes to fight arthritis. It also protects joint health. Now, thats a treat and an easy Way to Relieve Pain Naturally.

Fish Oil

Fish Oil

Fish Oil is excellent due to itsanti-inflammatoryy benefits, it eases muscle soreness and nerve pain when used consistently, and its a wonderful Way to Relieve Pain Naturally!



CBD Oil has shown promising effects on many suffering with inflammation and just overall reducing pain.  Although, CBD products have not been fully approved by the FDA, still many find much relief from this Way to Relieve Pain Naturally. It also has shown no proven side effects or is addictive as many prescription medications are.

Massage Therapy


There are so many studies that prove the positive effects of Massage Therapy for so many and for so many reasons. Including positive effects on depression and anxiety, sleep, stress hormones, immunity and a Way to Relieve Pain Naturally.


arnica oil

Arnica Oil is frequently seen in sports ointments in your local Chiropractic Office. Its a useful and very helpful Oil for sprains, arthritis and many other pain related ailments.

Heat & Cold Therapy

When joints are achey and swollen its best to apply cold and when they are sore its most likely good to apply heat. Switching between Heat & Cold Therapy can be very therapeutic.


Cup of ginger

Ginger has been used as an anti-inflammatory medication in the Ayurvedic Medicine background for thousands of years. Many studies have shown promising effects on those suffering from arthritis and joint pain as a Way to Relieve Pain Naturally.



Yoga has continuously over the years proven its benefits for many ailments; from stress, anxiety, muscle tension, muscle pain, and other various aches and pains! Its an easy and stress-free Way to Relieve Pain Naturally.



More and more physical therapists and Dr.’s are recommending Pilates to back pain sufferers because Pilates focuses on strengthening the core and back muscles leading the injured to no longer feel the common aches and pains they use too. Pilates also corrects posture which is one of the causing issues to back aches and pains.



Tumeric’s main chemical is Curcumin which is known to reduce inflammation, pain, and stiffness related to Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Bursitis, Fibromyalgia, Headaches, and many more. Tumeric can be tossed on many dishes but also just adding a little water to create a paste and placing it on arthritic or painful areas will also do the trick to ease for an excellent Way to Relieve Pain Naturally!

Anti-Inflamatory Diet

Fruits and Veggies

Eating a rainbow filled diet is essential for chronic pain sufferers, especially the greens and yellows! Avoiding processed foods, and eating raw helps the gut function better which allows the body to have less inflammation from foods high in sugar.



MSM can actually give you pain relief like a pain medication can and is a anti-inflammatory, but naturally! It’s is as easy as asking a capsule each day or putting it in your smoothie for the day.



Accupuncture is known to stimulate the nerves, muscles, connective tissue, promote for flow of chi, better known as ones life force or energy.



The benefits of Reiki not only include physical healing, but also emotional, mental, and spiritual healing! Many occasions physical pains stem from emotional and/or emotional/metal duress. Reiki; a no touch healing concept, assists in healing the pathways of the chakras, better know as the energy meridian she of the body.



Bromelain is as effective, if not more effective than some NSAID’s when it comes to pain. This fantastic enzyme found in your favorite fruit – Pineapple, can help ease your pain very quickly and naturally without the side effects you may get from conventional methods! So eat your pineapple daily folks, to ease that chronic pain!

Pranic Healing

pranic healing

Pranic Healing is a similarly healing concept to Reiki, as it is a no touch concept as well. Pranic healing focuses on two principles cleansing the diseased energy within the body and then energizing; meaning adding prana (life energy) to the affected areas.

Holy Basil

holy basil

Holy Basil is an ancient Ayurvedic that is known to have much of anti-inflammatory properties, along with antioxidants to help fight joint pain.

Spicy Foods

Hot Peppers

Eating Spicy Foods like; Jalapéno’s, Cayenne Pepper, Hot Peppers, Chilli’s are beneficial to pain sufferers because they are rich in the component called Capsaicin.  Whats known about Capsaicin is that it adds resistance to disease, improves immunity, and many studies have shown to can prevent cancer, decrease inflammation.



Swimming is a phenomenal Way to Relieve Pain Naturally, as well as getting your cardiovascular exercise in for the day without the gravity of your weight! Less pain during exercise equals more exercise, leading to increased muscle building.

Trigger Point Therapy


This Way to Relieve Pain Naturally is very helpful for anyone, but especially for those who suffer from Myofascial Pain and Myofascial Pain Syndrome.  To simply explain, Trigger Point Therapy is when a small needle is  the small patch of muscles are being tightly contracted need to be worked on according to the Myofascial Therapy Principles.

Its been so informative gathering up these phenomenal Ways to Relieve Pain Naturally for you and I hope to hear what are some of the home remedies you run to when you’re struggling with any kind of pain. As you can see, there are many fantastic and easy ways to relieve pain naturally! From Essential Oils, Rest, to Reiki!

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