Classroom Valentines

You could certainly buy store Valentines for your little to pass out, and nobody would care.  But, print out some of these homemade Printable Classroom Valentines, and you’ll be hearing oohs and aahs from your kids and all of their friends (and the teachers, too!)

classroom valentines

So simple and cute, each of these tags are easily paired with dollar store items.  Add a cute tag to a little treat and you’re set for Valentine’s Day Classroom parties!  If you can’t find things to pair with the tags at dollar store, try the Dollar Spot at Target.  I get so many fun treats in the Dollar Spot!

Here are 30 Printable Classroom Valentines that I’m sure will get your creative motivation moving!

 classroom valentines 1

You’re Awesome Sauce Tags

Bullseye Valentines

Pop Rocks Tags

Monster Pencil Tags

Friendship Bracelet Tags

Pencil Tags

 classroom valentines 2

Light Up My Life Tags

Sprinkles Pockets

Monster Valentines

Minecraft Tags

Army Valentines

Love Bug Tags 

 Classroom Valentines 3

Whoopee Valentines

Bubble Tags

Hershey’s Kiss Tags

Crayon Valentines

Tic-Tac-Toe Cards

Rainbow Loom Valentines

 classroom valentines 4

Superhero Pops

Photo Grams

Light Saber Valentines

Fish School Cards

Love Potion

Zoo Valentines

 classroom valentines 5

Bubble Bottle Tags

Make My Heart Pop

Bee Mine

Extra Awesome Valentines

Laugh Valentines

Dino Cards

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