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When your kids start Preschool or Kindergarten, entering that new environment filled with new, unfamiliar people can cause a lot of anxiety for children — and moms and dads too!  There are things you can do to prepare yourself and your kids for the upcoming anxiety, starting with cute fun labels for everything they will take with them!


Have the kids help you label all of their things.  They’ll love the feeling of “helping prepare” and will take pride in making sure labels are on everything they need.  This can really help them adjust before hand, and feel pride in what they’re taking as their own!

Bright Star Kids School Labels

Bright Star Kids  Kids School Labels are perfect for the back-to-school preparation you’ll be doing in a few months!   This Kids School Labels Value Kit  is the top selling back to school labels kit because it has everything you’ll need for your child heading off to kindergarten!  You can label their pencils, books, clothes, lunch box, lunch containers, water bottles and so much more!  These labels are easy to adhere to anything and they’re bright and colorful so your kids can spot their stuff easily!

Bright Star Kids

You’ll even get clear stickers to place over the round stickers that you might put on shoes – they really do stay put on those shoes!  I’m even thinking of adding an “L” and an “R” to her shoes with a sharpie – cause she still wears them on the wrong feet 50% of the time!

preparing for kindergarten

Separation Anxiety can be a big problem for both kids and parents when Kindergarten arrives!  Baby Center provides some great tips for helping ease the anxiety for the kids

  • Introduce your child ahead of time to common school activities, such as drawing pictures or storytelling.
  • Visit your child’s classroom a few times before school starts to familiarize her with the space.
  • Have your child meet his teacher.

To prepare YOURSELF for the upcoming tear-filled good-bye:

  •  Ask your child’s teacher what her procedure is when children are crying for their parents. Make sure a school staff member is ready to help your child with the transfer from your care to the classroom.
  • Find out how the school structures its daily schedule. Many preschools and kindergartens begin with a daily ritual, such as “circle time” (when teachers and children talk about what they did the day before, and that day’s activities), to ease the move from home to school.

There are so many factors that go into preparing for kindergarten, both physically and emotionally, but you can make it easier on everybody by being prepared with the right materials!

Don’t forget to print out your first day of school DATE CARD PHOTO PROPS so you can get those memories started!

first day of school photo ideas


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  1. Super advice. It will be very helpful to me when the day comes.

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