10 Best Dust Mops Reviewed in 2019

best dust mop

Most people don’t find cleaning their floors to be very exciting, but clean floors make an impression in your home or workplace. The best dust mop is sometimes the simplest. The good old-fashioned mop and bucket of soapy water work as well as ever, but advancements in technology have made the wet mop and bucket seem messy and antiquated. Furthermore, not all hard floors benefit from a wet mop. Constant moisture in daily cleaning finds any crack or flaw in wood floors and quickens rot and decay.

Dry mops save your floors from the constant soaking inflicted by wet mops while providing a much quicker and easier experience for you as well. The cleaning product is produced by some dry mops or can be sprayed onto floors as you clean so that you can target exactly the areas that need more intense cleaning.

Most dry mops provide surfaces for light dusting and more intense scrubbing, so your needs will be met whether you are doing a quick daily sweeping or deep scrubbing your floors in a weekly cleaning. Dry mops can be used completely dry or with as much liquid cleaner as is needed to do the job. Some dry mops can be dipped in a bucket of cleaning fluid like a traditional mop, while others are meant only to be rubbed over liquid that is dispensed or sprayed.

Whatever style of dry mop you choose, it is extremely important that your dry mop is easy to handle and can reach all the spaces you need to clean. The best dry mops can work pushed with their head straight and wide, or turned 90 degrees to fit into corners. Some mops are rounded while others are rectangular. Take into account what spaces you be cleaning and how you like to move the mop. Does the mop provide enough pressure to really scrub? Does it feel light and effortless moving across your floor?

10. LINKYO Microfiber Hardwood Floor Mop 


The Linko microfiber floor mop is made to last and last, with a durable stainless steel handle, mop frame of aluminum, and high-grade ABS plastic. The handle of this convenient mop is adjustable, and includes an extension piece that extends to 70″, so you can reach high into corners and deep under furniture, for thorough cleaning.

This mop is full maneuverable, rotating 360 degrees on its easy clip metal mop frame. This generous mop comes with two reversible, microfiber cloths. Since you can wash your mop clothes for reuse, these clothes will last for some time.


  • Two-year guarantee and product warranty to put your mind at ease
  • 360-degree swivel for complete maneuvering
  • Comes with two machine washable cleaning cloths


  • Not as heavy duty as some mops
  • Bolt in mop frame may rust
  • Handle comes undone

9. O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Flip Mop 


This mop head has two sides, so you can get the best of wet and dry mopping. The Chenille side is like a traditional mop head, while the microfiber is perfect for dry mopping. This mop head rotates 360 degrees for complete cleaning.

The dual action mop head is machine washable for the cleanest clean every time, and it is made of an eco-friendly material so you can feel good about purchasing this mop. The dense chenille is also very good for picking up hair and sweeping prior to mopping. Scrubbing strips on the microfiber side allow for deep cleaning.


  • Double-sided mop head for wet or dry cleaning
  • The eco-friendly material is machine washable
  • Scrubbing strips for deep cleaning


  • Pads come apart with only a few washes
  • Handle extension is difficult to lock
  • Fabric comes off the head

8. Hapinnex Flat Mop


This versatile mop uses reusable, washable, microfiber mop cloths to thoroughly clean hardwood, laminate, and tile. This mop can clean wet or dry and comes with two reversible mop clothes and two standard mop pads for heavier cleaning. This mop can slide easily under furniture and along baseboards.

The durable, stainless steel design is lightweight and easy to use to clean floors, ceiling fans, and in hard to reach corners. The reusable pads are eco-friendly and machine washable. Happinnex guarantees your satisfaction with premium mop replacements.


  • Comes with four pads, two for lighter and two for heavier cleaning
  • Pad material is eco-friendly and machine washable
  • Durable, lightweight construction


  • Aluminum sections of handles screw together in the middle, making the handle weak and prone to breaking
  • Expensive for quality level

7. Nine Forty Industrial |Ultimate Cotton Dust Mop 



The mop head is hand sewn in the USA from natural, high quality, cotton yarn. This heavy-duty stitching extends the life of this mop over other, similar mops and allows it to withstand many machine washes and uses. The mop head is a solid two feet wide, allowing for maximum floor coverage and saving you time in cleaning large spaces.

