Succulent Pots

When you are a killer of plants, there’s only one solution: faux plants.  That’s why I love my new Succulent Pots.  I tend to not like faux plants because they just don’t look all that real, and honestly, I really don’t want to be that lady with fake plants in pots in my yard.  You know the one, she’s out at 8am vacuuming the plants.  My dad’s neighbor is my inspiration for that example.  She really does that.

succulent pots

I tend to kill any plant I bring home, including the basil plants that I continue to buy because “well, gee, this makes more sense financially to buy the whole plant because I’ll get tons of use out of it since it will grow more basil.” Fast forward three days, it’s all dead. And useless.  And the circle continues when I buy another one the following week.  I can keep this one alive this time.


succulent pots

These Succulent Pots that I made took all of about 3 minutes and they’re darling.  My daughter still wants to put water in them, but someday she’ll get it.

succulent pots

Michaels had colored mason jars on sale for $1.50 last week, so I snagged these pretties and added a touch of gold with chipboard stickers.  I love the way the gold really stands out.  I placed my FloraCraft faux succulents into the pots and they’re perfect behind my sink.  I just love that they’re something I don’t have to water!  Finally, a plant I can keep alive. Easy Succulent Pots!

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