Some Bunny Loves You Tags

There are so many cute things about Easter and bunny butts are probably my fave!  Any reason to whip up a gift and I’ll do it!  Add a bunny butt into the mix and it makes it even more perfect!  Print off these tags, and buy some Peeps now, and then you’ll have them for the coming season.  Any time you need to give a quick gift, you’ll have a cute bunny butt ready!free printable bunny tagsfree printable some bunny loves you

Add a dab of hot glue and a teensy tiny pom pom and you’ve got some adorable cuteness going on!

free printable some bunny loves you

 Happy Easter!

free printable some bunny loves you 3

Grab your own free printable some bunny loves you tags by clicking the tags below or click here!

 free printable some bunny loves you tags

34 thoughts on “Some Bunny Loves You Tags

        1. Hi there! The link to the PDF is in the end of the post, and you can also click on the last photo with the tags. I should make that more obvious. Sorry about that!

  1. Melanie: I love your site. I was trying to download the “some bunny loves you” but I can’t find a download link. Is it no longer available or am I just missing it? Any help would be appreciated. Have a great day.

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