Homemade Kahlua

Hi everyone!

It’s Gina from Kleinworth & Co. I’m back here again sharing another family favorite.

I love coffee like so many people out there. Whenever I can add the flavor of coffee to my recipes I will. It adds such a rich, bold flavor to everything from desserts to meats. Where we live in Idaho it’s a little difficult to just pick up things like Kahlua when I need them for a recipe. Only beer & wine are sold in the local grocer. I have to go to a liquor store to purchase anything else. So it’s a little inconvenient. So when I needed some Kahlua for a recipe I decided to make my own.


Homemade Kahlua

Homemade KahluaThis tastes really great even before adding the alcohol. So if you are looking for the flavor in your recipe but don’t plan on cooking out the alcohol & want it “virgin” style- you can omit the vodka at the end.

Homemade Kahlua


1-1/4 cup water

3/4 cup strong brewed coffee

3/4 cup instant coffee crystals

2-1/4 cups good quality Vodka (we use Stoli or Grey Goose)

4 cups granulated sugar

1 tbsp vanilla extract



Mix water, coffee, instant coffee & sugar in stock pot.

Heat & stir over medium – high heat until coffee & sugar is dissolved.

It will resemble a thick syrup.

Cool to room temperature.

Stir in Vodka & vanilla. (if omitting vodka- just add vanilla at this point)

Pour into glass bottles, jars or storage containers.

Store at room temperature in pantry.


That’s it! Super simple & it makes a great gift too.


Thank you Melanie for having me today.

I’m looking forward to sharing another family favorite with you next month.



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  1. I love this recipe! When I first made it, I figured I was going to have to start writing on my medical records that instead of drinking alcohol occasionally, I drink some everyday! I am back to occasionally. LOL I have also made this decaf. And I have shared this recipe with numerous people! Thank you!

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