Succulent Pumpkin

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I can’t explain how much love I have for succulents.  Living in Arizona, you’d think I was tired of all things in the cactus family, but I love the heck outta these things.  It’s probably because they don’t scare me.  I won’t kill them and so they’re something I just don’t have to work at.  What’s even better are the fake succulents because then I REALLY don’t have to worry about killing them!

Succulent Pumpkin

This month’s Make it Fun team challenge included Desert Foam and succulents so I decided it was time to get my FALL DECOR going and created a Succulent Pumpkin.

Succulent Pumpkin 4

Succulent Pumpkin 6

To make a succulent pumpkin, I used:

I started by cutting the top off of my craft pumpkin with a regular steak knife.
Succulent Pumpkin 3

I trimmed my succulents with the snippers in the Design it:® Floral arrangement kit and pressed them into the Design it:® Silks & Naturals Desert Foam® at different angles.

succulent pumpkin

Succulent Pumpkin 2

succulent pumpkin 8


I love how simple and easy it was to create such a stunning piece of Fall Decor!  This Succulent Pumpkin can stay up until Thanksgiving, which makes me happy – I can continue to be a lazy decorator!

Succulent Pumpkin 5


Succulent Pumpkin 7
Succulent Pumpkin 4

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    1. I think there are 8 succulents in there. Kind of depends on the size of succulents you use and the size of pumpkin you pick! I will actually count them when I get home and update this if it’s too different!

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