16 Fun Ways To Use “Pop Rocks”

16 Fun Ways to Use _Pop Rocks_

Pop Rocks are a fizzy candy invented by a man named William A. Mitchell. He worked for General Foods for 35 years as a research chemist. Mitchell was actually working on an instant soft drink when he accidentally discovered the first Pop Rocks. Did you know that he also has his name on the patents for Cool Whip, instant Jell-O, and Tang?

Pop Rocks are sugar gasified with carbon dioxide. When they come into contact with moisture, the candy part dissolves and the gas is released, and popping and rocking ensues. There are tons of things you can make with Pop Rocks beside just pouring them into your mouth. Get ready to be inspired by these Pop Rocks recipes!

Buzzed Cherry Bombs

Source: Frosting and a Smile

These are amazing treats to serve at a party will have guests talking for weeks! Just drain the juice out of a jar of maraschino cherries and pour in vanilla vodka. Soak them at least two days, if not longer!

After draining and patting dry, dip them in melted vanilla chips, then Pop Rocks. This recipe just calls for generic blue sprinkles, but Pop Rocks work just as well! A few will crackle but enough will stay intact to be an awesome treat!

Pop Rocks Mousse

Source: 1 Fine Cookie

Pop Rocks doesn’t do well with moisture, which is why this recipe is both audacious and delicious!

Mix melted chocolate (you can use white if you’re doing red, white, and blue for the Fourth of July), sugar, and egg whites to whip into a nice mousse.

Squeeze chilled mousse into layers, with red and blue Pop Rocks in between them. Of course, you can use different colors of chocolate and Pop Rocks for different occasions!

Pop Rocks Apple Crumble

Source: Raspberri Cupcakes

Mmmm….an apple crumble dessert with macadamia sponge, clotted cream ice cream, and Pop Rocks, what could be yummier? This is not a simple recipe, but definitely worth it for all the ooooos and aaaaaaaas you’ll get! Make the clotted cream ice cream with whole milk, cream, sugar, egg yolks, milk powder, and vanilla. If you don’t have an ice cream maker, a fancy french vanilla ice cream from the store is a totally fine substitute!

For the crumble, you’ll need butter, sugar, almond meal, and flour. And of course, Pop Rocks!

For the sponge cake, you’ll need macadamia nuts, icing sugar, cream, flour, egg whites, and regular sugar.

Finally, for the apple filling, you’ll need sugar, white wine, apples, vanilla, cinnamon, and cloves.

PHEW! Fortunately, you can make a lot of these elements separately and then combine them when you’re ready to assemble and serve your glorious treat!

Harry Potter Acid Pops

Source: Pastry Affair

People go crazy trying to replicate all the food and drinks from the Harry Potter books, especially Butterbeer! This recipe is meant to be Acid Pops from the Honeydukes and the Hogwarts Express food trolley:

“Fred gave me one when I was seven, it burnt a hole right through my tongue. I can remember Mum walloping him with her broomstick.”

—Ron Weasley

These sour lollipops are thinly coated in a layer of honey and covered in Pop Rocks. All you need are lollipops, honey, and Pop Rocks! Some of them will “pop” when coating the lollipop but enough will stay intact to make an awesome treat!

Mini Strawberry Shortcake Poppers

Source: Snappy Gourmet

Strawberry shortcake made with fresh strawberries is a must for the summer, but these are an amazing twist on a classic treat as they’re both bite-sized and contain a suprise ingredient: Pop Rocks!

You’ll need flour, granulated sugar, baking powder, salt, cold butter, milk, sweetened whipping cream, Pop Rocks, and fresh strawberries to complete this recipe!

Pop Rock Popsicles

Source: Cupcake Project

What could be more refreshing on a hot summer day than a Pop Rocks popsicle? Just mix together fresh strawberries, balsamic vinegar, sugar, lemon juice, and water to make a fancy popsicle for adults that kids will love too!

To make the chocolate/Pop Rocks shell, mix dark chocolate and coconut oil, then sprinkle Pop Rocks on top as the shell hardens. Yum!

Firecracker Smores

Source: Love and Olive Oil

Firecracker s’mores, OMG! This recipe is sure to wow your Fourth of July party or famil get together!

The author gives a few options here: using Trader Joe’s Firecracker chocolate bar, made with popping candy and also chili pepper for a real kick. The company Chuao also has a crackling chocolate. Of course, sprinkling your chocolate with the real deal, OG Pop Rocks is the #1 option.