360-degree rotation means that even though the mop head is large, you can rotate it to fit into narrower spaces. The handle telescopes from 42″ to 72″, allowing you to reach under furniture or objects, and adjust the mop length to your ideal comfort.


  • Natural cotton is an excellent safe cleaner for wood floors and efficient for all floor types
  • Hand-sewn stitching will last longer than competitors
  • Two-foot mop head gives excellent coverage


  • Leaves cotton threads
  • Handle comes unlocked
  • Doesn’t hold up to washing as well as advertised

6. Swiffer Sweeper Cleaner Dry and Wet Mop 



Swiffer is a well-known name in dry mops. This classic mop is good for hardwood and other floors and comes with seven dry clothes and three wet clothes. Get a sparkling clean every time with these dry clothes that pick up dirt, dust, and hair with ease.

The wet clothes are textured to dissolve away grime and dirt and lock it into the cloth for disposal. The sturdy plastic mop will last and last, and you can buy replacements for dry and wet clothes. Replacement clothes come in a variety of forms for better cleaning of specific floor types or cleaning goals.


  • Satisfaction is guaranteed or money back to this trusted company in dry mops
  • Customize refill mop heads to your floor type and cleaning specifications
  • Sturdy plastic mop will last


  • Some people find pads difficult to attach
  • Doesn’t scrub as well as some other cleaners
  • Plastic handle can snap

5. O-Cedar Microfiber Flip Mop Damp/Dry All Surface Mop



This reversible flip mop can be used dry to collect dirt, dust, and hair, or it can be used damp for a deep, thorough scrubbing clean. The microfiber pad is machine washable and will stand up to over a hundred washings without wearing down. This mop is safe and effective for any hardwood for other hard floors.

The mop flips effortlessly from side to side, so you can keep one side for scrubbing and the other for polishing after, so your floor will gleam with one pass. This mop easily covers a large area for quick cleaning.


  • A reversible head can be easily flipped for deep cleaning and polishing in one pass
  • Machine washable headcloth
  • Safe and effective for hardwood or other floors


  • Pole comes unscrewed
  • Doesn’t collect hair well
  • Doesn’t swivel at neck

4. JINCLEAN 18″ Microfiber Floor Mop 



This 100% microfiber mop head is strong and cleans thoroughly. The pole is adjustable from 30″ to 51″ and will not rust. The cleaning pad features two sides, one super-fine microfiber for polishing and the other ultra-absorbent chenille for deep cleaning. The tiny fibers that make up the microfiber attract and locks in the tiniest dust and particles of dirt and hair.

The heads are machine washable for a fresh clean every time. This product is eco-friendly and works with any detergent or no soap at all. The 360 rotation of the head allows you to reach anywhere with ease, and the lightweight design allows you to reach up into high corners.


  • 100% microfiber is durable and machine washable
  • Two sides for deep cleaning and polishing power
  • 360-degree rotation so you can reach anywhere.


  • Pole feels cheap
  • Head loosens when you bump into things
  • Gets other things you wash it with blue

3. JINCLEAN 24″ Industrial Class Cotton Floor Mop 



This sturdy industrial class cotton mop will last through cleaning after cleaning. The 24″ mop head will provide wide strokes of consistent streak-free cleaning power. Clean laminate, vinyl, bamboo, hardwood, and polished stone with ease and without needing to use chemicals. The eco-friendly cotton can be used over and over again.

The telescopic handle of this mop is made of strong steel, and has a maximum height of 59″. The mop pad frame attaches with one touch so it is easy to pull out to replace the mop head. 


  • Sturdy industrial class cotton mophead
  • 24″ head for wide, streak-free cleaning
  • Eco-friendly cotton can be used over and over


  • The handle will readjust if not tightened sufficiently
  • Only comes with one wash head

2. O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Sweeper Dust Mop



This efficient dry mop by O-Cedar offers a flexible microfiber head that can sweep floors and baseboards in one smooth motion. This mop head will make sure that you are never left with dust in the angle between floor and baseboard.

