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If you’re a gift maker, you love to make personalized gifts that are special to just that person.  It’s my all time favorite gift to give – and sometimes it’s hard to come up with gifts that are unique.  Right before Christmas last year, two of my dad’s very special dogs passed away.  I knew I needed to make him a special gift to honor his dogs.  Something he could look at every day and smile.  Personalized Photo Frames are simple and very personal!

It’s a simple gift.  Those are usually the best ones, anyway, right?

I found three frames at Ross that were similar, but mismatched.  I printed out three black and white photos, one of each of his three dogs.  I’d previously found a Scrabble game at Goodwill that had maroon letters in it.  I’d saved the letters for just the PERFECT gift.  This was it! I put a dab of hot glue on each letter and attached it directly to the glass.  





You’ll be happy to know that Rocky is still alive.  He’s going strong.  Miche and Paulie are running around having fun together somewhere

This gift brought tears – tears of joy and sadness, but certainly a wonderful gift that was thoughtful and very special to them!

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