DIY Button Lampshade

Being a part of Lamps.Com Annual Lampshade Challenge meant getting my creative juices flowing and creating a spectacular button lampshade. invited twelve bloggers that will compete in injecting their own unique style on a solid white cloth drum shade.  They provided each contestant with a shade from Light’s Up and instructions to run with our creativity!


I needed a new lamp in Sami girl’s bedroom, since I was using the lamp her grandma Linda made her in her revamped playroom. Perfect timing,!

How to Make a Button Lampshade

To make my button lampshade, I used buttons and hot glue! The easiest project as far as supplies just take a bit to do all of the gluing~

  • I enlisted little hands to help me place the buttons on.  It was a great project to do together!
  • I used the teeny tiny buttons along the top and bottom to “outline” the lampshade. It’s the perfect addition to her big girl room, and adds just a little bit of flair during the day and night!

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