Stenciled Closet Doors

stenciled closet doors

The Do Something Crafty Challenge hosted by See Vanessa Craft is underway! Five bloggers–including myself–were each given Chevron Letter Stencils from Cutting Edge Stencils and challenged to use their stencils for a crafty project. Today is my day to share what I made using the supplies. Projects from each participant are being revealed throughout the week on See Vanessa Craft and voting will take place during the week of September 14. Be sure to visit this link right here with info to get an inside look at each craft.


So, for this fun challenge, I was sent chevron letter stencils from Cutting Edge Stencils.  I ordered the 19″ letters to spell LOVE.   I had grand visions of putting them on my living room wall or making a fun sign with the letters.  Piece of cake and perfect!  Until they arrived and I realized 18″ letters are HUGE.  Not sure what I was thinking because I obviously know how tall 18″ is, and I know that LOVE has four letters in it, so who knows where my brain was.


Anyhow, 4 letters, all 18″ tall = HUGE.  I got to thinking of a plan.  First plan was to paint individual letters on 20″ square pieces of wood.  It’s been done before, so I needed to stretch my brain.  Off I went to scour new places in my home that could use some wall love.  Couldn’t find the perfect spot.  UNTIL, I was laying in bed and glanced up at my wooden wardrobe from IKEA that has been in my room 6+ years unnoticed.  It has 4 plexiglass type windows in the middle door section. FOUR.  1-2-3-4.  And there I had it.  My canvas.

stenciled closet doors

The stencils were a challenge for me, but only because they didn’t lay totally flat.  I pressed them flat for two weeks before application, and I still had areas that poofed away from the wall.  I used double sided tape to press down parts that were really bad, and then just rolled over the stencils slowly.  When I finished I had quite a few spots with overflow, but since I painted on plexiglass I was able to scrape it off.  If I’d been on wood, or my wall, it would have looked not so great.  This was also my first time doing large stencils { I would choose smaller letters next time} so it may have just been user error!

stenciled closet doors 2

Stenciling with Cutting Edge Stencils is made as simple as can be because they send you the small stencil roller you can use and also include detailed instructions on how to stencil on the wall.  Super easy directions {again, it was user error on my part!} and fabulous designs to choose from on their website!

stenciled closet doors 1

Thank you Cutting Edge Stencils for providing the supplies!  This was such a fun project and I’m honored to be able to be grouped with other talented bloggers in this challenge!  Thank you to Vanessa for hosting the challenge! Visit See Vanessa Craft each day to see the other projects and return on September 14th to vote for your favorite project!

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