The Top 5 Areas of Your Home That Need a Summer Refresh

As the cold, dreary days of winter come to an end and the days grow warmer and longer, everything seems to be fresh and new. It’s a time when many people de-clutter and freshen up their homes. One way you can give your home a Summer Refresh is by updating some of the top used areas in your home.Summer Refresh

Don’t worry. You don’t have to do a complete decoration overhaul. Fortunately, just adding a few fresh items and paying attention to detail can go a long way toward giving your home a new, updated look with a Summer Refresh.

Living Room

Your first instinct in decorating for spring might be to add some pastel colors, such as sky blue or lilac. However, adding splashes of orange or yellow can create a sunny, happy effect in a room. If you leave the walls a neutral color, it is far easier to add different colors for different seasons.

Summer Refresh

For a living room, you can add simple touches in these bright colors, such as:

  • Swap out throw pillows
  • Add an area rug
  • Place some dried flowers on an end tableSummer Refresh

Entry/Patio Area

Don’t forget the outside “rooms” of your home to really add a touch of whimsy for spring or summer. On the front porch or entry way:

  • Add pots of bright spring flowers, such as tulips and lilies.
  • Take a small table and glue some dried spring flowers to the top for a cute accent piece for your porch.
  • Use decals of flowers and birds to decorate an umbrella holder and place it by the front door for household members and guests to use on rainy days.

Summer Refresh

Don’t forget the back patio or pool area. More than likely, when people come to visit, this is an area where you’ll hang out. It is also a great place to refresh your décor. On the back patio or near the pool area:

  • Create a welcome sign out of flip flops
  • Add a small solar light in a bright color
  • Buy new pillows and cushions for your outdoor furniture
  • Freshen up furniture with a fresh coat of white paint


The kitchen is a great place to add some fresh, green bursts of color. Although a kitchen remodel might be costly, giving the heart of your home a seasonal reboot doesn’t have to be.

  • Swap out your oven mitts and kitchen towels for a fresh new look.
  • Add a small windowsill herb garden.
  • Add a rug under the sink that says “Happy Spring!”
  • Get a wax melt warmer and add some scents of spring wax melts to give your entire house a fresh new smell and attitude.


The bathroom is a great place to decorate for spring and summer, particularly a room where your guests will see your attention to detail. A nautical theme is one way to encourage your guests to think about the warmer weather and typical outdoor water activities. Add nautical touches and beachy décor:

  • Add some fish netting to the wall and place photos of your family at the beach on top of the netting.
  • Add some fun, beachy towels for your guests to use when they wash their hands and to just give the entire room an overall nautical look.
  • Place trinkets on shelves and the sink counter that remind you of the beach. Some ideas include a conch shell, soap shaped like sea horses, and miniature light houses or sail boats.

Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom is a great place to freshen up your décor with a spring theme. There are many ways you can create a spring themed look for overnight guests to enjoy.

Summer Refresh

  • Add new sheets and pillow cases in pastels or bright, sunny colors.
  • Add a small vase of flowers on the side table.
  • Buy some beach washed frames and add flowers or photos of the beach inside the frames. Hang down from pretty ribbons in complementary colors.

Although these are common rooms to add some spring touches to, let your imagination and creativity be your guide. You can add new items and fresh looks to nearly any room in your home to bring the warmth of spring inside. Even the laundry room, a home office, or a play room can be easily “spring-i-fied or given a Summer Refresh!

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