Spring Cleaning Printables

Nobody likes to clean.  It’s just not something that is NORMAL to enjoy.  Spring Cleaning is another story.  I don’t ever like to clean, however, spring cleaning is almost like therapy!  I feel so relieved when it’s done, and when I use a spring cleaning printable checklist it makes things that much easier to get done! You can grab your own Spring Cleaning Printable Checklist and have your cleaning done in one nap time!  Spread it out over a few nap times, and you’re DONE!  That’s a major #momwin for us!

Spring Cleaning Printable Checklist

When I searched Pinterest for a Spring Cleaning Checklist, I found a plethora of checklists alright. Mostly, I found the MOTHERLOAD of all cleaning checklists. You know the ones….they have 150 items on the checklist and will take a full week of NO KIDS, NO HUBBY, and NO ANIMALS to complete. I don’t know about you, but that’s just NOT gonna happen in my house! Although those checklists might be fabulous and NECESSARY, I just don’t have the time. If I print one of those checklists, it will never get started because it’s just too daunting.  

So, I created my own lazy girl’s checklist for Spring Cleaning! Using Oprah’s Room by Room Spring Cleaning Article, I’ve put together a checklist for each room, listing the things you can do somewhat quickly – during a naptime!  Spring Cleaning Printable Checklist Purple

For me, I’ve found that doing one room per day is very reasonable!

Are you ready to get busy cleaning?  Here are different patterned options for you to print and put up on your fridge for quick reference!  Simply click on the Spring Cleaning Printable Checklist of your choice below to download.  Happy cleaning!

Spring Cleaning Printable Checklist Green

Spring Cleaning Printable Checklist teal

Spring Cleaning Printable Checklist Orange

Here are some wonderful ones I found in my search, in case you’re ready for the big daddy of all cleaning lists:

Lil’ Blue Boo {Spring Cleaning Checklist}

Martha Stewart {Spring Cleaning Throughout The House}

HoneyBear Lane {Spring Cleaning Checklist}

4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Printables

  1. LISTS! I love lists. Especially cleaning lists. I need all the help I can get to stay on track. I always get on a “throw everything away!” kick but then get totally overwhelmed and then just dont do anything, ha! I need structure. Thanks!

    1. Each of the checklists links right to the printable copy, but I added wording to make it more obvious, because, it wasn’t you – it was a bit of a mystery! Half way down, click directly on the image for the color you’d like!

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