31 Best Christmas Cookie Swap Recipes

The holidays are officially upon us! I may or may not have started listening to Christmas music in November. You can never spread too much holiday cheer 🙂

This year, I want to host a Christmas cookie swap at my new house. It’s a way to get people together for sweet treats and fellowship. Plus, I’ll get to show off my 8 ft. Christmas tree that my husband just bought me. Yay!

I’ve never hosted a holiday cookie exchange before but I’ve been to them at other people’s homes. One year, the church put one on and it was a mega-hit. All of those cookies…yum!

I decided that everyone should know about the warm tidings of Christmas joy that one of these cookie swaps brings. That’s why you’ll find a load of Christmas cookie recipes in this roundup.

I guarantee you’ll want a glass of milk before you start scrolling.

Classic Peanut Butter Blossoms

These cookies are classic Christmas treats! I can remember my grandma making them. I love the red and green sprinkles!

I bet they will go quickly at a cookie swap!

Toasted Pecan Snowballs

These toasted pecan balls are so dainty and festive! I can totally see myself eating about 5 of them all at once. If someone brings these easy-to-make Christmas cookies to the swap, I’m snatching them up!

Holiday Mitten Cookies

Are these not the most adorable cookies you’ve ever seen? I might just make these for myself. Forget the cookie swap, sweetheart.

Chocolate Peppermint Oreo-Stuffed 

These yummy cookies would definitely be one of Santa’s favorites. You get the best of both worlds! Imagine the delightful taste of an Oreo cookie wrapped in delicious chocolate chip dough. Heavenly!

Christmas Thumbprint Cookies

Thumbprint cookies are super easy to make and you can bust out mass quantities of them at once. I think this recipe will lead you down the path of holiday cookie swap happiness.

Frosty Penguin Sandwich Cookies

These cookies are your traditional sugar cookies with a vanilla bean twist. You can decorate them any way that you like using the luscious buttercream frosting recipe that is included.

How will yours turn out?



Snowflake Cookies

I love the frosty blue and white color scheme of these cookies! Nothing beckons Jack Frost more than a plateful of these yummy snowflake-inspired treats.

These will surely be a hot commodity at your cookie exchange.

Reindeer Pretzel Cookies

I love these cookies! They are fun to make and your kiddos will enjoy helping you. Imagine them sitting on a  decorative plate at the cookie exchange.

They won’t stand a chance!

Gingerbread Reindeer

Look closely at these “reindeer”. What do you see? Yes, I know you see something yummy. Just look closely.

These cookies are literally gingerbread men who have been flipped upside down to look like reindeer! Talk about a genius plan of disguise.

I bet they taste amazing.

Thumbprint Snowmen

Such a cute idea! Simply make your thumbprint cookies as you normally would, attach 2 of them together, and create your happy little snowman.

Cookie Christmas Trees

These cute Christmas tree cookies are so creative! I bet people will be lined up at the cookie swap table to take them home. You can bet on me being first in line.

They look hard to make but honestly, after reading the recipe, they are as easy as pie..er..cookies.

Hot Cocoa Cookies

This is a very easy recipe that allows you to turn out quite a few cookies for a very little cost. If you plan to make these for the cookie swap, you’ll definitely be able to save some for your family.

These cookies taste like a hot mug of cocoa 🙂

Melting Snowman Sugar Cookies

These cookies make me giggle! Just check out that snowman’s face. Even though he is melting, he’s still smiling. We can all learn a thing or two from this snowman.

Red Velvet Peppermint Thumbprints

I love red velvet and I love peppermint. These cookies contain both so it’s pretty much a match made in North Pole heaven.

Don’t you just love that beautiful red color?

Eggnog Cookies

Eggnog. Either you love it or hate it. I personally do not care for the drink but I like the smell and taste. There is just something about that texture that doesn’t agree with my palate.

Anyway, these cookies are really tasty and anyone would be lucky to grab them up and take them home from the holiday cookies exchange.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Trees

Oh. My. Gosh. These Christmas trees are made from strawberries! You get a chocolate-covered strawberry and a delicious sandwich cookie all-in-one!

