Ways to Display Kids’ Art

Finding Ways to Display Kids’ Art

Why find ways to display kids’ art and work it into your decor and display it proudly?

If your kids are anything like mine, they bring home a lot of “art’ – whether it is their own work at home or the projects they bring home from school, I am always shuffling through papers trying to figure out what to do with everything.  I completely admit, much of it ends up in the trash even though I know she’s going to discover it before I take it to the big dumpster (yet I keep doing it and getting caught!)

Here are 9 great ideas and ways to display kids’ art so you can breathe!

Artwork Rod

Use an Artwork Rod to display pictures and other artwork – idea via Frills, Fluff, and Trucks

Monogram Bulletin Boards

Give everyone their own space to show off with Monogram Bulletin Boards from Simply Organized


Add some frills with Framed Artwork by Sawdust Girl

Hallway Gallery Wall

 This Hallway Gallery Wall from Scrapstudio is the perfect addition to hallway decor!


Pant Hanger Artwork idea from The Honest Blog is the most unique, fun way to customize artwork!

Vertical Art Wall

 Why not go up and down with this Vertical Art Wall from Artful Kids


Tired of all of the papers?  Create a Photo Book from your kids’ art with ArtKive

Kids Art Wall

Making a $5 Art Wall from Girl and a Glue Gun is my favorite way to do a gallery wall!


Hang artwork down a long hallway with clips to jazz things up a bit!

2 Snap Hang 12 alder - art mounted

Buy or make your own Hang artwork for easy switching out of artwork. (think paint sticks!)

Kids' Art

What’s your favorite way to display artwork?   Do you keep artwork for years and years until the memory box explodes? When you find ways to display kids’ art, it’s certainly a game changer!

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