Fun Ideas for Kids

fun ideas for kids

We all want to be the cool mom, the fun mom, and the really amazing mom that does all the things we pin on Pinterest!  Here are a 36 amazingly fun ideas for kids that will help solidify ANY mom as COOL!

There are so many fun ideas for kids out there – how were we ever classified as cool before Pinterest?


fun ideas for kids

  1. Movie Night Popcorn Bar
  2. Plastic Spoon Bugs 
  3. Portable Lego Kit
  4. Mini Water Blobs
  5. Punch Ice Cubes
  6. DIY Lip Gloss
  7. I Spy Bottles
  8. Homemade Drumsticks
  9. Kids Play Grill 
  10. Felt Piggy Banks
  11. DIY Nap Mat
  12. Frozen Chocolate Banana Bites
  13. Autograph Shirts 
  14. Rolo Monsters
  15. Cake in a Can
  16. Marble Run

fun ideas for kids 2

  1. Reading Nook
  2. Hula Hoop Hide Out
  3. Egg Paint Art
  4. Sidewalk Chalk Hearts
  5. PomPom Tutu
  6. Indoor Hopscotch
  7. DIY Doll Highchair
  8. Craft Stick Doll
  9. Superhero Party Photo Booth
  10. Table Hammock
  11. Cardboard Bed
  12. Candy Wrapper Pails
  13. I Spy Bottles 
  14. Caramel Apple Grapes 
  15. Shower Curtain Playmat
  16. Banilla Sandwich Cookies
  17. Paper Cone Girls
  18. Maracas
  19. Road Trip Pillows
  20. Water Wall

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