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When you become a mom, so many things go on in your brain. So many questions about tips and tricks for new moms are listed in books and online.  It’s easy to get lost in the hype of “literature” for new moms.  I got to the point early on in my “new mom phase” where I had to put away all of the new mom books and I had to stop posting in baby forums trying to get advice from other moms.  My trouble was that when people would share their tips and tricks for new moms, I would stress out over why MY child didn’t do what they were trying with their child.  I would freak out because my child wasn’t at the same “level” that they said their child was at.  It’s such a stressful thing to deal with when you’re a new mom.


tips for new moms

I want to save so many new moms from that same stress and simply give you a few new mom tips and tricks that I truly feel are worthy of your time!  These are things that worked for ME. I do NOT claim to be any kind of expert at mom advice! In fact, I may be a bit crazy when it comes to parenting, so most of you will think I’m off my rocker!

1.  It’s ok to do a “drive around the block nap” because God knows you won’t function well if they don’t nap. They just suck the life out of you and you need a break.  I used to stress so much that I wouldn’t get a break if she wasn’t napping in her bed. Well, it’s either I drive, peacefully, around the block, while she naps- or go INSANE inside my house with a grumpy kid.  Just do it. Pack them up and drive girlfriend.

2.  You don’t need to bathe your children every day. Kids are dirty, right? Like, really dirty! They need to bathe every single day, right?! Well, for many kids with sensitive skin, you can’t bathe them every day or you’ll irritate their skin! I have been in the “bathe every day club” for 5 years now. But my girl has recently started showing signs of Eczema and so I’ve started using a hypo allergenic cleanser and lotion on her skin.

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3.  Bedtime Routine, Bedtime Routine, Bedtime Routine…

I can’t preach this loud enough! The BEST THING my husband and I did early on was create a bedtime routine that included bath time (if it’s a bath night) reading a book, talking about your day, and lights out. We stick to this routine as much as possible and it’s fabulous! My daughter knows what to expect and although the first few weeks were HARD WORK and frustrating- the long run is completely worth it!

4.  Unless you are a co-sleeper, don’t give in and let the kids sleep with you unless you want the children to be still sleeping with you when they’re 10! One thing Dustin and I swore by was keeping her in her own bed. She’s asked a few times to sleep with us, and every time we say no. There is, of course the exception of when she is sick, but every…other…time…we say NO and stick to our guns. I have friends who had the kids sleep with them when they were little, and still have kids still sleeping with them 5 years later and complain about it every day, wishing they could go back.  I LOVE my daughter with all my heart. But, momma needs to clock out.  Done. Mommy time. Netflix time. I need it.

So many tips and tricks for new moms are out there, and these are just a few tips that I swear by!  What tips and tricks for new moms do you swear by?

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