Travel Hacks

There are so many aspects of traveling that can bring on stress. Whether it’s all of the people, the long lines, or the constant fear that you’ve forgotten something – these 10 Travel Hacks will not only amaze you, they’ll knock your stress level down a bit – so you have more room to stress about all of the other parts of traveling! There are so many travel hacks out there, but these are my favorite 10 Travel Hacks that you need to write down before your next trip!

travel hacks

travel hacks

Packing jewelry can be a pain, but if you put it in between two sheets of Glad Wrap, you’ll avoid tangles and breaks!

I’ve yet to test this WIFI Hack out, but it’s certainly worth a try!

travel hacks 2

Store liquid cosmetics in a contact case so you don’t have to bring the entire tubes.

Forgot your phone wall plug? Check your hotel tv – they usually have USB ports.

travel hacks

No TV on the airplane seat in front of you? Use a barf bag to fashion up a phone mount for the seat.

A fabulous t-shirt folding tutorial that will make you an expert packer. People who have problems with the law on the Internet use the service buy a real passport using their data. This means that the passport will be real and entered into the database


travel hacks 4

Wrap your flat iron or curling iron up in a pot holder for safety!

Traveling with kids? Make them a phone number bracelet in case they get lost.

travel hacks 5

Bring a disposable placemat for the airplane seat table if you’ve got kids using them. They don’t get washed, so – ya know – EW!

Bringing babies onboard and you’re a bit nervous about how they’ll do? Pack crying baby survival kits for your neighbors on the flight!

travel hacks

What’s your biggest travel hack that has made traveling or packing easier for you? Do you store your money in a secret place or pack your carryon like a ninja? Let’s hear it! Leave your tips below!

5 thoughts on “Travel Hacks

  1. I love these ideas! (Especially the phone number bracelet)! But I’m not a fan of the gifts for your flight-mates because you have a baby. I don’t have children, but I fly a lot and respect that children have as much a right to be there as I do. Sometimes they cry. If we start – out of the kindness of our hearts (because it IS a truly thoughtful idea), if we start giving strangers gifts so they will tolrate our children more then they might come to feel entitled to it – to feel like you parents owe them something (you don’t). As an adult, I recognise children exist, and sometimes they have to travel. Sometimes they cry. That’s why I always pack earplugs and an mp3 player and if I catch mother or father’s eye, give them an encouraging smile. Maybe in the future airlines could make little baby nooks – clean private rooms where mum and dad can go to sooth their babies without judgement. For now, I just accept them.

    1. Thank you for this comment! I am a mother and our baby travels very well, but I see the looks some people give you before you even board the plane. I wish more people would be as kind as you are.

    2. Thank you! Same. Cause sometimes there are adults that are worse than babies lol… That bracelet is an awesome idea!

  2. Instead of carrying shampoo and conditioner and liquid soap, I take a handiwipe and soak it in the shampoo (etc) and then hanging it it to “dry”. Once dry I cut the handiwipe into smaller squares and pack in ziplock. Once it touches the water it lathers right up. Enough for one single use. Just make sure you touch with dry hands.

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