Kid-Made Chocolate Chex Mix

There comes a time in every mom’s life, when you have to give up the control, you have to let your type A sit quietly inside as the world slowly unravels around you. My girl (who is almost 4) is a handful in the kitchen. She wants to touch everything and DO everything.  It’s very hard for this blogger who needs a picture to be great and doesn’t want little fingers in a picture or a spoon in the meal before I take a picture! That’s how this Chocolate Chex Mix recipe/project was developed~

chex mix


This activity gave her the chance to “cook” without mom hovering with control.


Here’s how YOU can let your littles join in on the cooking if you’re not quite ready to give up all control:

chocolate chex mix

Step 1: Give them mini cupcake papers filled with colored sprinkles.


Step 2: Melt white chocolate and give them a mini cupcake liner with their own melted chocolate.

chocolate chex mix 5



Step 3: Let them dip the cereal into the chocolate and sprinkles and lay them on the wax paper to dry.

  DSC_5311  chocolate chex mix 6

That’s it!DSC_5343

She was so proud of her cooking, and couldn’t wait to share with her dad when he got home.

Are you ALSO a bit of a Type A when it comes to having the kids help? How do you get over that?


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