Firecracker Popcorn

When you need a sweet treat for a Fourth of July party or an after summer camp treat for the kids, you can whip up Firecracker Popcorn in a just a small bit of time and the kids (and adults) will love the sweet surprise POP that this Firecracker Popcorn has!

firecracker popcorn

If you have kids coming to your Fourth of July celebration, or any gathering, for that matter, you need to have firecracker popcorn on the menu!  Kids and adults will all love this sweet and salty treat that pops in your mouth – just like a firecracker!firecracker popcorn


To make Firecracker Popcorn, you’ll need:

white popcorn

blue sprinkles

Red Pop Rocks

white chocolate chips


firecracker popcorn

I had a heck of a time trying to find Pop Rocks this year (last year they were at my local gas station) so if you can’t find them in the candy aisle, you can grab a few bags here on Amazon.

First, melt your chocolate chips.  I love my Wilton Chocolate Melting Pot because it’s such an easy simple way to melt!

Lay your popcorn out on a cookie sheet and drizzle the melted chocolate over the popcorn.

Use your hands to mix up the popcorn and chocolate so the chocolate is evenly distributed.  Make sure to spread it back out on the cookie sheet once all covered.

Sprinkle pop rocks and sprinkles over the top of the popcorn.

Put the cookie sheet in the fridge for an hour to help the chocolate harden faster.   You’ll have to use a spatula to scrape the popcorn up after the chocolate hardens.

firecracker popcornThe colors are fabulously festive and the POP of the pop rocks is beyond fun!

Firecracker Popcorn is the perfect treat for your Fourth of July fun!  Why not buy watermelon pop rocks to mix with the cherry and have a festive holiday treat in December?  So many holidays this would work with!

firecracker popcorn

Last year I made Firecracker Cookies with Pop Rocks that were a huge hit!

firecracker cookies

They’re just so fun to bake with and the kids love the surprise POPPING!

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Packed with the classic flavors of s'mores but all dressed up for the 4th of July, this Red, White & Blue S'mores Bark is SO festive and easy to make!