30 Cute Elf on the Shelf Inspirations

In my home, the Elf on the Shelf makes his grand appearance directly after Thanksgiving. This little smile-faced prankster is lovingly referred to as “Eddie”. Yes, we named our shelf elf. Ha!

My kids have loved seeing what Eddie will do next, for years. I think our little North Pole visitor (who just so happens to live in the attic) has been with us for around 6 or 7 years.

As a mom, there have been mornings I woke up in a panic because I forgot to “move the elf”. Heck, I’ve even gotten up in the middle of the night to place Eddie in another silly position around the house! Who are the mamas who can relate?

Anyway, over the years, I’ve gotten quite creative with my Elf on the Shelf shenanigans. I’ve put together a list of the 30 silliest, cutest, elfiest (is that even a word) inspirations that I could find. When you’re stuck on ideas, this holiday season, let this roundup be your guide.

Sick Elf on the Shelf

This idea is for all the mamas and papas who have a hard time remembering to move their elf on the shelf. Or, maybe you’re just over it and wan a break for a few days.

Create a “sick note” for your elf and wrap him in a little blanket.  Your kids will really get a kick out of this! Honestly, I can foresee my little niece bringing the elf some orange juice and cough drops. Haha!

Naughty List Warning

Do you have a little girl or boy who hasn’t been on their best behavior? Allow the Elf on the Shelf to help you! One look at this little naughty list note and little Tommy or Suzy will certainly straighten out.

Captured by the Confederates

Considering the Elf on the Shelf is from the North Pole, it is only natural that the little fella would be a target of those Confederate toy soldiers.

Not only is this a cute idea but you can also turn it into a history lesson for the kiddos.

Naughty Elf with Marker

This is a great elf pose that dad or big brother can play a role in. Or, maybe your husband wants to write on your face? LOL

Shaving Elf

This is a hilarious idea! Where on earth did they get that mini bottle of shaving cream and razor??!?! I love this idea for so many reasons.

Snowman Toilet Paper Elf

This is a really cute idea! Once you do this pose with your elf, you can keep the toilet paper snowman around as a holiday decoration. Adorable!

If not, make sure you remove the materials before using the TP. Yikes.

Train Tracks Elf

Uh oh! This elf needs to look out! Your kids will have fun “rescuing” the elf on the shelf from the toy train. I wonder who put the poor elf in this compromising position?

Coloring Elf

Someone got into the color books and crayons….and he isn’t that good at it. This Elf on the Shelf pose is sure to bring on the giggles.

Plus, it’s very easy to quickly set up.

Canned Food Christmas Tree

The Elf on the Shelf wanted to create his own Christmas tree….out of canned goods. He even put lights on them. Very clever, elf, very clever, indeed.

Flour Angel Elf

The Elf on the Shelf couldn’t get outside to play in the snow so he did the next best thing and got into mom’s flour. I think his “snow” angel looks good enough to eat….after being in the oven at 350 with some other ingredients, of course.

Swinging Elf

How did our elf get up there?!?! How did he make that swing? These are just some of the questions your kids will be asking. Be prepared to answer, mom and dad.

Potty Elf

Everyone has to go potty, including the Elf on the Shelf. You know what would make this even sillier? If you picked up one of the chocolates and ate it. Your kiddos will lose their minds.

Elf Breakfast & Santa Note

This is a great way to have your Elf on the Shelf make his grand arrival. Have him “prepare” breakfast for the family and include a note from Santa Clause for your kids. Epic!

Elf Christmas Count Down

Isn’t that mini paper chain amazing? Each morning, you can have your elf pull off a link in the paper chain to mark yourself one day closer to Christmas. Your kids will think this is a really fun thing to look forward too.

Tissue Box Elf Bed

Your kids will think this is so cute! I mean, elves need to sleep, too! The only thing I’d do differently is swap out the flower tissue box for a festive holiday one.

Marshmallow Bath

Nothing beats a relaxing marshmallow bath. This Elf on the Shelf knows how to live it up! This elf pose is super “sweet”.

Drinking Syrup Elf

We all know that an elf’s favorite drink is sugary syrup. Tell your kids that you’ll make pancakes in the morning and upon waking shout, “Elf, how could you”!

Tell your kiddos they will have to have peanut butter or jelly on their pancakes because the elf drank all the syrup.

Elf Plays A Game with Dolly

This is an adorable and fun idea. Use your imagination and have your elf play any game that you want. I think our elf shall play, UNO.

Just Hanging Around Elf

Elf loves his candy canes and he loves having fun! This is the perfect pose to showcase those personality traits.

Elf Kissing Booth

How sweet is this…literally?! Your kids will love getting a “kiss” from the Elf on the Shelf. You can find a printable for this pose by clicking on the title.

Putting Up Christmas Lights

Elf wants to help the family put up the Christmas lights. However, he seems to have gotten a little tangled up in the process. Have the kids help him out!

Showering Elf

What a surprise it would be to see the Elf on the Shelf clinging to the showerhead as you jump into your morning bath. He even has on a mini towel and head wrap!

Snowball Fight!

What goes on during the night?!! Apparently. snowball fights between the Elf on the Shelf and Barbie.

Drawing on Family Photo

If you are going to do this Elf on the Shelf pose, make sure your marker is a dry erase pen. You don’t want mama to permanently have a mustache.

Fruit Loop Garland

Elf wants to help decorate the Christmas tree with some holiday garland. he found that cereal is the perfect size for his stature.

Looks festive and yummy!

Elf’s Laundry Day

It looks like the Elf on the Shelf is washing his off-duty clothes. You can easily make this pose possible by borrowing some of Ken Doll’s duds.

Such a cute idea!

Elf on the Beach

Elf wants to go a vacation! During the night, he turned your house into his own personal beach. He even made himself some sunshine!

Your kids will have a blast discovering this one.

Elf Get’s Into the Cookies

It looks like Mr. Elf wanted to have a midnight snack. I can’t really blame him because those Trader Joe’s cookies are the bomb dig.

Look at his cute little face all smeared with cookie frosting!

Checking Out the Toy Catalog

Your kids will love learning that even the Elf on the Shelf enjoys knowing about all the latest toys coming out this holiday season. After all, he has to report this info back to Santa!

Hiding the Elf on the Shelf, making him do silly things, and even having him get into a little mischief creates dozens of holiday memories for your kids. My kids are all older but they still look forward to my making Eddie the Elf do crazy things.

It truly is something to look forward too, each morning. I hope these 30 Elf on the Shelf inspirations help you create some amusing poses for your elf. Your entire family is bound to love them.

Don’t feel you have to have all sorts of elaborate props to make playing the Elf on the Shelf game a hit. use what you have laying around the house. You don’t have to go and spend a bunch of money on this seasonal bit of fun.

Trust me, you can do a lot with candy canes, Christmas cookies, and Barbie dolls when it comes to the Elf on the Shelf. One year, I placed him on top of the fridge with a note that addressed my children and asked them for help getting down. It totally won them over!

Use your imagination, have fun, and make lasting memories with your kids. Oh, and don’t forget to take pictures 🙂

Merry Christmas! Happy holidays!

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