Peppermint Chocolate Puddle Cookies

These cookies will melt your heart into a puddle of Christmas joy. Candy pieces, chocolate, and gooey fudge. Oh, my!

Hot Chocolate Holiday Cookies

If you’re going to give out prizes for the best cookie at your swap party, these little sweethearts should win the blue ribbon. Just look at how thoughtful and clever they are!

Raspberry Almond Shortbread 

Here we have another classic Christmas cookie that is sure to make everyone’s taste buds dance like the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Can I get a plate or two of these to take home with me, please?

Gingerbread Men Cookie Sticks

Just look at these cute little gingerbread men sticks! I can totally see myself swirling one of them in my coffee. Yes, I’d eat a few for breakfast.

It’s Christmas. Anything goes. Including, my diet.

Triple Chocolate Turtle Cookies

You can’t have a proper Christmas cookie exchange without someone bringing turtle treats! These cookies are gooey, fudgy, and all sorts of other good things.

Hershey Kisses Secret Cookies

Imagine biting into a snowball cookie and discovering that there is a Hershey kiss hiding inside! The joy, the excitement, the sugar rush!

These cookies have won over my taste buds.

Snowman Cookies

Are these snowmen or are they tiny replicas of Elvis? The Hershey kiss makes them look like they have the King of Rock ‘n Roll’s coif.

Anyway, they are super easy to make and very yummy.

Buttery Spritz Cookies

Spritz cookies tend to fall apart in your mouth. They are light, buttery, and refreshing. These adorable cookies are dipped in chocolate and lightly decorated with sprinkles.

Very festive and old-fashioned.

Classic Cut-Outs

You can’t have a Christmas cookie exchange without some class cut-outs! These cookies are easy to make. You can really decorate them beautifully, too.

I always enjoy letting my kids help with these type of Christmas cookies. Make some fond memories with your littles.

Classic Gingerbread Men Cookies

I love gingerbread men cookies. You can decorate them to look however you want. Put little frosting vests on them and hats. Super cute!

These cookies will be the talk of the cookie swap.

Caramel-Topped Gingersnaps

Nothing gives you the holiday spirit like gingersnap cookies. However, these gingersnaps take the holly jolly feeling a bit further because they are covered in caramel.

My taste buds are quaking just looking at this photo.

Lemon Shortbread Trees

Aren’t these cookies just the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen? I love the pretzel tree trunks! You can decorate your Christmas trees with any sprinkles, edible glitter, and frosting that you like.

This is another cookie recipe that your kids will enjoy helping you with.

Butterscotch Eggnog Stars

I don’t know about you, but I adore the flavor of butterscotch. Making holiday cookies with butterscotch is just common practice in my home. These cookies will fly off the cookie swap table.

Glazed Ornament Cookies

I really couldn’t tell if these were cookies or actual ornaments at first glance! Look how pretty they are. I think there will be a bit of a learning curve in the decorating process, but you’ll get it!

I wonder what these cookies taste like? Probably like Christmas 🙂

Raspberry Rugelach

Such a classic cookie recipe! You’ll really enjoy this one as these rugelach cookies differ than the traditional ones. Sink your teeth into some raspberry goodness.

Santa Clause Sugar Cookies

I couldn’t give you a list of Christmas swap cookies without including Jolly Old St. Nicholas! These cookies use a traditional sugar cookie recipe. All you need to do is invest in the cookie cutter and decorations.

Santa’s eyes look a little crazy in this photo. Maybe he knows he is about to be eaten.

I hope you have enjoyed this list of 31 deliciously sweet Christmas swap cookie recipes. I don’t know which ones to make for the swap and which ones to keep here at home.

Maybe, I’ll make them all haha!

Which cookies on this list will you be making? My favorites are the peppermint Oreos, pretzel reindeer, and the classic sugar cookies.

Let me know in the comments which cookies you plan to take to your holiday swaps. Truly, any cookies you make from this list are sure to be scooped up by hungry party goers in no time flat.

I bet Santa even comes to your house early when he knows there are loads of holiday treats laying around.

Happy holidays and happy baking, friends!

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