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When I became a part of the Joann’s holiday crew…I already knew what I was going to make for my Thanksgiving post.  I’d seen these darling Pom Pom Toms on the Martha Stewart website and bookmarked them so I could make my own little turkeys.   Joann’s asked us to do something with #turkeytablescapes so I knew my challenge was ON!

Let me just say…I…..can’t….wait….to show you my finished turkey!

I purchased all of my supplies at Joann’s, and made sure to use my coupons.  

You use Joann’s coupons, right?  

Never leave home without them people!

Now, to make these cutey-patooty turkeys you’re gonna need:

Pom-Pom maker kit*****************
Red, brown, gray, yellow, and white wool yarn
Small scissors
Red and brown waxed twine
Yarn needle
Black embroidery floss
Medium-size sewing needle
Disappearing-ink pen for fabric

{ i used a normal pen and just flipped my felt over to the other side….yeah, I’m lazy and genius all in one!}

Black, red, white, brown, and gold wool felt
Hot-glue gun
Black pipe cleaners

********* ok, so I thought I could make my own, and not spend $10 on a pom pom maker.  

So, I googled it.

I tried it.

It sucked.

I went to Joann’s and bought a pom pom maker.

I used a coupon.

It was cheaper than my lunch at Chipotle.

I’m slow, but I eventually come around.

Ok, so to make these DARLING pom pom toms, here’s what you’ll need to do:

Pom Pom steps

Make your pom poms using the directions on the pom -pom machine.  

I’d explain them to you, but for goodness sakes, go buy your own…it’s ONLY $10…

Unless you use a coupon!

Ok, so wrap that yarn and cut that yarn and tie that yarn and POOF…you have a pom pom.

Disclaimer:: It won’t be near as full & poofy & tidy as Martha’s.

I’m just sayin’

pom pom toms 1

So you’ll weave the yarn through the pom pom {with double threads).  

Weave them back and forth until the “eyes” are the size you like.

My eyes ended up too big – and had a unibrow….we’ll ignore that…m’kay?!

When you’re done with the eyes, give the turkey another haircut and trim those eyes down.  

Using black embroidery thread, weave them back and forth through the whites until you get the pupils the way you want them!  

Trim the embroidery thread down and then…

voila..you’ve got eyes…

or ….something that kind of resembles eyes.

pom pom toms 2

Do the same back and forth sewing with different colors of yarn to make the wings.  

Then, give that TOM another haircut!

pom pom tom 3

To make the tail feathers, you’ll need felt of different fall colors.

 You can print out a template over at Martha Stewart or just kind of eye it like I did.

Hot glue the toosh of the TOM onto the felt first.  

Then, part the yarn and put a ton of hot glue onto the front of the toosh and press the head onto the glue, pressing down for about 30 seconds.

Glue on a beak and a waddle and you’re sure to have a turkey that looks EXACTLY….like…Martha’s!

pom pom toms lead

comparison collage

WHO’S the EXPERT, NOW, Martha?!?!?!

This little dude will be garnishing my dessert table this year and for many years to come.  

Little feet that won’t hold his body weight and all.  

I am sure the second, third, and fourth turkeys I make will be much cuter.  

It takes time…

and talent…

Here’s a Joann’s coupon for you to use on your POM POM maker….


For tons of amazing holiday ideas, check out the Jo-Ann Celebrate the Season website 


The Joann’s Craft Catalog

JOANN’s ROCKS the holidays….for real!

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  1. You did so great on this post!!!! I love it!! And you are hilarious!!! I’m doing my #turkeytablescape post this week too!

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