Arrange a graham cracker with chocolate and a jumbo s’mores marshmallow on a baking sheet and broil. Then sprinkle with Pop Rocks and gently top with another graham cracker. Commence yum and joy!

Dark Chocolate Cake with Cherry Pop Rocks Covered Truffles

Source: Climbing Grier Mountain

We love the juxtaposition of the elegant, dark chocolate cake in this recipe with whimsical Pop Rocks candy. It just works, you know?

Follow the recipe for making the chocolate cake, then dip milk chocolate LINDOR truffles into chocolate ganache and carefully top them with cherry Pop Rocks. This would make a Valentine’s Day dessert that would really sizzle!

Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Strawberries

Source: Our Best Bites

If only the Founding Fathers had known about Pop Rocks, it surely would have become a cornerstone of our fair democracy! Alas, we’ll have to settle for these tantalizingly yummy red, white, and blue strawberries.

Dip fresh strawberries in melted white chocolate, and then in blue Pop Rocks. This recipe calls for blue sprinkles, but clearly, blue Pop Rocks are a thousand times better. They tend to pop a bit when coming into contact with the chocolate, so you could mix pop rocks and sprinkles to make a really thick, blue coating.

Independence Day Cranberry Pop Rocks Mocktail

Source: See Vanessa Craft

How to mix Pop Rocks with a mocktail? “Salt” the rim, of course! Everytime you take a sip, you’ll get a fun crackle of Pop Rocks in your mouth. Awesome!

Just mix cranberry Juice, and Pellegrino Sparkling Water together (yes, you can add vodka, we won’t tell!) Then use honey to make the rims of the glasses sticky and “salt” them with Pop Rocks. So fun!

Chocolate Pop Rocks Potato Chips

Source: Instructables by lmnopeas

Chocolate potato chips are a fun, trendy dessert/snack right now, so what could be better than cholcate Pop Rocks potato chips? Just put potato chips on a workspace and pop rocks in a bowl. Use a spatula or silicone brush, and gently brush a coat of melted chocolate onto each potato chip. Then sprinkle them with pop rocks. Put the chips on wax paper and pop them in the freezer for 5 minutes. Enjoy!

Pop Rocks Truffles

Source: How Sweet Eats

Making chocolate truffles seems hard, but it’s not! Mix milk chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, heavy cream, vanilla extract, and 10 packets of pop rocks! It’s just a lot of melting and rolling in Pop Rocks to get these babies just right, but once you do, you’ll be making these for every party you go to!

Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter Cookie Poppers

Source: Snappy Gourmet

The fun part of these cookies is serving them to your kids and not telling them about the Pop Rocks. It’ll sure be a huge surprise, and they’ll be begging you to make them for their friends!

This recipe combines a simple peanut butter cookie made into a “sandwich” with chocolate ganache and Pop Rocks as the filling. Make the ganache with dark chocolate and cream melted together and sprinkle the Pop Rocks on after it hardens slightly!

Pop Rocks Urban Myth Cocktail

Source: Snappy Gourmet

If you enjoyed the “mocktail” above and want the alcoholic version, try this! Champagne is extra fun because it’s already bubbly in your mouth and nose, so the Pop Rocks will make a crazy party in your mouth. It’s also a fun, grown-up take on the myth that drinking Coke and Pop Rocks will make you explode (they won’t!)

Firecracker Popcorn

Source: Spicy Southern Kitchen

The author says this sweet and salty Firecracker Popcorn is coated in white chocolate and sprinkled with star sprinkles and Pop Rocks will “make fireworks in your mouth”!  All you need to make it is microwave popcorn, white bark coating, Patriotic sprinkles like stars, and of course, red Pop Rocks. 

Pop Rocks Candy Bark

Source: Foodie With Family

Our last recipe on our list is also the easiest! Just melt the dark chocolate in a double boiler. Pour it over the silpat, which is a non-stick baking mat (of course, you can use parchment paper instead). Gently spread it out with a silicon spatula.

Test if it’s ready by sprinkling Pop Rocks on a corner. If they all pop and dissolve, you’ll need to wait a few more minutes. Then sprinkle them on and wait for your bark to harden before cracking and serving!

Wow, who could ever guess there were just so many recipes for Pop Rocks! Have you been inspired to try one of them out, or add Pop Rocks to an old favorite? The secret is to keep it from anything too moist, or too hot. If you can figure it out, you can add a Pop Rocks surprise to just about anything!

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