Printable Post-It Notes

There’s nothing better than printing your OWN Post-It Notes.  You can get creative and CUTE and hardly lift a finger!  These Printable Post-It Notes are perfect for lunch boxes, sweet notes, or to use for quick reminders!  Print one or two sheets and then come back in a few weeks for another fun set!  I’ll keep them coming if you like them!

printable post it notes

All you’re going to need to make Printable Post-It Notes is a pack of 3″ post-it notes and a Post-It Note Printable Template.

printable post it notes

Print one copy of the template, place a Post-It Note on each square and print!  For my printer, I had to put the sheet face down with the top towards the back of the printer.  I suppose most printers work that way, but you may want to print a tester before you use your last Post-It Notes!

post it notes2

Why not leave a note for your spouse or kids!  Everyone loves a sweet note!



6 thoughts on “Printable Post-It Notes

  1. Thanks for these super cute printables! I try to give my kids a lunchbox note every day but have to cut paper and find tape to attach to their lunchbox. This is much easier! I would love to see more in the future.

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