The microfiber and super dense chenille enable you to pick up hair, dust, and dirt with ease. This eco-friendly design is machine washable for up to fifty washes. If you’d like more mop heads so you can keep mopping while you wash heads, you can order additional heads for your mop.


  • Flexible microfiber head can clean floor and baseboard in one sweep
  • Eco-friendly mop head can be machine washed up to fifty times
  • Ultra-dense chenille for easy cleanup of all dirt, dust, and hair


  • Packaging tape leaves residue
  • The connection from handle to mophead is weak

1. 18″ Professional Microfiber Mop



This professional quality microfiber dry mop by Microfiber Wholesale offers effortless cleaning for hardwood, laminate, tile, stone, and concrete. Included are two microfiber wet mop pads and one microfiber dust mop pad. Two extra premium microfiber clothes are also included with your order.

The stainless steel handle is 6′ and adjustable. Use the microfiber dust mop to collect large debris like pet hair, dirt, and dust. Use the wet mop pads for deep cleaning. If you want even more pads than what is provided, you can easily purchase more.


  • Includes two microfiber wet mop pads and one microfiber dust mop pad, as well as two extra premium microfiber cloths for general cleaning
  • Heavy duty stainless steel 6′ handle
  • A wet mop for deep cleaning


  • Microfiber stops picking up dust after several uses
  • Wet mops don’t scrub into grooves as well as traditional mops
  • Takes lots of scrubbing to clean textured floors

Simple Ways To Reduce Dust On Floors

As you can see from the list above, dust mops are a great tool for cleaning dusty floors. However, if you don’t want to spend a long time cleaning dusty floors, here are a few tips to help minimize dust:

Don’t Let Dirt Pile Up

It might seem like a hassle, but one of the best ways to prevent dusty floors is to clean regularly. If you allow dirt and dust to accumulate, it can create a mess that’s a lot harder to clean. So, try dusting twice a week to prevent huge cleanup jobs.

Remove Objects From The Floor

Dust is notorious for settling on objects, and if you have a lot of items sitting on your floor, it’s a dust magnet. Not to mention, it’s an eyesore. At least, the floor itself gets some traffic, which spreads particles around and prevents them from settling together. But if you have items on the floors, they will start to attract dirt and eventually collect dust bunnies. 

Dust Everything

It does no good to make your floors look spic and span if you don’t take care of the other areas in your home. If your ceiling fan is full of dust or it’s your piled up on your window curtains, it’s bound to fall on the ground. So, take care of those things first, then move on to cleaning the floors.

Use Floor Rugs

If you have hardwood, one of the best ways to keep it clean is by using floor rugs. Many area rugs are large and cover a wide portion of the floor, which helps to cut down on mopping. Luckily, floor rugs are easy to clean and you can quickly shake them out or vacuum them. Plus, they disguise dust particles well.

Don’t Use Feather Dusters

 When you’re dusting your home, it’s not enough to just brush it off. You need to use cloths and other cleaning tools that attract dust and holds it in its fibers. If you only feather dust your home, the particles move from one area to another.


Brush Your Pets

If you have pets in your home, dust isn’t the only problem you have. Fur and hair can accumulate into a mess, so it’s best to deal with the issue beforehand. Be sure to brush your cats and dogs regularly to help minimize shedding. 

Final Thoughts On Ways To Reduce Dust On Floors

Dust can be a big problem, but it doesn’t have to take over your home. Thankfully, there are several ways to keep unsightly dust at bay. Not only does dusting keep your home looking nice, but it helps to prevent issues with your health. Dust triggers asthma and allergies, and it can worsen other respiratory conditions. Therefore, clearing your home of dust and debris is critical for several different reasons.

Which should you buy?

For a high-quality dry mop at a reasonable price, the 18″ microfiber mop from Microfiber Wholesale is your best buy. This mop combines versatility with quality, offering mop heads that will get the job done over and over again. If you do find that your microfiber dust pads begin to lose dust and hair picking up ability over time, you can easily order new ones to fit the sturdily constructed mop handle and head.

The quality of the microfiber can’t be beaten at this price by any other mop, and high-quality microfiber is the most important element to microfiber cleaning. Also, this mop does not suffer from weak joints in the head attachment or handle like other dry mops often do.