Breakfast Cookies

Breakfast Cookies are quick, easy, & made from a few simple ingredients you probably have sitting in your pantry. They are a recipe that is good for the entire family, and safe for your ‘diet’! Throw everything in a bowl, and mix it up really good and you have breakfast cookies ready to go!breakfast cookies

I am so excited to have an actual excuse to skip my housework today! {Although I come up with them often}. I’ve got a foolproof, kid safe, quick easy recipe to share with you guys today. I am Tausha, author of Taush.O – a little Mommy Lifestyle blog with more than enough pictures of me and my fire cracker daughter Presley. If I’ve learned one thing in the last year of being a mommy it’s the power of a bribe. Kidding – It’s how time is so limited & stretched thin, so that is why I am here to show you one of my favorite HEALTHY Breakfast Recipes. I call it a cookie ( <—- insert bribe here) & it is quick, easy, & made from a few simple ingredients you probably have sitting in your pantry.

breakfast cookies


That is seriously it! I love a recipe I can’t mess up. I also love a recipe that is good for the entire family. Safe for my ‘diet’, sweet for the hubby & Presley loves them! Throw everything in a bowl, mix it up reallllly good, unless you like chunky banana pieces like me.

breakfast cookies

Bake & Enjoy. It’s just that simple. I will make these the night before & then there is enough for 2 mornings of quick breakfasts. Hubby will grab a few on his way off to school & the girl and I will share a few once we get up and going. Can’t beat quick & easy!


breakfast cookies


breakfast cookies

And to make your life that much easier, here is a little recipe card you can print out & throw in the Recipe Box.

Thats about all I have for today, but if you need another excuse to avoid the laundry piles & dishes – go reset the dryer & come check out what Presley & I have been up to. We’ve got a fun little community of people over here. Sometimes we do kid friendly projects, challenge couples with THE LOVE DARES, and usually there are a lot of pictures.  I can’t wait to meet & chat with you all – i’ll be back next month!

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Time to go fold laundry. Bake those cookies & come tell me how they turn out! Happy Saturday!


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